23 January 2010

No more food for boarding schools on weekends?

I don’t have much time to write for the time being as I am quite tight with my other personal errant jobs that I need to attend to for next few days.

Somehow I just scribble a bit as I am also too worried hearing complains from parents whose children are in the boarding schools country wide; who are apparently not served with food in the weekend.

It appears that all boarding schools nation wide are not opening up their kitchens and dining halls on Saturdays and Sundays and parents are asked to bring back their children home.

The reason is simple. The schools are not having enough funds to provide food and getting the students back to their parents and guardians is one way of addressing the issue.

For parents who have their children in the boarding school far from home now has to send pocket money for their children through their accounts to ensure that their children have enough food in the weekends.

Personally I don’t have that problem as my children are grown up but I am concerned about the situation which directly implies that the government now is too poor even to maintain the most basic need of growing up children that is food.

The Education Ministry is unable to unravel the financial anguish and grief suffered by the schools and it touches the nerve of parents and I just cannot comprehend how the situation could have stretched to this extent.

This has never happened before in any country, even in economically poor rated nations but it happens here in Malaysia. We are creating another history.

The situation is already ridiculously unbearable and hurting but my prayer continues hoping for the news to be untrue.

Who is accountable for this happening? Where have all the money allocated for the students gone to?

We at witnessing the extremes; the other extreme we hear and see wives of Ministers and the big names spending shopping sprees in France, London and Middle East to the tune of millions of ringgit while on the other extreme we witness students having no more food on the weekends.

Why can’t the government leaders sacrifice their first class travel and vacation? Why let the growing up children to undertake the sacrifice? Where is the fairness here?

Where is the point of reconciliation between these extremes? Can anyone enlighten these parents and the rakyat as a whole?

What happen to the big talks of transforming Malaysia to be fully industrialized nation with higher per capita income than it is today?

What happen to the slogan of ‘Rakyat didahulukan, pencapaian diutamakan’? How can we get the ‘pencapaian’ when we can’t even give food for the students we sponsor?

I stop here as everyone can already anticipate and foretell the sequent of events following this ruinous environment without exertion.

I don’t need to elaborate any further; I mean about the KPI of the government which has been widely talked about....it's all fallacies.

Thanks…………………………………………..Aspan Alias


bloginformasi said...

Dear Sir,

Is it a truth or a mere rumors like the withdraw of ITP and COLA?

vinnan said...

Where did you get this news from. I cannot believe it is true. This a political bomb for UMNO. I do not think they will allow this to happen.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Wenger J Khairy said...

Wow. Thats a real shocker - is this isolated to a few schools or widespread? If its happening from as far as t'ganu to johor then its probably true.

well - is there a smoking gun of sorts in the form of a directive?

on the other hand govt does owes RM 365 Billion. Interest at 4% would amount to RM 14 billion a year. Emolument & pension is about RM 45 billion, so its RM 60 billion spent a year just on fixed charges.

(No food expense included).

At the same time, some ugly number called Use of Assets is showing further Government spending.In Q3 08 ((latest quarter BNM reports)) it cost RM 10 billion. BNM says that means the G is accumulating assets?

Er duh??

So we pay RM 80 billion on debt interst, salaries, pension and Use Of Assets (??? Use of what asset dont ask me ask BNM/Gomen/1 Malaysia).

Gomen has to borrow on average RM 15 billion per Q, or RM 5 billion a month. So in 2 yrs time Gomen should be owing almost half a trillion ringgit.

This is because of 0 transparency and 0 planning and 0 thought for the future.

I pity those with young children...

Anonymous said...

Somebody went shopping with OPM (other people's money) even though she is the wife of the highest positioned husband. Macam kudung dapat cincin bro.


nahraf said...

To those who still doubt this information I assure you that it is true, heard it from the cikgu-cikgu themselves Years of economic mismanagement have nearly broken the back of our beloved country, this is the portend of things to come, we (the malays) will discover that even those in government jobs will suffer this time, there is no NEP in the real world and to succeed one have to depend in one own capability, determination and work, this coming economic crisis will make the 98 economic crisis a walk in the park, and Malaysians will suffer greatly especially the Malays after being pampered by the government for such along time.

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