17 July 2008

Problematic leaders smoke cigars

I was talking with friends until early morning while waiting to hear what was happening to Anwar at HKL where DNA was suppose to be done on him last night in the wake of sodomy issue on him.

I heard nothing but soon after I woke up I saw text messages and heard news that Anwar had refused DNA to be done on him as there is no law that can force DNA check-ups on any individual in this country.

This new turn of event can be very problematic for the police and other related authorities to proof his guilt on the sodomy issue.

Some view Anwar’s refusal to do the DNA test on him, is due to his guilt that the test can give very clear evidence of his involvement in the sodomy act instantaneously.

But many more think that Anwar was playing his usual politics which no one can guess the events that can subsequently happen which give him political mileages.

Whatever the opinion be, the political scene surrounding us can be very messy and erroneous and our optimism to be free from political uncertainties, is at the moment far-fetched.

Parallel to this unending issue, the public are eager to see the allegations on Najib’s personal and love affair with the late Altantuya settled.

As long as the issue is not addressed, Najib should not even think of continuing serving the nation at any level and capacity.

The issues on these two leaders are too severe and can be very injurious for the nation, as the rakyat are very discouraged by the heaps of unparalleled weaknesses of the government which is at the moment managed by the ‘Badawi & Family Bhd’.

Too much problems are surrounding the top 2 leaders of the nation coupled by Anwar’s perpetual issues against him drive this country to an unmitigated situation.

The 27 million people in Malaysia are burdened by problems created by the top ruling leaders and the rakyat are apparently running out of patience.

The leadership is facing very serious crisis of confidence and the situation has gone through far too long for the people to hold.

There is no fairness at all for these problematic leaders to cling on to their positions and they can’t be endlessly gambling the fate of the 27 million Malaysian for their own gains.

Enough is enough. These top leaders especially the no1 and no2 should withdraw from their positions to alleviate the country on the sound footing again.

Their withdrawal itself is a great contribution to the nation, if they at all want to be respected and remembered while retiring and living in repentance with their family members and friends.

After all they are not invincible. We have Tengku Razaleigh, Muhyiddin and quite few others who can do better job in managing this nation.

Let the troubled leaders settle their problems and allow the good alternative leaders in UMNO led by Tengku Razaleigh to inaugurate proper system of managing a country.

Cheers!..........................................Aspan Alias.

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CINTA suci abadi said...

kerana anwar negara akan mengubal dua jenis undang undang, Satu untuk the rich & famous satu lagi untuk rakyat merhain..the poor dan kedana...mana kes kes non- bailable untuk si miskin dan merhain..bailable untuk the rich & famous macam anwar...

jil pun nanti berubah...