15 March 2009

I feel the labor pain; waiting for the birth of a Unity Government

With the current opinionated circumstances it confirms the certainty that UMNO have lost the propensity of facing the voters with her long-established alliance partners MCA, MIC, Gerakan and the rest of the components in Semenanjung Tanah Melayu in the next General Election.

The birth of this Unity Government seemed imminent as the ‘labor pain’ is felt everywhere and hopefully newly born government will soon become reality.

UMNO ceases to be the party of mammoth consequences as she used to enjoy and if the party still wants to be felt and seen alive the Unity Government has got to be the order of the day for the party’s political endurance, and to co-exist with other parties to run this nation.

Time is fast shifting that UMNO does not have the ability to be shoulder to shoulder with the change due to incompetent, ineffectual, uninspiring and hollow minded leadership hence putting the party to definite oblivion, at the latest by the next General Election.

While UMNO is losing the main ground, PAS and other opposition parties are gaining momentously the support in the Malay heartland as the alternative parties for their political struggles.

Weaknesses in UMNO has become the strength of PAS and other opposition parties to garner and solicit support which the unguided UMNO members become an easy prey and expedient target for the opposition.

While PAS has yet to penetrate the whole political fabrics of the Malays, it is a sensible move for UMNO to co-exist with them and other parties for Malay political assurances and dominance.

In turn the united Malays should uncover cohesive mechanism to work mutually with other non-malay dominated parties to administer the country within the moral and constitutional obligations agreed before we formally achieved our independence in 1957.

As long as UMNO is with this dubious line of leadership and maintain the inane ego by denying the actuality that they are almost in the state of calamity, the party will be history and the current incoming Prime Minister; Najib, would bring the party to a painful death for the Malays.

The voting public is dragging their feet flat on the ground feeling the circumspection of Najib taking over the nation’s leadership as the fate of the nation is already predestined by him and it is nerve-racking.

For all intent and purposes the counter to these deep seated animosities in our nation’s political circumstances is to work within the Unity Government which has been wished-for by Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah and was later openly called by Haji Hadi, the PAS President.

The Unity Government will much diminish the heat of political uncertainty among the people.

As it is now they are already in state of ambiguity by the economic down spiral which is haunting each and every one of us down here.

Rasping politicking, be it intra or inter-party has to be put to a halt instantaneously to circumvent the effect of the worst economic tsunami that history can reminisce.

The messy intra-politics within UMNO and inter-party dressing downs among the major political parties can only impede the nation’s progress especially so during this world economic and financial cracking.

Agreeing to the concept of Unity Government is the preemptive step to avoid the clashes of mental, physical and cultural racially and it is the most comforting effort for our national ultimate struggle, i.e National Unity.

On the ground we can feel that the idea of Unity Government is well accepted and once it materializes there should be massive elucidation exercise done direct to the people through strongly equipped information committee meant to reach out to every one in the country.

The rakyat ought to be explained and none of them should be left out. I am suggesting making used to the fullest the JKKK or JKKR (for the Felda settlers) as these committees are the lowest government administrative level.

The state and the district information officers should be back to active role in disseminating all the new government agendas for the people directly and by doing so all unwanted elements which try to disorientate the mind of the people would be thwarted.

Depending purely on the cyber news can easily be doctored by irresponsible quarters to dampen efforts of unity.

As for me personally I am prepared to put these ideas on papers as this is the best manner of disseminating top to down news via ceramahs and massive but simple pamphleteering.

To the best of my knowledge and experience getting direct to the people is the ideal mode of elucidation to the people as we can acquire perfect peoples’ reactions and feedback on any issue for immediate amendments and adjustments if necessary.

By doing so the Unity government is inviting ordinary rakyat to be involved in the process of change which are good for them and their livelihood and just let Tengku Razaleigh guide the way; you and I know that he will do it neat and tidy.

This is the raison d'être why Malaysian of today feel that they are too far from the government and subsequently harbor dissatisfaction among them and ultimately cost the government power.

