01 March 2009

Fish rots from the head

As one popular adage goes, ‘fish rots from the head’, and that immaculately runs parallel to what is happening in Barisan Nasional (BN) of today.

Leaders and their leadership is the main difficulty for almost all BN component parties and that makes the members and the public in sticky situation.

MCA is facing almost the same problem which UMNO had undergone; sex and sodomy issue.

Like UMNO, MCA is facing the same issue of sex and sodomy against its Deputy President. Anwar faced the issue while he was a Deputy President of UMNO.

While Anwar was sacked from the party, Soi Lek is still at the position and we are waiting fretfully for the subsequence of events that MCA is going to go through.

While the issue against Soi Lek was still hotly discussed he won the Deputy President post as MCA delegates considered him as a very good ‘performer’…and he won the Deputy President post against Ka Chuan.

It is embarrassing that the political upbringing of Malaysia is apparent being subjected by the horny and warm spot in between the thighs.

Pakatan Rakyat Selangor is also facing problems with this particular spot in between the thighs of Elizabeth Wong and it shakes the PR state government of Selangor.

I was shown the photographs of Elizabeth Wong in bed sleeping alone semi-nude, but to my surprised there is nothing extraordinary in the photos.

Elizabeth Wong like any other female, is given by God the same thing that Rafidah, Sharizat and Rosmah or even Azalina Othman are having, and I think it all looks the same even though I am not too sure about it…someone has to come forward and confirm it to me.

So to Khir Toyo, please don’t be too nosy about this issue as I am quite sure that the person who is married to you has the same old thing given by nature.

The leaders especially of the BN must be focused in addressing the current acute economic evils instead of spending too much time politicking over contemptible and non-consequential issues.

You people up there are looked upon all the time at this current downward economic spiral as that involve the livelihood of the rakyat unswervingly. Please tell Najib not to buy over the government…earn it democratically through elections…as that would be more legitimate…please believe in legitimacy.

You must get the mandate of the people if you want to rule instead of taking it through impermeable take-over of the government through dubious means.

People are so worn-out watching the shenanigans and pranks of the BN leaders, principally the ones from UMNO.

Now that the Party elections are drawing near, the campaigning are again dyed by massive money politics and I personally saw money changing hands unhindered.

So the prospect of having disorderly and unmanageable leaders in the Supreme Council is very bright and we have to stomach the high jinks leaders to lead the nation again and again.

We are pretty sure that we are going to go through the same old problems and this proves that the election module in UMNO would only nurture corrupt leaders and drive the country to catastrophe.

Anyone within the line-up of the Supreme council can’t be the Prime Minister and to lead the country out the economic cheerlessness and political crumble the country is confronting with.

I am saying this aloud as I know I am just saying the right thing and I shall attest the truth of my statement once Najib or anyone else within this current line-up becomes the successor to the weak Abdullah.

To my simple mind, UMNO have to be totally reconstituted and start anew. The image and facet of the party has to be totally dissimilar to the present system by putting aside the current line-up as they are there through money politics and other doubtful means.

UMNO has to get the feel of the voting public, not just the view of the branch leaders as they are all being puppetted to be there and they are not able to give representative view of the public.

We have to do away with delegate system and allow every registered member to vote to avoid money politics and by doing so only the popular and acceptable personality would be the leaders for the locals and the national leadership level.

It can be done but the leadership is too afraid of exercising this module of electing leaders as they are not sure whether they can survive through this system.

This is the very main reason why I, together with the public opinion yearn for Tengku Razaleigh (TR) to make the changes as he is very magnanimous, gentleman and brave enough to lead with this proposal at hand.

TR does not have heavy baggage like other big leaders and he is just the only one available who can do the changes in UMNO before we face the 13th General Elections.

It has to be done now and procrastination may put UMNO into perpetual jeopardy.

If UMNO is in jeopardy, there would be imminent split among the Malays and it may end up in anarchy that may send the nation into major racial unrest.

For God sake, do not wait until this hurting episode comes by; it would bring this country into total catastrophe.

Let us go back to the original functions of UMNO; firstly, to provide viable leadership at all levels. Secondly, to be the custodian of Malay struggles in all continuum of life, thirdly to place the party as a medium of references by the Malays and all other races who reside within the borders of the country.

What we have just mentioned are just a splinter of responsibilities of the party apart from the main struggles which are spelt out in the Article 3 of the party constitutions.

For these struggles we need experienced and a leader who has undergone through the mills and passed through national political crisis and that is where TR would be the best option for the people to lean on.

