28 August 2008

Permatang Pauh: Bad Omen for BN

We have lost humiliatingly in the Permatang Pauh by election; now with even bigger majority of 15,671 votes…it’s grievous.

This by-election was the mother of elections as it will chart a new political landscape of the country and has proved a lot of idiosyncrasies of current political behavior of the people and the nation.

The result was in fact unsurprising as our BN and UMNO leaders were outpaced by the opposition party in all turfs right from day one as BN was so focused on personal issues and nothing was talked about other pressing issues pertaining to the rakyat.

The rakyat is again sending strong message that they are giving vote of no confidence to the Prime Minister and his deputy who was the commander in charge of the by-election.

Despite of unrelenting efforts by the ruling party to ridicule Anwar the voters still say “Fuck off” to our party and leaders without qualm.

What do we learn out of this upsetting defeat? Surely we learn at least little stuff of politics with this expensive lesson.

At the very least Najib who headed the by-election campaign has to admit that he has failed wretchedly as how he had failed miserably in the last General Election.

Through this by election, Najib earned disrespect, mockery and circumvention of support from the very own UMNO members in Permatang Pauh as well as from the neighboring constituencies.

They just abhorred the presence of Najib in the election as he himself was negatively perceived by the people with too many personal issues running against him.

He should now resign as a matter of principle as he is totally rejected and he is of no significance to the eyes of the people anymore…in fact he is a yoke to the party.

He should withdraw himself from all responsibilities in the party and government as the spirit of democracy warrants him to do so.

He should discuss seriously with Abdullah to resign together and leave everything to us and the rest of the party members to decide on their successors.

They shouldn’t be taking too much time to arrive at this decision as the matter is too serious that needs instantaneous attention from Abdullah and Najib.

The people are waiting anxiously for their retirements and they have signaled the top leadership to do so through the last General Election and the just wrapped up by-election in Permatang Pauh.

Staying put at their respective positions would eventually destroy UMNO and the government, and we do not want to be the grieving recipients to their misadventures any longer.

I am no supporter of Anwar, and never will be, but Anwar’s victory in Permatang Pauh is a very sharp and perfect yardstick to gauge the acceptability of BN by the general voting public.

Anwar wouldn’t be this important if their nauseating feelings towards the leadership and the government were addressed fittingly.

Through and through our leaders were harping only on sodomy issues and were hiding behind Saiful’s ass, and that created and built up massive hatred towards BN.

Let us not discuss on the reasons of the defeat; it has been done too extensively.

UMNO must change, the current leaders must sacrifice, the members must look at suitable angle of struggles and it has to be done without wasting much time anymore.

Abdullah, Najib and the rest of the present line-up must face UMNO members and just surrender and admit mistakes they have committed.

They must allow somebody else to lead, and that is the only choice available to save the party from going through total oblivion.

We are still fortunate that we have a leader like Tengku Razaleigh who has been sidelined by his political competitors for 3 decades and that he is still around to mend the fences from further annihilation.

What is needed is just an understanding of the grassroot members and the willingness of the leaders at all levels to accept this very simple fact that the party needs a new environment of politics…and Tengku Razaleigh is the only life line available.

That would save the party from falling apart.

Thanks……………………………Aspan Alias


Unknown said...

Salam bro,

The permatang pauh by-election showed that PAK LAh and Najib has been rejected by the people.....it's a clear sign....

BN failed miserably and has lost the mandate of the rakyat....they and some of the "kaki kipas'should shoulder the blame.

Rata-rata kempen dan ceramah BN di permatang pauh hanya difokuskan untuk memeyelamat sesetengah individu.....dan setengahnya isu yang dibangkitkan adalah isu yang sudah lapuk...taktik lama...
tiada pembaharuan.....

selepas kekalahan setengah pemimpin seumpama ingin menyalahkan pengundi disana......tidakkah mereka sedar tentang mesej yang disampaikan oleh pengundi.....


Unknown said...

salam bro

Jika keadilan ditegakkan, keberanian tidak diperlukan lagi.


pakbelalang said...