No democratic government can survive for long if their rakyat are left out without being consulted in any important government decision especially on matters involving them directly in their daily life affairs.

Time and space is forcing me to pen off and if time permits I shall be able to write on this concern at greater length in few days. It is such an interesting subject to brood over which will incite interest of everybody.

If it organically happens it will be the most graceful happening that is ordained on us by our greatest and merciful Creator.

Thanks………………………………………………………..Aspan Alias



pakbelalang said...

Kalau UMNO hendak hidup lama perwakilan mesti bijak membuat pilihan yang tepat tanpa was-was.

Perwakilan mesti fikirkan harapan parti komponen lain yang mengharapkan kepimpinan UMNO yang akan dilantik kelak betul-betul ada kualiti untuk mereka berpaut.

Jika tidak, pemimpin-pemimpin komponen parti BN seperti MCA, Gerakan, MIC dan lain-lain akan "mencemek muka" mereka dan akan merasa kecewa jika pemimpin UMNO yang dipilih masih lagi haprak dan HP6.

Mereka tidak akan selesa dan akhirnya sokongan dari komponen parti BN akan merudum sampai ke PRU 13 di mana ahli-ahli parti komponen BN tentunya tidak akan sokong BN.

Maka tombanglah UMNO terkulai-kulai mati kejung.

Itulah scenario yang akan berlaku jika perwakilan tidak prihatin dengan kehendak bukan sahaja dari kalangan ahli akar umbi UMNO tapi juga dari ahli-ahli parti komponen BN dan rakyat umumnya.

Fikir-fikirkan lah dengan sebaik-baiknya. Janganlah gelojoh kerana mendapat habuan "kacang putih" dari pemimpin yang rasuah dan tidak bermaruah.

Saya rasa telah nyata dan terang bahawa rakyat yang berbilang bangsa baik Melayu, Cina, India, Kadazan, Malanau, Dayak dll berkehendakkan pemimpin UMNO seperti berikut:


Timbalan Presiden

Naib Presiden


Ketua Pemuda


Naib Ketua
Razali Ibrahim

Ketua Wanita


Naib Ketua


Salam hormat dari saya,

pakbelalang said...

KJ membuat kenyataan bahawa kalau dia jatuh biarlah di medan perang. he, he, he

Macam mana KJ nak jatuh kat medan perang...??? Dia naik pun BUKAN kat medan perang. KJ tahu ke makna perjuangan dan medan perang...???? Tak payah lah KJ nak cerita pasal medan perang..Pergi je lah ke Medan, Indonesia bawak bini shopping... kah.kah. kah
Podaaaah !!

Anonymous said...

Sdr, Jika terjadi apa yang sdr hajatkan, elok sangatlah. Saya sangat susah hati melihat najib nak jadi PM ni dan rosmah nak jadi Wnita Pertama negara.
Pendapat saya yang dangkal ini nrgara akan beransur-ansur jadi musnah kalaulah pasangan ini berada diatas.

Anonymous said...

Pak Belalang,
Saya nampak saudara ini ada sifat Pak Pandir.
Bergegar-gegar nak tengok UMNO jadi baik, tapi cadangkan najib jadi PM.
Mana lojiknya najib boleh jadi PM sedangkan dia dikaitkan dengan rasuah dan isterinya dikaitkan dengan pembunuhan Altantuya.
Elok sdr jgn buat cadangan bodoh itu.

Anonymous said...

Mr Aspan, I am delighted reading your writing on the unity government.
Its the best thing to happen but that may just be your dream.
Keep on praying!

Anonymous said...

tidak berapa lama dahulu DS najib berucap sambil bekata;

Tuai padi antara masak
esok jgn layu layuan
intai kami antara nampak
esok jgn rindu rinduan

DS Najib! sebenarnya tak ada siapa yang akan rindukan you. you boleh pergi mana-mana bawak bini you sekali...semak....semak....

pakbelalang said...

May your dream comes true !! But I think it will be just a dream, dream, dream !! It won't happen! Too bad !!

Anonymous said...

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