23 July 2008

Money politics worsens

The appalling surface of UMNO is still ingrained, as there is clear indication that the incumbent group is playing with money politics as UMNO members are easily infatuated by the dollar signs.

I was told that there were bus loads of UMNO branch members who were ferried down to Kuala Lumpur from the southern most district of Trengganu to Angkasapuri in the disguise of educational trips for all UMNO branches.

Some of those in the trip are coming to the fore to proof of the rm2000 dispensed for each branch in the face of annual meetings as required by the party’s constitution.

There were lots of talk about code of ethics recently approved by the supreme council but the ruling group is seriously encroaching the code of ethics they introduced.

Would there or would there not be anybody high ups in the party want to take any disciplinary action against the two term law maker who made this code of ethics disregarded? It’s outraging!

That law maker is too inebriated with his recent appointment to the government position that he now enjoys going against the don’ts of the code of ethics without encumbrances.

It’s hurting to hear that a person who always disposes himself as a distinctive political brain of the day behaves in such a way, to impress his constituents by showing the wealth and money he newly found.

This uneven character is not just with this uncharacteristic man, but it is the attribute of almost all politicians in power today.

The Mentris Besar is behaving the same by interfering with UMNO Divisions in their respective states to follow their wishes blindly, whereas they are just the head of liaison committee for the state.

Each of the MB is trying to impose their power by arranging who should be the Head, Deputy Head, Vice Head so on and so forth and that is killing as it does not reflect the real wants and needs for members in the individual divisions.

The MBs would have their men and women set in the lineup of the divisions within their states but it does not make the party strong as the voting public has more say in the system especially during the General Election.

More unprepossessing are the UMNO chiefs of the states ruled by the Pakatan Rakyat like Selangor, Kelantan,Perak and Kedah also put their weight as to who should be the Heads of the party divisions in their states they take charge.

They just ignore the ugly impression the public has on them, that they were responsible for the uncharacteristic performances of the party in the last General Election.

The imposing attitude of these leaders made the party almost a bankrupt and was consequentially rejected by the people including UMNO members themselves.

This horrid state of affairs would eventually invite unsightly affairs of the state and the final spanking on UMNO is looming.

Come what may, with the audacious move by Tengku Razaleigh, with God willing, would bring about new set of leadership mixed with the seniors and young talents to put up an impeccable dispositions Malaysian have been yearning to rejoice.

Thanks…………………………………Aspan Alias.


pakbelalang said...


Elok lah tulis dalam bahasa melayu so that your message can be easily understood to your target audience. Banyak orang UMNO tak selesa baca tulisan orang putih. Tak paham dan "penat" nak baca untuk nak paham!! Bila penat baca orang UMNO pun malas nak tahu apa message yang kau nak beritahu. So it will be a wasteful effort.

ujangmuiz said...

setuju tu pak belalang.
Dalam UMNO ni pun bukan ada omputih. Saya bukan x boleh paham tapi in order to understand kena baca sebutir2 sebab tak biasa guna.

Bila dah penat nak baca sebutir sebutir tu yang tak best tuh. Lagipun kita kan melayu. Bahasa melayu ler yang secocok.

harap harap lepas ni sumer posting dalam bahasa melayu yek.

Tima kasih.

shahbandarmalakat said...

boto semuanya..general election boleh buat dua bahasa ini ..parti umno erection..soli election...pakai bahas melayu..lagi pun esse nak hantar email kat kawan kawan esse berantai banyaknya esse hantar.., suruh dia orang buka blog aspan...

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