Why must Najib resign? Let him contest the UMNO Presidency and challenge Tengku Razaleigh and Mahyuddin to determine once and for all whether Najib still gets the grassroot support. That is the best thing to do. Why ask him to resign? That is not democratic.As for Pak Lah, he is gone case. He must resign now if his conscience is clear. We know he is just useless now. He is time is over. A lame duck Prime Minister. Make no mistake about it. If he still continues wanting to be President without any challenge then there is no future for UMNO. DOWN THE LONGKANG FOR SURE !!!

pakbelalang said...

Yes indeed, without the slightest shadow of doubt Anwar will make life difficult for Pak Lah to keep the pace of the present political scenario. Pak Lah simply does not have the mental capacity to address so many national issues that are confronting the nation. He is just hopeless and should not be staying as a Prime Minister even for a second any longer. A lame duck Prime Minister of the first order trying as if he could turnaround his fortune. No two way about it. If his conscience is clear he would have realised by now that it is simply not fair for him to stick to his position knowing very well his performance is totally GROUND ZERO.Shame on him ! Hidung tak mancung pipi tersorong-sorong.UMNO members should be brave enough to kick him out immediately if they want to have good future for their party, period. As it stands now we can safely draw into conclusion that UMNO stands for UNTUK MELAYU NO OTAK which is rightfully true indeed.

As for Anwar, I will never ever support him. I don't trust him at all. He is having split personality which is very dangerous, if ever he manages to run this country. It will become havoc. His political principle is like yo-yo or rather like lalang. I simply do not know whatever he said is really having substance or mere rhetoric of the first order. He will make a good salesman if he is selling "special product" at the backlane of Jalan Masjid India.

Likewise, Najib, his personality does not reflect a strong character. He is a "play safe" politician who does not have a true character (tak ada bola) as a political fighter. He is lembek macam "apam balik" and known among rumour mongers that he is "takut sama bini". If it is true then his wife could be his downfall. Make no mistake about it. I must say Najib's politcal career will be just like Pak Lah.

So without bias, I think Tengku Razaleigh or Mahyuddin is the best bet for UMNO to be salvaged and revamp the whole organization back to its original mission and vision and to uphold the spirit of "perjuangan untuk bangsa, agama dan negara". But Tengku and Mahyuddin must challenge Najib's position to be democratic rather than asking Najib to resign outright.The situation now is very critical, indeed. There is no more time to wait for 2 years until Pak Lah gracefully steps down. UMNO cannot wait that much longer. It will be suicidal, indeed.That is a fact, believe me and UMNO members must be intelligent enough to appreciate how disastrous it would be if things are not moving fast enough to change UMNO's bad fortune under a useless itek tempang President whom they know could cause everlasting damage to UMNO's existence as a respectable party to lead Barisan Nasional. NEVER TOO LATE! The time is right to act now without fear and favour. We just cannot be too sentimental with Pak Lah if we do want to see our bangsa being treated like "pariah" and being marginalised.

As for Anwar,don't expect too much from him to favour the Malays because he is already committed and obligated with DAP's political struggle for a Malaysian Malaysia concept. He will be dictated by DAP's party principles just like we have now experience how they manage the states of Penang and Selangor. If we still believe in what Anwar has promised to the rakyat then it is very sad indeed to those who are really too naive and gullible. They will finally be very disappointed. But what is the point of being disappointed when "nasi dah jadi bubur". We can just bite our fingers and let others enjoy the fruits of our "dah bodoh stupid" mentality of the highest order.

With regard to PAS, the party is now willing to sacrifice its core principle to make this country a "pure" Islamic state by collabrating with DAP whose principle is totally against Islamic state,sharia and hudud laws. Sometimes, I just wonder what sort of principles these PAS leaders are holding to. It is weird, indeed. They are willing to be hypocrite just wanting to be in power. That reflects by itself that PAS too is a party whose principle can be "jualbeli" so cheaply at the expense of championing its struggle in the name of Islam.Where is their dignity as Muslims? Cakap tak serupa bikin. What a pity!!

Anonymous said...

In the name of Allah swt, Dato Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi ..PLEASE RESIGN NOW !!!!