18 January 2009

UMNO hammered!

Kuala Terengganu voters finally decided to give the mandate to PAS in the by-election with a thumping majority of 2631 votes and our grand old party was hammered unceremoniously by the people and voters of this east coast constituency.

With this decision BN is certain of losing the PU13 as it is a clear signal of denunciation on the leadership of Dato’ Seri Najib, the Director of the election who spent days and weeks in Kuala Terengganu.

Whether we like it or not, Najib should start packing and leave the official Residence in Putrajaya and back to Langgak Duta.

Morally he is rejected, as he was the main figure to lead the by-election and the loss means his failure to secure support for his leadership.

As for other leaders it worth the while to think and start calculating their pensions as they are going to be rejected in any by-election and the coming General Election.

It is noticeable that Abdullah Badawi’s issue is not the factor any longer as he has decided to retire shortly with these results it is proven that all these while Abdullah was not the only person who should be taking the blame but all the bunch who are in the leadership line-ups.

The real issue is the rejection of incoming leadership of Dato’ Seri Najib and as I have strongly indicated in my previous posting, PAS would win as a strong signal of rejection for UMNO leadership as long as he is within the current line-up.

If it is not the total rejection of the party, what then is the real reason for the rejection?

Who is going to be carrying the blame for this dismal defeat? The candidate? Ahmad Said? Najib? Or anybody else?

BN in actual fact does not have any reason not to win even by a simple majority as the
basic cost of living has already gone down, with the reduction of petrol and the massive campaign the BN government is doing to reduce prices of essential goods that the people consume.

Much publicized animosities among the Pakatan Rakyat coalition over the hudud issue do not affect the opposition as the obsessions against UMNO are too enormously intelligible.

So, what do we do next? UMNO had tried to mend the wrongs since the humiliating defeat in a lot of UMNO heartland in the 8th March 2008 elections but the people just couldn’t be bothered about it.

Everything that UMNO does, the people take it contemptuously as the leadership has ignored them for the past 2 decades.
Leaders for the past 2 decades did everything without consultation with the people and they feel that they are in no part of the ruling government.

In essence, UMNO must reconstitute itself. The whole line-up has got to go and there is no two- ways about it. Get to somebody outside the current line up to steer UMNO to safe sanctuary if we are really members with passionate feelings towards the party.

By analogy, UMNO is like a cancer patient. In it, the useless and deadly cells are fighting and decomposing all the good cells for the past over 2 decades.

Now UMNO is at the incurable stage and we can clearly see that all the leaders up there are still in denial.

Our cancerous UMNO will fall heinously if they (the current leaders) are still there.

I believe what the late Jaafar Albar told us at a small dinner at The Lodge Hotel soon after he won as the National Youth Head.

He said that he went on for the UMNO Youth Head to save UMNO from suffering, as he believed that the moment Dr Mahathir and Musa took the party leadership, UMNO would slowly move towards decadence.

In private Jaafar Albar confided that he was eyeing to contest against Dr Mahathir as Deputy President in 1978 to save and avoid UMNO being led by Mahathir but he died prematurely in Johor in 1977.

The thrashing in Kuala Terengganu is not unexpected and to all leaders and members alike, I call for every one to soul search oneself as the party is at a critical stage.

Thanks……………………………………..Aspan Alias.


Anonymous said...

You sure sound like an AAB's mole..

shahbandarmalakat said...

Nak cakap apa lagi Pan..Give up Je .Diorang yang ada jawatan tak ambil perduli apa nak jadi pada UMNO dan orang Melayu...mereka tak kisah...buat apa nak pening peningkan kepala kita...biarkan lah mereka...
Kalau ada mereka tu datang mengadu kepada Kau nanti bila mereka berhadapan dengan kenyataan yang sebenar iaitu UMNO dah lingkup ..kau buat macam apo Datuk Manshor katakan dulu kepada pemegang biasiswa Mara .." kalau kamu gagal saya akan ludahkan muka kamu"...itu saja cara nak ajar Melayu ni