01 November 2008

You pay me, I'll make you my leader

Money politics has been the odious culture UMNO has crafted to an extent that this Malay political party is decomposing up to the core.

UMNO is already a junk and debris that would be blown out of power by disillusioned voting public, and we don’t have to wait too long to see that to happen.

UMNO is no more a political party; it is already a business entity. Politically UMNO is a defunct and now it functions as a tool for businesses of politicians who have no business to be in business.

Some youth leaders at Divisional level are enjoying hard cash received in advance for their votes in the coming assembly and some have great tendency to sell their votes revealingly to all the aspirants for the youth chiefs.

I asked one of the delegates whether he has the sense of right and wrong when taking money from agents of the aspirants, and he spontaneously answered, “Uncle, that money they spend are all our money - tax payers money which they corruptly stole from us. I don’t have the guilt, no guilt at all!! At least this money can help to settle a bit of my bills.”

“If I don’t take it everyone else is taking it! It does not help the situation if I were to reject the offer,”
he said casually.

I could not answer it as I know that it is already an entrenched culture in UMNO and I know UMNO is already at the edge of high and slippery cliff just waiting for moments of high fall.

UMNO is over, and done with, and morally is already destroyed. I am helplessly witnessing the final dilapidation of the party and like many others, can do nothing other than biting my fingers in anguish….UMNO is in destitute.

I can’t help, but to conclude that this is what we inherit from Dr Mahathir…weak, corrupt, criminal-infested, unMalay, crooked and wicked leaders while he was focusing all his efforts for personal glories, profiles and legacies when he was in power for 22 years.

The history of this corrupt and untrustworthy party and government did not develop in 4 or 5 years; it started at least in 2 decades before this situation to come to this abhorring level.

Dr M has been condoning the corrupt practices by his people while he was in power and during Abdullah’s administration that practices just follow through expediently.

Dr M didn’t bring anyone to face the law, but wanted Abdullah to charge a few, who committed the offence during his (Dr M) administration.

Just to mention the obvious, Mohd Najib, JJ, Muhammad Taib, Annuar Musa, Shahidan, Rafidah, Daim, Khalil (who is now working in Malacca) and many others who are in the same category of image are all the products of Dr Mahathir.

Do we fancy to recognize that this as the success of Dr Mahathir?...Think and answer it to your ownself.

I am at the risk of being bashed by Dr M’s blind supporters but I have to come to term that the truth is always very pain to consume.

I must also admit that a good deceiver always win the heart of unthinking public.

But as a 57 year old citizen of this country, life is long enough to understand the real characters of leaders who are in the forefront. As Malay saying goes, “sudah boleh menyelam air di dalam tunggak”.

Everyone has the right to disagree with me now, but I prefer to get recognition of truth at the later stage, as ‘I want to smile last but the sweetest and laugh last, but the biggest’.

Thanks……………………………………….Aspan Alias.


pakbelalang said...

Izinkan saya beri nasihat ikhlas kepada perwakilan yang akan hadir di perhimpunan agong UMNO bulan Mac depan.

Gunakan AKAL. Allah berikan kita AKAL yang paling MAHAL sekali dikalangan makhluknya.

Jangan persia-siakan akal yang dianugerahkan oleh Allah kepada makhluk yang bernama manusia.

Jangan biarkan akal kita dinodai oleh manusia yang bertopengkan iblis dan setan dikalangan ahli-ahli UMNO supaya kita tidak terjerumus dalam perangkap mereka.

UMNO akan terus hidup selamanya jika kita gunakan akal kita dengan rasional untuk menentukan bahawa siapa yang layak memimpin UMNO, demi untuk terus memperjuangkan hak kita dan masa depan anak cucu kita. Kita bertanggong jawab atas segala tindakan yang kita ambil sekarang. Jika salah tindakan kita maka kita sendiri menanggongnya dan akan melihat kesan baik buruknya. Jangan salahkan pihak lain kerana MENDAIFKAN AKAL KITA !!!

Anonymous said...

sayang sayang seribu kali sayang,
nasib orang2 melayu UMNO dan seterusnya Malaysia jatuh ke tangan buaya buaya dan naga naga.
kini ada pula kata terlalu lama tempoh kempen takut tak boleh beri tumpuan kerj kerja menteri
bodoh sunggoh! siapa yang suruh kempen? atas tiket parti sendiri pun nak kempen.. atau tak cukup duit nak tabur selama 5 bulan kepada para perwakilan apa lagi nak bagi makan minum bentuk rasuah
dengan rumah terbuka,tertutup kalau raya dah habis deepavali pun boleh jadi sebab buat rumah terbuka untuk ahli ahli umno yang tak tahu bangsa dan agama nya.

Anonymous said...

Apa nak buat Pan ..banyak rakyat begitu terpegun dgn Dr.M..mereka masih tak nampak kemungkaran dan salah guna kuasa yg di lakukan Dr M...tapi sebanyak sedikit dia mula terasasekarang..contoh dia di tuduh sebagai racist terbesar di Malaysia..walhal dia yg menjahanamkan DEB...dia yg banyak menghabis wang rakyat dgn projek MEGA KLCC Putrajaya semua untuk siapa? konon nak ambil hati orang CINA dia menyelamatkan taukey besar dgn projek mega akhirnya orang Cina tak menghargai Dia lagi,,dia di tuduh racist pada hal dia tak membantu orang melayu pun..sekarang kita terdengar Dr M cakap pasal contract social, pasal Raja raja..tapi dia lah orang nya yang hendak mengulangi Malayan Union nak jadi kan Raja Raja jadi Kadi je..tenguk lah hasilnya sudah ujud makkamah raja raja!siapa punya kerja kalau tidak Dr M...jangan takut pan...kau berkata benar

pakbelalang said...

We can have different views but I still admire Tun M for what he had done to our country. He had done his best for the country without the slightest shadow of doubt. Make no mistake about. I don't think I am wrong to appreciate his service to make this country a very much better place to stay.He had done a good job, indeed!! My honest assessment of Tun M. May God Bless Him !! Allah Akbar !!

Anonymous said...

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