26 September 2009

Mahathir vs Bagan Pinang voters

Bagan Pinang by-election is inviting foul and fire play between the MB and conspiring leaders at the Federal Level to circumvent Tan Sri Isa of his candidacy.

The views of voters are seen not at all heeded by the detested MB as he continues engaging himself with conspiracy with the deciding leaders in Kuala Lumpur.

All political analysts view Tun Dr Mahathir (TDM) as the main spokesman for this group of conspirators and this 84-year-old ex-premier went as far as attending the MB’s open house in Rantau where he expressed his displeasure for Isa’s candidacy to the media.

The excuse for his rejection for Isa’s candidacy is only on the issue of money politics which Isa was convicted by the Party which Isa had paid for it. He was suspended for 3 years from all positions including the position he held in the Government.

Among the many leaders (in fact almost all) who flouted the party rules with money politics Isa was the only one who was picked and preferred by the conspiracy group.

TDM does not care even if UMNO loses in this by-election. Many question TDM why only now that he takes moral as a criterion of a candidature.

During his time as the President of UMNO moral was not at all taken into account.

Had he had taken moral as an important prerequisite for candidature in the party; UMNO should not have been in this current heinous state of affair.

In the current Cabinet there are still a few who were in his line up whom TDM sees as corrupt and misfits to the current politics and these few are corrupt in image.

But it is fastidious to hear that TDM is starting to take moral into account. The only displeasure is that he is talking about moral only in the Bagan Pinang by-election as an expedient act to add fecundity to all dirty political play among the State UMNO leaders.

If Isa is not nominated, than the campaign line is very clear…it is contest between people of Bagan Pinang and the conspirators in NS UMNO who have TDM as their spokesperson.

Isa is always being made the scapegoat in UMNO. Everyone was involved in money politics but UMNO chose to convict Isa alone.

There is numerous number of UMNO candidates were known to be politically corrupt being made a candidate in the last few GE’s but when come to Bagan Pinang by-election, Isa is again questioned by some conspirators to expediently use the conviction on Isa in 2005 as an excuse to circumvent him from contesting.

There is another verity that one has to take into account; Mohammad Hasan has lost all regards of men and women on the street in NS. His only capability left in him that is perceived by the public is as a terrific apple polishing.

I have a tiny and minuscule opinion which some may detest; don’t put up the posters of Mohammad Hasan in the campaign as it may jeopardize BN the chance of winning a bigger majority.

He may be photogenic on the posters and buntings but he may draw away the votes which we are in dire need.

Our main goal is to win this consolation seat for BN and we are going there not to amuse any leader who in despondency and dejection. Let us amuse him some other time and in some other ways.

We must appreciate that in Bagan Pinang it is not UMNO which can bring this consolation seat; it is Isa who is going to bring in the victory for UMNO. UMNO by itself cannot bring home the point.

Do remember that a win for any candidate for BN in Bagan Pinang is by securing a majority of above 2,433. Anything less is a clear indicator of the occurrence in the PU13.

It will be fearsome. Mahathir may not be around to save Bagan Pinang then. UMNO Bagan Pinang in the end will have to solve their troubles and problems themselves.

At that material time there will be neither Mad Hasan nor Mahathir Mohammad to save the situation.

Lastly let us be conclusive that almost all UMNO candidates are not fit to be where they are now as the Party itself is perceived to be a corrupt party and that is why UMNO is speedily meandering towards total disaster.

As I have said umpteen of times, the nation political landscapes have to start anew. If we remain as we are, I am dreadful to say that it will be the end of UMNO and BN.

Mark my words. I won’t go wrong.

Thanks……………………………………………..Aspan Alias


Anonymous said...

kalau mcm tu,
Sbg ketua Bagan pinang,
Biar Isa yang tentukan siapa bertanding, dia perlu 'mementorkan' orang muda.

Quantum Metal Consultant said...

During his time as the President of UMNO moral was not at all taken into account.

Kalau nak kutuk orang tua tu pun, janganlah guna ayat sebodoh ini. nampak sangat busuk hati tuan tu...

Tua tua bangka macam tuan ni, elok rasional sikit.

Anonymous said...

selamat ari rayo Aspan;

dah lamo eden tak tengok ekau menulis, kalau dulu hampir hari hari den tengok blog ekau kalau kalau ada celoteh baru ekau..

sempena rayo ni eden mintak maaf banyak banyak kalau eden terlobih kutuk kau, maklumlah kita ni mazhab politik lain-lain kan.

Ekau ni tak habis-habis nak kenenkan TDM ni, seorang yang paling banyak berjasa pada Malaysia ni.. sorang macam ekau kutuk dio, kek sepuluh orang doakan kesejahteraan dio.. tengok tu semakin sihat dio dan semakin dihormati oleh orang-orang lain termasuk rakyat negeri lain.

Orang Kampung

Anonymous said...

We arent we surprised when such resentment comes from u,huh? We know u have a long history of hate for Tun while oiling the PR works of Ku Li...

Anonymous said...

Sometimes wining isn't everything, and most of times, losing is a pain in the ass for a political party.

It's a long run vision one needs to utilize in any war. Losing now but winning at a later phase could be medicines to the pain in your ass.

Unknown said...

Have we forgotten? The mother of all immoral during Tun Mahathir's time...TDZ ! Semua dia kebas sampai akhir2 masa class F punya contract pun dia longokkan dan sebat. Anak2 didik dia...anwar ibrahim, nor yaakob, azim zabidi dan lln...semua ikut perangai TDZ.

ismaildin said...

kluangman, biarkan orang lama bercakap tentang orang lama.

Awak tu budak yg tak tau sejarah peribadi seseorang elok duduk diam.

Kencing masih bercabang nak cakap politik.

Awak belum hidup lagi Mahathir dah pecahkan org2 UMNO.

Johnwayne said...

Aspan,You are brave to say the truth about Mahathir.

Cherio bro, let those monkeys go with him

shahbandarmalakat said...

Orang lain tak sokong kau tak apa ..mereka tak tahu cerita .,,kita yg tahu ceritanya...teruskan Pan ..memang mahathir tak ada moral...masa UMNO di haramkan dia tergamak mengatakan yg haram UMNO tapi dia masih PM! dan mendapatkan sokongan jadi PM di luar bangunan Parlimen bukan dalam Parlimen! dan MP yg bodoh sokong dia di luar Parlimen tak berani dapatkan sokongan di dalam Parlimen.Ingat tak Pan?

Anonymous said...


Semasa UMNO diharamkan, TDM masa tu menteri dalam negeri mempunyai kuasa untuk menghidupkan kembali UMNO.

Seingat saya, kuasa yang sama telah digunakan oleh AAB baru-baru ni untuk menghidupkan parti SNAP yang dibatlkan pendaftaran oleh pendaftar pertubuhan.

mengapa dia xhidupkan kembali UMNo yang diharamkan? Sampai sanggup dari PM diluar parlimen seperti shahbandar katakan....


Anonymous said...


Please do not mind the dissenting comments by these ignorant wet-in-the nose Mahathir worshippers.These morsels have been programmed to accept Mahathir as thier Demi-God. During his 22 long years tenure as a dictator weilding absolute power over all and sundry through his well fed zombies lieutenants, and the subsevient mainstream medias which he controls, it is no wonder that there are still gullable individual apologists as above,protecting his godly attributes, especially now, when he is back in power. How pathatic....

Ahli kumpulan 15