31 January 2010

Rais Yatim burning bridges with Kelantanese

Dato Seri Utama Dr Haji Rais bin Yatim, is a well known man. Nobody can complete his day without watching him on TV screen, and that is his ultimate.

I seldom miss watching him on screen while enjoying attending live concerts and giving away prizes to beautiful artists at Angkasapuri. I know he enjoys his job very much.

I wish to have a job like his but I know it is just a wild day dream for me.

He is well known for burning his bridge in 1987 after believing that Mahathir could be toppled by the UMNO General Assembly to add a new lease of his political life, by allying with the team B in the tensed party election.

BUT his bet didn’t pay him as he had to be out in oblivion for slightly more than a decade without anyone giving him a wink while then and started his maneuvering and meandering in politics to regain his positions he used to enjoy.

He regretted a lot for allying with team B, not like TR and the rest in the team who took it as part and parcel of democracy. Losing and winning run in parallel and the team took it as it was.

Rais started building back his bridge even while he was in the opposition and when his party S46, was disbanded and all its members joined UMNO, his move to rebuild his bridge became more expedient and convenient.

He succeeded and now his is back in front of the camera which he rejoices it glaringly.

The bridge that he rebuilt has to be taken with good care and he never want to burn it anymore like what he did 23 years ago.

To him the lesson and cost of burning the bridge was too dear for him to pay, and it will never happen again…swear…not again. It was not easy to rebuild it.

BUT now he is back in the lime light but this time he burns his bridge with the poor and the proletariat of Kelantan and his outburst against TR is definitely part of his move to insulate his esteemed and glamorous position in the government.

Taking the statement of TR that was misquoted by the media in the year 2000 as a very expedient and neat for him to impress the person whoever he wants to impress and to be looked tall among the rest of the present lineup.

Obviously he has done a very lengthy home work as it not an easy task to find fault in TR as far as the oil issue is concerned.

He does not focus on the reality of facts that the agreement between PETRONAS and all the States is real and to decide replacing the Royalty payment with Wang Ehsan to the people is a direct collision with the agreement inked by the State governments including Kelantan with that National Petroleum corporation.

There is a move to put Kelantanese in isolation by the Federal leaders and it is too obvious and observable.

The same contents in the agreement was signed by Sarawak and Sabah and these 2 states enjoy the Royalty even while Sabah was under opposition rule under Joseprh Pairin.Sabah is paid with Royalty without exertion. Why the difference?

Why didn’t Rais help to enlighten the people on the street to answer why the leaders at the Federal are so paranoid and unreasonable with the Kelantanese, but instead focus in attending to the misquoted statement of Tengku Razaleigh in 2000?

Rais must answer why he and the rest up there exercise double standard in the application of Law and in particular over this simple verbaged agreement?

Why are the Federal leaders too obsessed in getting at Kelantanese and to apply vengeful acts against them just because they are not supporting BN in the General Elections?

Please appreciate that the agreement was between Petronas and the government of the day not with UMNO.

Does it occur in the mind of these leaders that the rakyat is not prepared to be deceived any longer and their irritations is building up watching and witnessing the Federal Government’s attempt to find ways and means to read laws only to their ungainly interpretation.

Where is the 1Malaysia, when Sabah and Sarawak is treated differently, and Kelantan has to be reprimanded for not voting for the mismanaged BN government?

What wrong has the Kelantanese done to the country? What right has the BN Federal Government done to the Kelantanese PAS Government?

Why the Federal Malay leaders are so obsessed in hating the people of Kelantan and making use of the Mustapha Mohammad and Awang Adek to deceive their own people?

Don’t these 2 leaders have a bit of guilt being sycophants at the expense of their own people they claim to lead?

Does Rais see this in real and actual perspective? Where has the knowledge of Law which somebody has gone up to the optimum level of studies in the field gone to?

I appreciate the problem faced by the Mustapaha. He is torn in between the wants of his own Kelantanese voters and the ill intentions of their bosses in Kuala Lumpur.

BUT in this situation he should be prepared to sacrifice. If he chooses to take care of his own personal position he is taking Kelantanese as his sacrificial lamb.

So UMNO leaders of Kelantan must be prepared to tell the Federal leaders that they want the oil Royalty which is provided by the agreement and that is the main purpose of being UMNO leaders.

AND Rais who is already at this current age should also share the burden to advice the leadership what BN can expect if they go against the very basic need of the people and in this, the Kelantanese.

Tengku Razaleigh has done it. He has resigned to the fact that he has to accept the slogan ‘rakyat didahulukan’ as Najib has been selling since his ascendance to the Premiership…and why he (Najib) is not applying it like TR does?

Was he just selling the slogan for his own rhetoric? To Dr Rais Yatim I have a short line of reminder for him, ‘They who act without sufficient thoughts will often fall into unsuspected danger’.

