03 June 2009

UMNO looses total public regards

I sat over coffee with few of UMNO youth days ago and I did not fail to ask how it was going in UMNO.

All of them said that there is no more the enchantment they used to have before and every now and then they have to be in the sideline when people around them were talking about serious and incontrovertible topics.

“Nobody was paying attention to us as the regards for UMNO is too acutely in disgrace and gone were the days when UMNO leaders were made to be term of references on any issue discussed,” said one of them.

“So what do you do now?” asked one of my friends to one of them. “I don’t know,” he answered.

I saw those young boys of early thirties were confused completely as to why their party was looked as a party which looses an attention of the people. They were trying to figure out how would the party fair in the next General Election.

Azman, asked me why are people busy talking about PAS and Pakatan Rakyat and that environment make them feel so out of place when sitting in front of the ordinary people and he claimed that he feels so inferior to the budding activist of the Pakatan Rakyat.

“Uncle, what should we do in order to get people at least to pay attention lightly on us, because right now I have totally lost the pride as a party member?” he asked me.

“I don’t know, as I have never been in that situation when we were active doing party works and in those years people felt secured when they were with us,” I said smilingly.

“Honestly uncle, I don’t really have enough guts to dispose myself as an UMNO divisional youth committee as people look so different on us. They think that we are part of those destroying the party and the government. They really do not look good on us,” he continued.

“I hate the kind of impression they have on us. The first thing they would ask would be, ‘banyak dapat projek’ and question of that sort. We never had anything!” he brooded.

The other guy said, “Ramai yang dapat tapi bukan kita! Ketua-ketua Bahagian, Wakil-wakil rakyat dan yang besar-besar dapat. Yang buat kerja macam babi kita di bawah ni,” said the one who has been quiet since we met.

All of them agreed that they won’t be able to work well in facing the public especially in the coming General Election as they claim that the public do not even have the appetite to wink at them.

This is happening everywhere and is going from bad to worst. The moment they look at any active UMNO member they would automatically say, “Oh! That must be an UMNO fellow,” in cynical.

This kind of expressive impression is contagiously spreading and no leader has been able to cordon the spread.

Let us look at this issue objectively. The reason for the lowly looked upon UMNO cannot happen without reason.

There must many factors that slowly but surely that brought this image to UMNO and consequently disparages UMNO bodily. Surely this negative image has been developed over long period or else the situation wouldn’t be this appalling and horrendous.

I happened to be one of those who was wailing and howling over the current problems when it was still at the embryonic stage but all departments in the party went to admonish me and persons like me and efforts to sideline us came from the state and the Divisional leaders.

They thought that I was not sincere and trying to be a hero. I just couldn’t bear watching the unbecoming values setting in the party then, but now I am happy to prove to everyone that all what I have been saying ultimately turns to be reality.

How could I become a hero when I was not one? I was just alerting what was coming to the party.

Right at this very moment the same people who yelled at me for my guts are unhappy with the atmosphere in the party prevailing presently.

Now that I am no more in the line-up at any level I am just smiling from the sideline witnessing their anguish being active in the party which they feel having little prospect of surviving.

Some came to me for opinions, but I am too apprehensive and hesitant in giving the opinion as I may be branded as disloyalty to the ailing party which I myself a member.

Even if I do give opinion and advice I do not think they appreciate it as it entails sacrifices and pain for them which they are not prepared to do.

Furthermore, to them only Ministers, MB’s and all the rich and the famous are their leaders and they see no reason to listen to persons like you and me who do not have the pips on our shoulders.

UMNO in authenticity is in dire need to find issues that can unite the Malays within its arm but up to now they are still not able to pick up relevant rallying issue.

Rather than having nothing some UMNO leaders are taking Chin Peng as an issue and trying hard to hook up the opposition parties to the Communist in the hope that the Malays would be back supporting UMNO they have ignored.

On the contrary the Malays have gone too far away, that any attempt to bring them back needs a real genius effort in place which no one within the line-up can ever succeed in the attempt as they are by themselves being looked without regards by every quarter.

The Malays seems to prefer to get united outside UMNO and this would follow through until the next General Election.

Some say that it is too painful to unite within UMNO as a united UMNO will house leaders who abuse their power and a fertile soil for corruption to nurture.

I still hope that there will be somebody who has the will and knows exactly what to accomplish in addressing the present adversities and complexities.