We should circumvent careless, corrupt, negligent, unscrupulous and devious leaders to lead us especially for the number one position…as the number one leader is the determining barometer to see the country is driven in correct and proper direction.

Anything less than that, we would be revisiting the troubles that we have be going through. Remember that ‘a fish always rots from the head’.

It may sound felonious to some, but as I have frequently said, the truth is always painful.

Thanks …………………………………………..Aspan Alias


Anonymous said...

he he he, Aspan

I like your description of Eli's thing, you know about the natural look between thighs.

It may look different you know, some sengget on the left way and the other may sengget downward. So, the thing is, they are the pleasure holes of all people, you, me, Khir, Helmi Malik, Chua Sonlek, and all.

The point is that all BN and PR people are busy, they need rest, especially true fro Songlek because everyday he sees jambu nurses at hospital but can't see through the skirt or sarong.

He needs to see it on bed.

What's a fun Malaysian males, no malu still wants to be leader lah.

pakbelalang said...

UMNO kalau nak berubah dan di anggap masih relevan l ianya mesti MESRA RAKYAT. Pemimpinnya mestilah berkualiti dan tidak haprak dan HP6:

1. Pilih pimimpin yang mesra rakyat.

2. Pilih pemimpin yang bijak

3. Pilih pemimpin yang ada kualiti kepempinannya

4. Pilih pemimpin yang kelayakan akademiknya tinggi dan diiktiraf

5. Pilih pemimpin yang moralnya tinggi

6. Pilih pemimpin yang banyak pengalaman dalam bidang pentadbiran

7. Pilih pemimpin yang bijak membuat keputusan

8. Pilih pemimpin yang sederhana perwatakannya

9. Pilih pemimpin yang tidak ada masaalah keluarga

10.Pilih pemimpin yang boleh mengeluar idea yang bernas

11.Pilih pemimpin yang boleh bertutor bahasa Inggeris dengan baik

12.Pilih pemimpin yang telah berjaya dalam kerjayanya.

13.Pilih pemimpin yang di hormati oleh penduduk setempat dan
dikenali ramai

14.Pilih pemimpin yang keluarganya hidup sederhana

15.Pilih pemimpin yang boleh berucap dengan baik dan
menyerlah dan tidak merapu-rapu

17.Pilih pemimpin yang mempunyai satu isteri sahaja.

18.Pilih pemimpin yang mempunyai kesihatan yang baik.

19.Pilih pemimpin yang latar belakang agamanya baik dan boleh
berdamping dengan masyarakat setempat

20.Pilih pemimpin yang tegas dan berani dalam membuat keputusan.

21.Pilih pemimpin yang kuat kerja untuk rakyat.

22.Pilih pemimpin yang tahu bila masanya hendak berundur.

23.Pilih pemimpin yang boleh menerima kritikan positive terhadapnya.

24.Pilih pemimpin yang boleh menerima pandangan orang lain

25.Pilih pemimpin yang ikhlas dan mempunyai semangat untuk
membela rakyat

Anonymous said...

so you are disappointed after seeing the photos of liz, showing her soft spot of no different from Rafidah's, Azlina's or Rosmah's ...Are you expected then to see a bigger hole just like the one found in the ozone of upper atmosphere created by world pollution ?...
we all come from a hole(the soft spot) and we would go back to a hole(kubur)...that is fact of life that is why, like golfers, we all like holes ...So every body has to look for a hole...So is your big bro anwar ....pl forgive him.
So lets forget about politic...concentrate on for looking for holes, there are a lot out there not only liz...liz is for sure is pkr's thing.
My frank opinion, if you want Tengku Razaleigh to be the leader , he has to go round the kampungs through out Malaysia just like Tunku Abd Rahman did in 1955, where I was told In one kampung in Besut he has to push start his car...his car broke down...that's why people like Tunku so much! Tengku Razleigh has to move on...hire a caravan , like a gypsy, if possible , meet the people in the kampungs...Try it and you can see the results...this is the time...Pan you have to tell the old man quickly...

pakbelalang said...

sorry lari dari topic, Pan

Maulidur Rasul Celebration Introduces New 'Perdana' Award

PUTRAJAYA, March 2 (Bernama) -- The annual national-level Maulidur Rasul 1430H/2009 (Prophet's birthday) celebration next Monday will see for the first time a recipient of the "Perdana" Award.