Thanks everyone……………………………………..Aspan Alias


cucupakkasim said...

KJ nak menyanyi lagu umno pun dia tak reti .. macam mana laa ada samdol boleh sokong dia menang KP?

Wenger J. Khairy said...

Deceiving the rakyat is not something new.Until today when Tun Dr. Mahathir blames speculators without looking at the many deficiencies of his administration (even confusing the concept of bank capital and bank asset) when discussing the Asian Financial Crisis.

But to the issue, Tengku is spot on. I wont comment on the legality of the issue as I have not read any of the documents, but morally speaking, this practice of targeting people on account of their free choice in determining their leaders is reflective of a very psychotic method of leadership.

A cowardly act in my opinion. Give the Kelantanese what its in their backyard. The whole world knows that the MTDJA concession lies closest to Kelantan territorial waters. Furthermore, can Petronas categorically deny that the directional drilling where the rig is situated off Kelantan but the drill pipe extends into Kelantan exists?

Take Dr Mahathir to task on this. He created the problem, but he copped out and asked Ibrahim Ali to comment on it.

Coward in a single word.

Anonymous said...

Rais is another leader who just wants to remain as a Minister. His struggle is just personal glory. He will do anything for it.

org semenda KKlawang

Anonymous said...


Pueh hati den kau tulih pasal Rais ni.

Mintak bonalah, jangan lah Rais dicalunkan laiie.

Lotih kito oghang melayan dio tu. Macamlah kek Jolobu ni tak ado oghang lain.

Pomilihan yg lopeh ni dio monang 11 undi jo Pan, dilawan eh kek Ynus Rahmat.

sayo mintaklah, janganlah Rais botanding kek Jolobu laiie.

Kok UMNO nak dio botanding jugak, antar dio botanding kek tompek lain.

umno larong

Anonymous said...

Hairan beta, kenapa tak nak ikut perjanjian. Apalah salahnya rakyat beta sampai hak dio orang pun tak nak bagi.

Raja Singam

Anonymous said...

Hairan beta, kenapa tak nak ikut perjanjian. Apalah salahnya rakyat beta sampai hak dio orang pun tak nak bagi.

Raja Singam

Anonymous said...

maybe all oil rigs in sabah and sarawak are located within 3 nautical miles from their shores...
thats the reason these two states get their 5 % royalties...ask karam singh waliya to go there and interview fishermen around the oil rigs n show it in tv3 bulletin utama...
-karam didarat dapat wang ehsan,karam dilaut dapat royalty...
saya cooldeep singh membuat lapuran..dari tv 3/4...

MNL said...

It has been ages that I have not heard of you until I find your blog.
I see that you are no more active but your mind has never shows any sign of retiring.
I presume that is your wy of sharpening your mind.
As per your article I appreciate that you are brave and still the same person.
Rais is not the person one should bring along for changes.
Ever since I left NS politics i never turn back and now staying in PJ but I have not bumped into you at all.
I though of going back to the state to be in politics but I am still apprehended by the man you just talked about.
He cannot be anyones's friend other than for the big leaders.
I know him and I think I can say a lot about him bro.
Any way, soon I shall contact you as I have your mobile number.


Anonymous said...

Itulah Rais brother. Dia tidak mempunyai kesetiakawanan.
He is just for himself. Mana yg berkuasa dia pun ikutlah. Yang penting jadi menteri. He cant live without that position.
Dia hentam TR to gain points.
Just ignore himlah.


Pemerhati said...

Why don't the Kelantan govt take the royalty case to the court?
We all know it is messy and if we were to follow the way of Anwar, it will be postponed for ever and ever.

Anonymous said...

Kata bersemangat Melayu tapi bila hak rakyat Kelantan yg terang Melayu dinafikan.

Rais ni patutnya PhD dia ditarik balik.

Cakap tarak serupa bikin.


Anonymous said...

Rais ni oghang pandai. Dio punyo politik licik. Tak ado sapo bulih buek macam dio jang ooi.
Bobicaro pandai, mulut nyo manih, tetapi hatinya pahit.
Kito oghang Jolobu, kito kona dio ni macam abc.
Dio akan botanding laie sobab dio pandai lobi Najib.
Tapi undi den tak ado laie doh. Last den undi dio maso PRU 12. Lopeh ni tidak laie den nak undi dio doh. Cukuplah setakat ini.
Dato Raih, Solamat jalan.

oghang tuo petasih

Anonymous said...

This man does not know when to retire.

