06 November 2008

UMNO cracks beyond recognition

The cracking in UMNO is far and wide and the party is beyond recognition, hence it has ceased to be the protector of the Malays and the nation as why it was put in existence.

The nearer Najib to the Premiership the more apprehensive we are as we are going to be in another long haul of enmity in politics trying to mend the wreckages he inflicted.

Najib through money and executive power with him can make every UMNO Division to nominate him as the party president, and become the Prime Minister but the rakyat at large do not see him to be a viable successor to Abdullah.

Najib can promise us the moon but we know UMNO will fling under his administration if ever he ascends to the premiership.

Najib is crashing even before he takes off, as the respect and regards for his ability to be irrefutable leader to keep the nation intact is zero and many wonder how he is going to lead the nation through next General Election.

In advance democracies anywhere in the world, image like Najib would not make him the Prime Minister. He has negative image centering on him and his wife who is talked about everywhere and every corner of the country.

Talks about JJ dishing out huge amount of cash for the purpose of nominating Najib are widespread and it is an open secret. We are bought through by our own money and resources through irresponsible delegates.

It’s all money…money…money! UMNO leaders are selling their souls!!

We can’t recognize UMNO anymore…..it’s beyond recognition!! Let us imagine how we are going to defend UMNO in next General Election with the screwed up image of the new party president?

It is reproachful! UMNO is too unfaithful to the Malays, to the rakyat and to the nation.

The line of leadership that we see are too adulterous to the nation and something has got to be done before it is too late.

UMNO has lost all bearings and it is moving towards disaster in swift velocity and they can’t bear to see their party destroyed.

Quite frankly the Malays are all at the crossroad and tendency for them to find alternative to unfaithful and traitorous UMNO is imminent as they already conclusive about the uncharacteristic leaders taking over the weak Abdullah.

The Malays are truly losing hope and the non Malays are having no regards to UMNO any longer and please tell me how UMNO is going to survive as dominant party.

The 2 alternative parties available for the disgruntled Malays are of course PAS or Pakatan Rakyat, and the consequent of the shift of support for alternative parties will be mammoth and palpable.

Having this background of politics is there any suggestion from any quarter as how to address the treacherous doings of UMNO to the people and to the nation?

What are the components doing about this? What are the Malay rulers doing? What are the constitutional experts doing?

Are we here just to look around helplessly witnessing the leaders of UMNO milking this nation?...looting and stealing the wealth of our nation?

Do we have at least a bit of sense of belonging for the country? OR are we just deaf and dumb?

Can we afford to be apathetic and unconcerned about what is happening around politics of this country?

If we want to see UMNO crumples, than Najib would be the best candidate to be the president for the party…and let us support him fully…after all he has been nominated to the position…and from now on just wait for the high fall.

It’s coming soon.

Thanks………………………………………Aspan Alias


mantra-indeeptots said...

A leader for the rakyat. Can we have one in our own homeland?

Yes we can! Yes we can!

Dont ask the politicians but the rakyat will determine.

pakbelalang said...

Give Najib a chance, Pan. Lets see whether he can make the grade. After all the grass root members of UMNO have endorsed him to be President uncontested. The majority of UMNO members have shown their full support for Najib.That is a fact now and we cannot be in a state of denial. If they make a wrong decision then it will be most unfortunate for the Malays. May God Bless Us All. Allah Akbar !!!
Trust him and support him is the best policy and be united for the sake of the Malays.Time to move on with confidence and rally ourselves to become much more stronger in order to gain respect by others whom we know are happy if UMNO collaspsed.What choice have we got? The UMNO grassroot members have spoken loud and clear and we have to respect the majority. Make no mistake about it.

Akar Umbi said...

A leader for the rakyat. Can we have one in our own homeland?

No, we can't! No, we can't!

Rakyat will determine but politicians will deny it (dgn helah dan penipuan)