Thanks………………………………………………………………Aspan Alias


Anonymous said...


Betul, mustahil hendak bersatu dalam UMNO lagi. Bersatu dalam UMNO hanya mampu untuk memperkuatkan pemimpin rasuah sahaja.

betul, betul, betul.

aligamat said...

Let them be weak. They don't deserve a support.

From top to bottom...corupt! Let stop them from stealing our kitty.

UMNO! enough is enough. You can never change.

I am switching to PAS.

manjawa said...

We can't force anybody to support who.

Let the people choose as long as there are choices available.

If they want leaders making money among them, than you can continue to choose UMNO and BN.

If you dont want excessively corrupt leaders than leave UMNO aside.

As for me, masih rahsia!!!

hj muhammad awal said...

Tuan Hj Aspan, sudah hampir 20 tahun kita tak berjumpa. Saya baru sahaja membuja dan membaca blog saudara apabila seorangkawan beritahu saya yang sdr ada blog.

Tuan hj, rupa2nya sdr masih berjuang.

Saya masih ingat satu ucapan sdr pada pertengahan tahun 80an.

Semasa merasmikan mesyuarat agong satu cawangan ditempat saudara.

Lebih kurang sdr berkata " dalam memperjuagkan siasah Melayu kita tidak boleh dikotori dengan melebihkan kepentingan peribadi. Peranh Uhud menjadi bukti kukuh dalammana Islam telah kalah. Kekalahan islam ialah kerana parajurit islam terlalu tertumpu untuk mendapatka harta rampasan dan tidak akur perintah Muhammad saw untuk fokus terhadap peperangan itu. Jika dalam UMNO pemimpinnya menjinjing bersama kepenting peribadi maka UMNO, suatu hari nanti akan hilang ters perjuangan dan akan menjadi parti yang tidak mendapat hirauan rakyat"

Begitulah lebih kurang apa yang saudara katakan.

Tuan hj, saya amat hormat kepada pendirian sdr, yang mana apa yang sdr katakan itu sudah nyata kebenarannya.

Saya akan berjumpa saudar apabila saya turun menziarahi cucu saya minggu hadapan.

Assalaamualaikum tuan hj.

Anonymous said...

Why must Malays only be united?

Shouldnt you think of ways to unite Malaysians ?

Aspan Alias said...

Yes anonymous,

You are perfectly right that all Malaysian must be united.

I was just touching about Malays in UMNO which is not united.

I hope you understand.


ibrahimkoyan said...

In the next Gen Election, we just send in 1 message.

The message is 'Dont be corrupt'. We first vote BN out as a protest against corruption.

If we do that, we are telling the people who govern us that we the people who can put them in and throw them in the ditch.

By doing so, we are going to prepare ourselves for two party system.

As long BN rules corruptions will grow.

thank you.

Anonymous said...

Mr Aspan,

It may not be mutually exclusive.

What I mean is this, what if the concept of UNITY by Malays is actually a hindrance to UNITY for Malaysians. Likewise unity of Chinese in MCA, unity of Indians in MIC and unity of Malays in UMNO. The more united and stronger they are , the harder it is to achieve unity for Malaysians.

Looked at it this way, why would you call for unity of Malays in UMNO?

I think what we had in the 60s and 70s was illusory and was in fact an impediment to nation building!

Aspan Alias said...

Mr Anonymous,

You are perfectly right if we look at the angle of Malaysian unity.

But as I have said earlier I am just talking to my party members to find solution about unity issue.

Maybe I am in the older school where I believe in having the Chinese to be united in MCA, the Indian be united in MIC and the Malays be united in UMNO.

Having strong unity of each race within their respected parties we work hand in hands within the BN, and that has been the way since the PERIKATAN and subsequently the BN.

But after Hussien Onn's era the fine and cordially knited relationship has been adultrated for personal and narrow minded leaders with big personal agendas taking the forefront importance.

You see bro, it has been proven successful before mid 80's.

Having a single party with all races in it may bring interracial politicking that may end up in messy dispute and prove no better then the present state of political affairs.

I may be wrong but I believe in my set of argument.

Thanks bro.

flyer168 said...

Dear Aspan,

This nation's rayaat & I share the "Despair & Hopelessness."

God Almighty “Hears & Feels” the Call, the Pain & the Despair of our “Defenders” of Truth to restore Justice, Equality, Human Rights & Freedom for this nation's downtrodden rayaat.