Unlike the five recipients of this year's "Tokoh Maulidur Rasul" Award who will receive cash of RM22,000 each, the recipient for the "Perdana" Award will receive RM50,000 in cash, a plaque, a certificate and accompanying trophy.

This year's celebration will also see a mass procession by 100,000 participants including 430 high-powered motorcycles and 1,000 motorcycles below 250cc.


No,no,no !!

No motorcycle procession, please. Ini kerja bodoh. Siapa punya idea lah ni. Mesti si Menteri Zahid Hamidi. Dia ni "high powered Mat Rempit" sampai sambutan Maulidur Rasul pun dia nak gunakan Mat Rempit. Tak betul, tak betul. Jangan jadi bodoh stupid.

I will definitely instigate the rakyat not to support the govt.if they allow this to happen. It is not the right ocassion to show off their high powered motor cycles.

CINTA suci abadi said...

BATON ROUGE, La. – Widely panned for his national TV address, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal offered his first defense of the speech Monday, saying he sticks by the message, while acknowledging shortcomings in his delivery.

"Look, I get that people thought I could have spoken better. I get that. That's fine ... What's important to me is the content. I'm a policy guy. You guys know that. I've always been a policy guy, always will be a policy guy. The ideas are important. The substance is important," Jindal told reporters in the state Capitol, a day after returning from a family vacation.

The 37-year-old governor, regularly touted as a presidential contender, said he outlined a critical philosophical distinction between the views of Democrats and Republicans as he gave the national GOP response to Obama's first address to Congress last week.

Republican party leaders have touted the Oxford-educated Jindal, son of Indian immigrants, as the future of the GOP, generating lofty expectations for his debut national address. Jindal said he wrote the speech himself.

berita lanjut klik...
Pan apo den Nak cakap ialah lah berita ini mengatakan Jindal ada lah SON OF INDIAN IMMIGRANTS...ini doket Amerika..tak pula si Jindal tu mengaung marah kat AP pasal sebut dia anak/cucu Pendatang Haram India...Cuba kono doket Samy Ko ,Kapal ko dah tontu dia orang akan lobeh dari mengaung marah ..pasal Pan boleh jadi macam ini?Itu hari Ibrahim yang jadi Raja katak Di atas Tempurung tersalah sebut Bangsa asing dah bising dalam dewan...Si Kahlid adik Syaril tu pun sama Marah ...Ibrahim pun satu patut sebut anak atau cucu kepada Bangsa asing...
Apo sebab mereka ini naik tochang Pan?
Aden ni banyak kawan ..engineers( 10 Cina dan 2 Melayu) jadi kontraktor air conditioning mula tahun 80an...hari ini semua jadi kaya berair (Millionaires)....
Ada anak hantar oversea tak balik mereka kerja makan gaji je kat oversea ( tak jadi businessman macam bapak bapak diaorang kat Malaysia) . pasal apa Pan ? pasal kat oversea nun susah nak buat business macam Malaysia. Aden tanyo anak den yang kojo kat Dublin...sana kan ada China, apo business yang dia orang buat? Anak Den Jawab apo business diorang tak ada pun ...jual phone card adalah...buat take- away foods itu aje lah...jadi ceritonya Pan di malaysia ini syurgo bagi orang orang ini... tapi kenapa lately diorang nak pertikaikan pekara perkara macam macam...

Anonymous said...

Bro, pedulikan UMNO tu!Parti tu parti sial hanya untuk melakukan kerja kesialan.

Cukup cukuplah meleter tu!

Anonymous said...

For Mohd Najib he only wants to be the PM. He does not care if BN wud fall under his regime.

Bro, yang penting sebelum jatuh fulus mesti belasah dulu.

JJ berjaja dia akan jadi Menteri Kewangan kalau Najib jadi PM....nauzubillah!!!!

Anonymous said...

apa yang nak dibincangkan lagi sdr, saya dan keluarga mengundi BN buat kali terakhir pada pilihanraya umum lepas.

lepas ini kami sekeluarga akan mengundi parti yang lain. tidak ada bezanya lagi sekarang, BN bawah najib akan hancur dan lebur.

baguslah sdr kalau dia jadi pm, senangkita nak ambil keputusan.

Anonymous said...

UMNO leaders of today are not trustworthy anymore. We should just leave them alone.
Half of my family members are quiting UMNO to ensure that we are not associated with Najib and Rosmah.
I dont trust that black-magic couple...honestly.

Anonymous said...

The whole world is watching our leaders ripping and milking our country.

Anonymous said...

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