21 June 2008

Frightful Future

I am so apprehensive to what may happen to this country and her future, and anybody who is brave enough to move for an ultimate change would be enlightening.

I am frightful that we don’t have trusted leaders to manage our nation, her economy, politics as well as the social development and her international standing and I really hate this fear.

Based on quality and their mind-set, the current leaders are not reliable bunch as they don’t have the sense of belonging to their party and they are too hollow to make them fit to continue fronting for the Malay struggles.

The moves initiated by quite a large number of grassroot leaders have given us some stimulants towards change for the oldest party in the country to survive for another long haul.

The members have to revolutionize their party to the extent of putting aside every member who sits in the Supreme Council as they were the outright culprit for being too lackadaisical to their party struggle.

The lackluster attitude made the party members tamed by new negative cultures like money politics, intimidations towards different factions in the party and ostracizing potential and budding leaders at all levels.

Hence, the party became weaker, and over time UMNO was changing its identity from Nationalist in nature to an image of an exclusive club for the rich and famous with gigantic businesses and mixed with image of ‘party for the taukehs’.

The feelings of the grassroots were not taken pain with and their views were normally filtered by their leaders at the Divisional level, as they were only good in amusing the patronizing national bosses.

Despite of a wake up call by the voters in the last General Election, they are still insensitive and treat it as very normal and do not take serious attention but just a little bit of adjustments here and there.

They are at the moment trying casually to suppress the pains that the party is suffering but do nothing to address the disease which the party has contracted for over a decade.

It is inspiring to see and feel the movements on the ground that the grassroots need changes and it is very fair for those movements to be welcomed full-heartedly.

Everyone should admit that Tengku Razaleigh (TR) is the fittest among all aspiring candidates for the party President and everyone should be going to maximum length to materialize the effort to place him at this important position.

Please be serious to admit that TR has the experience, the heart for the people and over and above those qualities he has the perspicacity to manage this multi-racial nation in good demeanor.

The fright of the people over the future is real, thus voting in a wrong leader this time around is suicidal for UMNO and the people will bid us the final ‘goodbye’.

Subsequently, UMNO will be an orphanage party with scanty representative in the House of Parliament and the State Legislative assemblies leaving the Malays in despair perpetually.

Can one imagine Najib being the Opposition leader if the voters in Pekan return him to the House in the next General Elections?

Well, it has to take a genius to answer.

Thanks………………………...Aspan Alias


pakbelalang said...

Continue brainwashing, Pan. But the right target group is the UMNO members in the branch and division levels. These are the people who have been corrupted by their leaders for their vested interest by giving them "nasi lemak" and duit "10 sen". Habis maruah mereka dijualnya. That's the present UMNO culture at the division and branch levels. The UMNO grassroot members have been taken for a ride and it is pity that they are so naive and gullible.

The best strategy for you is to brainwash them diplomatically and don't you ever condemn others with harsh words. It will be backfired. The Malays are soft people and they don;t like harsh words to attack other peoples' character. Mereka akan MELUAT dengar !!

Akar Umbi said...


Would u assure me with BELANJAWAN MANIS to be tabled again at Dewan Rakyat once TR take office?

Aspan Alias said...

Bro Azlan,

Don’t worry abt belanjawan. TR sudah bentangkan selama 11 tahun ketika menjadi menteri kewangan dahulu. Semasa itu, belanjawan beliau itu benar2 dilaksanakan mengikut spt yg dirancang. Belanjawan sekarang hanya merupakan satu belanjawan yg dibentangkan di Dewan Rakyat tapi apabila sampai ke pelaksanaannya, ianya tidak pernah dilaksanakan dgn betul mengikut apa yg diucapkan di dlm dewan. Don’t worry bro!! Rest assured he will be the best.