Desperate People, at Desperate Times, will RESORT to Desperate Actions even if it means “Destroying” their “Honourable Family Legacy”, our National/State Constitution, our Monarchy, All this nation’s Institutions, Pillars of Democracy & the Rule of Law, their own “MALAY MUSLIM HADHARI” party “UMNO” beyond “Redemption”, their Own Kind, this country & its Rayaat!

The Muslim Hadhari UMNO Ketuanan/BN Leaders are “Bankrupt of Intelligent, Legal, Constitutional, Political, Financial etc SOLUTIONS”....

They & their “Mercenaries” will always be in Denial & therefore resort to “Alternative Tactics” which can only be found in their Gutter Politics & Law of the Jungle “Holy Book”!

Party promotions based on “patronisation, nepotism, money politics, etc” without “Meritocracy and Proven Track Records” leads to “Leaders” that UMNO is inheriting

- “Elite, Ketuanan UMNO BEGGARS”.

UMNO Baru is too deep in its 4th stage “Terminal Cancer” NOW, to be CURED”....Period!

Every new day will be another “New Divine Revelation” to reveal the “Truth”....

One must always be MAGNANIMOUS in VICTORY....


To use JFK's Famous words:

And so, my fellow Anak Bangsa Malaysia.....

Ask not what your country can do for you....

Rather ask what you can do for your country.

My fellow citizens of Malaysia:

Ask not what Malaysia will do for you,

Rather what TOGETHER we can do for the FREEDOM of MAN....

Let us all SHIFT our “Ketuanan, Racial, Religious, Personal, Selfish, Etc PARADIGM”....


Inline with the original “VALUES” which our Bapak Merdeka Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra together with his first cabinet of HONOURABLE, DEDICATED & ESTABLISHED TRUE MALAYSIAN TUANS adopted - From TOP to BOTTOM.

Malaysia must "NOW RECOVER" from its "TATTERED ECONOMY & FINANCIAL MELTDOWN" resulting from the "Herd Mentality" to FOLLOW albeit at the "TAIL END."

This great nation, its Leaders & its rayaat NOW have “God Almighty’s ONE LAST CHANCE to “Repent & Correct itself” from their GREEDY Worldly Industrialised Materialistic PURSUITS...

- To go back to God Almighty’s BASICS WISDOM & GIFT....


- We are all concerned "Anak Bangsa Malaysia" seeking the "Truth" to restore Justice, Equality, Human Rights & Freedom,

- "Malaysia for Malaysians" where every citizen can "Share & Dream" about, "Be given the Opportunity" to work hard towards that "Dream",

- For our young, our children & grandchildren - "To Achieve" that "Malaysian Dream"....

- through our own "Blood, Sweat, Tears, Intelligence & Wisdom"

- To be a self made/achieved "Anak Bangsa Malaysia"!

“Maybe it takes someone WITHOUT any name, without any position, without any past attachment, no political baggage,

Someone only WITH the sincerest interest to right a wrong, being guided by the Almighty,

Having the unseens praying for him as they too are concerned of this state of affair of this blessed nation....

Maybe the time has not come yet....

For such an ‘event’ to happen.

Yes, many Chosen Situational Leaders will evolve in the process from amongst the Rayaat....

Followed by God Almighty’s “Anointed” Phoenix....

A True & Wise, Humble but Firm Leader for Malaysia will arise like a “Phoenix” from amongst “the Downtrodden Rayaat....Insha Allah!

All our prayers to God Almighty seeking “Sanity, Truth, Justice, Equality & Freedom” will be answered.


tapahboy said...

The public unhappiness on UMNO has long been around, but the leaders did not realize it because they were too busy accumulating wealth.

They lost touch on the people and only realized it just 1 year or 2.

By the time they realised it the situation is incurable.

So, nasiblah kau UMNO. Nak harapkan DS najib masalah dia pun belum selesai lagi.

Kekadang kita rimas menengok pemimpin2 UMNO yang tak senonoh ini.

Letih, letih kita nengoknya.

Unknown said...

What rubbish you are talking, Sdra Aspan? Just like what you were talking on TV lately. All rubbish !! No substance at all.

flyer168 said...

