10 June 2008

Mohd Najib vs Pak Lah

There have been a lot of speculations in town that Najib has made his decision to take on the current president of UMNO in the December party elections as he has been pressured by his lieutenants to go for it now or never.

Muhyiddin was lined up to be the running mate as Deputy President and few other ministers and supreme council members are already named in the line-up.

The rumours was not without basis, as Najib has ceased making strong statements in support of Abdullah for quite a while like what he used to do.

As they think that pairing with Najib would make Muhyiddin as Deputy PM for life as Najib is 7 years younger than him.

Muhyiddin, as their men indicated that he will be more sensible if has take on the Deputy President pairing with somebody who is older than him as President to ensure he has the chance of becoming the PM at last.

But to some political observers think that is quite natural for Muhyiddin to go for the number 2 spot as that position would then be vacated by Najib.

Muhyiddin was thinking that he has the advantage of playing double game as he can pull the support for Najib and let Abdullah take another lease of political life and walks in to replace Abdullah when he resigns.

It would be a good strategy for Muhyiddin as Najib will be obliviously out of the line-up when he fails to unseat Abdullah.

However these are all theories.

Nobody is certain what comes next within these few months as the mood of UMNO grassroots may not be in line with what Najib and other strong men in the hierarchy.

There are strong tendency the equation that involves Najib, Muhyiddin, Hishamuddin the elements of Sabah UMNO and the opinion from the component parties may shift the equations as it may not be impeccable for Najib or Muhyiddin.

Pak Lah is believed to be preparing for the fight as well and shockingly Muhammad Taib is the forerunner for the Deputy President.

The thought of choosing between the 2 groups make the people feel very upset as this does not change anything.

It’s the change between 2 group of the same breed and there would be nothing of consequence other than perpetuating the same culture of Malaysian politics; politics that have been remarkably rejected as proven in the last General Elections (GE).

The participation by Tengku Razaleigh (TR) this time would be momentous and that would be a real choice of prospective future of the entire landscape of UMNO and Malaysian politics.

TR is going for a real and authentic politics that Malaysia and it’s multi-cultural and ethnics suiting everybody as what we used to enjoy in the yesteryears, when UMNO was respected by all races while everybody were accessible to fair and equitable opportunities of life.

TR would be an appropriate leader to lead and to achieve the soul mission for Malaysian i.e. National Unity through equal and equitable opportunities of everything.

TR can bring harmonious Malaysian to stand tall within the international community.

Let us pray hard for this great nation’s future!

Thanks………….Aspan Alias.


Anonymous said...

Salam Bro. ASPAN
Najib or Muhyidin...??..makes no difference.. Both have scandals too...!!..may be worse or no less that Pak Lah...!!..
Problem is all UMNO members upthere...have no guts!!... why?..they still need PakLah to sponsor their 2nd., 3rd. or 4th.wives to feed and clothes...What more PakLah has cut their allowances by 10%....
Common brother..!! bring in the grand old-man Tun...or perhaps the Kelantan MB - Nik Aziz..to jampi serapah of the current practise - You scratch my back, I scratch your back too..

Mei Ling Tan Abdullah

Unknown said...


Muhammad Taib is the forerunner for the Deputy President.hahaaha...
it;s a joke......please...or maybe bung mokhtar should fight for the post.....or nazri aziz

for me...the best pair is TR and Muhyiddin yassin......

Arrogant, big headed, drunk for power...tis has been going on too long in UMNO...there have lost thier way to serve the rakyat....it;s time we have to make a change