Does he know that he is not liken by his constituents?

duda tua

Anonymous said...

malam distadium tu,99% berkopiah..tapi bukan semua nya orang pas...orang umno yg datang pun berkopiah@ketayap..cuma takut dicam...pakailah kopiah...kalau boss di bahagian tau.nanti kena tindakan disiplin pulak..
tok pa pun dah mulai cakap hal tindakan disiplin atas ku li..
hobi dia memang suka buang orang...dulu buang brahim ali...hilang negeri...ni nak buang ku li ker?nak hilang apa pula?

sebenar nya awang adek dan tok pa pun kena dirujuk ke j/kuasa disiplin parti juga..kerana buat
ceramah wang ehsan bersama brahim...yang juga bukan dari barisan nasional..dah di buang parti umno..
brahim pun tak serik2..nak kawan balik dengan tok pa..
apakah tun dr.mahathir juga akan dirujuk ke j/kuasa disiplin ?kerana bersama brahim melancarkan perkasa....
kalaulah lim kit siang atau anwar ibrahim menyokong wang ehsan..apakah pemimpin umno dibenarkan berceramah bersama pemimpin pembangkang tersebut?
-confuse la kami ahli umno yang sekolah setakat sijil spm ni...
tak mcm dr.rais dan lain2 yg ada phd tu...
dulu untuk hadir ceramah ibrahim ali pun kami takut disuluh sebagai pembelot parti..
adohhh gawat sekali...dah la ekonomi kami dibawah ni gawat...
lepas tu tok pa nak kena jumpa pm najib pula pasal nak bincang macamana nak belanja wang ehsan 20 juta tu-satu rombongan pula tu..
bagi la peluang pm selesai masalah yang lebih besar...setakat 20 juta tu..kami pun tahu nak guna camner...
nasib baik lah atok aku dah berpulang kerahmatullah..kalau tak menangis dia melihat gelagat pemimpin2 kita ni..
baik la sedekah fatihah kepada atok aku pemimpin kecil yg berjiwa besar..dan juga kepada pemimpin besar yg berjiwa besar..yg telah pergi dahulu..amin..
daripada fikir sampai tension hal2 pemimpin yang merasa besar tapi berjiwa kecil ...

Anonymous said...

Dato Rais Yatim (DRY) is known for his personal struggles. Dia nak untung sahaja. Rugi tak mau.
Orang Nogori kata, 'kok terhimpit nak kek atas, tok tokurung nak kek luar, Kok bojalan berduo nak jalan tongah.

Menhampiri DRY memang susah. Dio akan maki kito tanpa sobab. Ikut mood dio sajo.

Sokarang ni, kami orang Jolobu mintak dio pencen sahaja. Solosai masalah.

Balek-balek muka dio ajo yang jadi calun. Bosan kami.

kamarudin, jempul said...

Cheers Aspan...beautiful piece and you are hitting the nail with bulls eye.

kamarudin, jempul

Anonymous said...

Ramai potensi diNS mati begitu sahaja semasa Rais jadi Pengerusi UMNO NS dulu.
Rais must look at himself. If he can talk about Ku Li' statement which he claims contradicting to his current stand, let us start writing what Rais has done to his people in NS.
Who was the one who put a third candidate in S Menanti in 1990 General Election Aspan?


Anonymous said...

Dato Rais masih kemas dengan silat politiknya. Hidup lagi lah dia...kita senyum sajalah!

samsing Jelebu

Unknown said...

Mr Aspan,

Maybe you failed to realise that it is not that the Federal leaders are trying to isolate the Kelantanese BUT it is the Kelantanese that prefer to isolate the other Malays from them.In otehr states outsiders are allowed to to buy and owned land but in Kelantan the law differs.

There is a saying in Indonesia that the Minangkabaus is the Jew of Indonesia and i dare say here in Malaysia, the Kelantantese think they are always far more superior than the other Malays. In short they behave like Jews too.!

So Mr Aspan, I do not think the Federal leaders are so obsessed to win Kelantan. They participate in the Election because there is an Election to participate. Win or Lose is no big deal for the Federal leaders. They might as well focus on other states who appreciate the assistance provided.

Oh yes the last time I was in kelantan was way back in 1980. I dont missed that state at all.

Anonymous said...

mr widyan,u r not welcome to kelantan...dont ever come here...we dont need even your shadow here....
i think u r confused guy...
r u saying that federal leaders from kelantan such as our beloved awang adek, mustapa mohd,anuar musa ,dato fatmi also behave like jews?
the laws differ because each state in malaysia has its own legislative assembly..u really sound frustrated guy..which i,m not sure why?....watever reasons it reflect ur level of thinking...
-is,t all kelantanese are jews unless we change our land act so you could buy land in kelantan?
-malays of minangkabau,s origin in
negri sembilan also jews?
maybe u belong to coconut juice...
which we give to monkey after plucking our coconut-

Anonymous said...

Mr Widyan...kalau camtu kat Sarawak pun org Malaya tak boleh beli tanah tau. Jadi adakah depa ni isolate dari Malaya juga ke?ish ish