Aspan's Blog has always been "As I PERSONALLY saw it in the "Corridors of Power" & not many today would have the "Honour" to match his "Honesty & Sincerity" in sharing his "True Experience"....

Without FEAR or FAVOUR.

My sincere commendations to you Bro Aspan.

disillusioned said...


Your are truely a loner. You are commenting with feeling of persona non grata like.

If you dont have a basic knowlwdge of what you want to say just keep yourself away.

Is that what you learn from UMNO?

You are drifting us away from the rulin group.

You are putting in more prove of UMNO deadly mentality.

As for Sdr Aspan, just igbore this sick boy. Dont answer him. You may be lowering yourself.

peguamkecil said...

This fellow Pakpong has no substance himself. He didn't give counter argument against your opinion.

He says thing out of hatred for your guts. He can't argue bro.

I think in his head, he has more tumor than brain.

So bro, dont answer him please. After all he has never put up his argument.

Inilah rupanya orang yang kononnya perjuang UMNO. I think you love UMNO more than this brainless guy.

Ignore him. He is just doing disservice to ailing UMNO. With this kind of boy UMNO will fall faster.

hj muhammad awal said...

Tn hj Aspan,

Baru sahaja sdr bertanya kenapa UMNO sudah tidak dapat perhatian pengundi.

Alih alih datang Pakpong untuk memberi jawapannya.

Ramai dalam UMNO serupa pakpong itulah. Itu sebab ramai menyampah dengan UMNO.

Tn hj, saya bersetuju dengan 'disillusioned'.

Biarkan sahaja pakpong dengan sikap perongosnya.

Di kedah, kg saya sekarang orang UMNO macam pakpung itu ramai

zebra said...

I pity this boy pakpong. really! dogmatic and....dont know what.

I wish to send him back to school but the problem i dont know him.

Aspan Alias said...

To all commentators,

Thanks for the advice not to answer pakpong.

I shall just do that bros. Don't scale him down, as he is an isolated personality.

Kalau saya pinjam kata-kata seorang shabat saya yang sudah menjadi orang besar sekarang, pakpong tidak mendalamkan air pun.

Let him express his displeasure. Its alright with me.

We just continue with our forum.
Pakpong can join in but come up with substantive argument.

Only then he can say that others have no substance.

You see bros, that make the difference between you and this person.

Sorry to everyone for the late asnwer from me as I have just reached home from having coffee in the mamak shop nearby.

Its almost 3 am, and time to retire.

Good morning everyone.


bapatunggal said...

Pakpong, can you show us a bit of your substance? Kami nak baca sikit.

I am sure you have lots of substance.

Share lah sikit. He he he.

ibutunggal said...

Malaysians need entirely new set of leaders headed by someone of dignity before the people can look at UMNO and BN.

Lady like me just can't take leaders who are subservient to women.

Great leaders fall 'cos of women. History can tell all.

Anonymous said...

DS Najib sepatunya mesti dapatkan sokongan rakyat dengan mengambil keputusan untuk memanggail pilihanraya umum untuk mengesahkan kepercayaan rakyat.

Abdullah Badawi telah melakukannya 5 bulan selepas mengambil alih kepimpinan dari TDM dan mendapat sokongan padu.

Kalau tidak disahkan kepercayaan ini maka pimpinannya akan bertambah lemah.


zebra said...

Abdullah Badawi's administration was weak but comparing with Najib's I think Badawi's leadership is better.

I believe in Badawi more than the present one.

putra said...

zebra, you share the same opinion with me. I thought I was alone.
If Pak Lah had Khairy and Kamal, Najib has somebody in his bedroom who is with power.
Raja Nong Cik is made a Minister because he is a business partner of our first lady.
Some Ministers were dropped because they failed to amuse the first lady.
There are many more stories.
We can't be sitting down watching our country being milked.

dohalim said...

Aspan, I am agreeing with you on most of your articles. We are seriously bad shape as BN is not going to survive at this rate.

I have read comments, even though simple but it contains real facts.

When Abdullah took the office he was well accepted and the first GE made him strong with 90 percent reps in Parliament.

But Najib is in pain right from the beginning and I don;t see anything that can improve his leadership.

I have now problems with my 3 children who are all voters in the coming election, and they are just not accepting UMNO.

Me and my wife are the only supporters of UMNO, you imagine that bro.

So do my nephews. Their support split between PKR and PAS.

I am just blinkering.

Anonymous said...

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