28 August 2008

Who fits the cap?

UMNO is now facing real trouble after almost 3 decades of carelessness of its leaders by playing dirty and deceiving games.

To leaders especially the big ones who are now in retirement must see the result of your misendeaver and mischievous acts while you were in power.

At least there are still a few still living and by all means be happy to see what is going on now and enjoy it to the fullest.

You see it for yourself the consequent of your act of betrayal and it has become the norms in UMNO politics of today.

You were the ones who sidelined good and potential leaders created by Tun Razak and leaders before that.

You ‘divide and rule’ the party and the government as you wanted to be at the wheel far too long with clear image of selfishness.

Now you are the ones who are making noise all over the country and blamed the weak leaders of the country for not being able to manage the nation fittingly.

Along the way one by one good and viable leaders were sidelined and you enjoyed for long years without any qualm watching and witnessing good leaders crashed and subsequently went into oblivion.

You enjoyed your time in power immensely, and overlooked the potential negative sequence of events which drive us to this critical situation.

If you can retire in bed happily every night than it confirms that you have no heart for the party and your race and Malaysians as a whole.

Many may ask, whom do I mean?

My answer is simple, “Whoever suits the cap, just put it on”.

Thanks…………………………………Aspan Alias.


Ariff Sabri said...

dear aspan,
good leader(s) do not come willy nilly or hither thither by chance or sheer providence. i say you put up a system that sees to the emergence of credible leaders OR if a system already exists but is rendered faulty it must be made right.
so let us demand the removal of the quota system in UMNO that serves to perpetrate mediocrity and preservation of the obsolete. the party of WE the members must not become the party of WE the privileged few. regards

pakbelalang said...

Don't blame Tun M if you want to promote Tengku Razaleigh. That's a very wrong strategy. I tell you with all sincerity and honesty if you harp on what happened before then it will be no go for Tengku Razaleigh. Tun M might just hit back and it will be difficult for you to counter back. Remember, Pan, don't write foolishly that can affect Tengku's credibility. It will be backfired. Restrain yourself and be humble and level headed just like your Tengku. Chedet.com is a very powerful tool for Tun M to damage your effort.That is a fact. His blog has a huge followers by the thousands and his influence is still relevant among UMNO members. It cannot be denied. I feel sorry for you if you do not heed my advice and I will be very disappointed if you spoil Tengku's chance of becoming the President of UMNO.