30 January 2009

Painful but Hard Truth

Our politics and economy is extremely tumultuous, and on the deck we really need strong hands, but we are still unable to tell which the real is to the fake leadership.

Having the ability to envision the between the real and the bogus leaders are really…really crucial for Malaysians at this testing time.

We have so far being ruled by canny leadership for the past decades, but Malaysian now needs this ability as the world is getting more complex.

We desperately need real leadership who is able to get the people to face the bare and crude truth and accept ownership of the problems as at the moment we are only having leadership who is too preoccupied with dominance and perpetuates the idea that only one party has all the answers.

We admit that there are quite a number of talented managers and a few very good leaders, but for the overall well being of the country, particularly in this complex economic and political environment as the result of globalization, we require more than just managers.

Let us define leaders as people who can mobilize and confront problems and difficulties and address them collectively as opposed to mere managers who simply maintain order, protect resources and provide direction with the authority given to them.

Just good managers, in this political environment is not helping the country any good anymore as these political managers we are having now have huge shares in putting the nation into the current political and economic tailspin.

For this crucial reason I have been emphasizing that Tengku Razaleigh is the only one that we can sight to have all the ingredients to manage this nation which is part of the global community that are facing global economic melt down.

He is not just a politician, as he is the most testimonially proven technocrat who has proven excellence while he was given the task to manage the nation’s economy with insulations of social engineering for just one motive i.e. to achieve National Unity.

TR has the intimation as to how to take into custody all tribulations that the country is facing and I bet he would not just be distrustful with problems ahead of us.

He has the aptitude to originate ways and solution to turn around the nation out of animosity to an open space for us to stride with pride ahead.

What is certain, TR would be able to distinguish between leadership and management or leadership and authority.

Sensible minds would agree that whilst we have somebody to manage us with forwardness we must strive to get him to take charge of us as a nation.

We ought to be prepared for sacrifices at this particular epoch of political and economic slump, to avoid further perils by unwarranted and unconvinced leadership which ultimately would be obliterate what we have built since independence.

We need leadership who can keep people focused on important tasks that make a difference, rather than using the inadequacy of authority figures as an excuse.

Lastly, with the increasing complexities of the world, critical thinking and creativity are essential capacities if we want to thrive; this is where TR has all ingredients to be on the driving wheel.

If TR is given the tasks, we are certain that he would swiftly get acquainted to his functions as the savior to the future of this great nation which is not spared by the current global economic hiccups.

Just cross our fingers, he will just take the problems handily.

Thanks…………………………………………………………Aspan Alias


Unggal said...

Salam Pan...
Memang Pan...pahit ubat susah nak telan..!!. apatah lagi racun nak dijadikan penawar..!!..lagi berat orang nak lakukan.. Ahli UMNO masa kini sangat ramai dah jadi enau yang melepaskan pucuk-pucuk masing-masing dan macam monyet dapat bunga (or was it 'cincin'..) pulak tu...!!...
Jangan nak fikirkan sangat sampai naik darah Pan...Kita yang dah lebih setengah abad ni.....kubur dah kejar kita, so, silalah datang kunjung aku dan family di sini. relax..relax.. - cuma London sekarang ni sejuk sikit cuacanya..!!
Semoga Allah terus merahmati anda dan family.

Salam - Unggal

temasekkid said...

Gentleman politicians like KuLi is a very rare breed indeed but sad to say will never make it in the world of Malaysian 'jungle politics'!

Wah Al-Subangi said...

we have very good elder leaders, dr m, tr, etc. i think if najib can harness these valuable resources it will bodes well for the country.