26 June 2010

Corruptible Acts fortify acts of corruption

Malaysia is one of the richest nations which her people have been paying all the financial misdeeds caused by their corruptible leaders ceaselessly. The people have been paying heftily to retain their leaders without qualm; the more corruptible they are the stronger the leaders become.

All leaders in the ruling party think that it’s their privilege to milk their country dry while in power before they are replaced by another set of leaders who are in the same league.

What made these leaders survive through and through? It is because of patronizing leaders at all levels that are glued by corruption and abuse of power and their corruptible acts are fortified by Acts of Law, like Official Secret Act (OSA), Police Act and the Printing Acts.

Those Acts put up strong apprehension for effective investigations and prosecutions against them.

The acts of corruption and power abuse can be visualized through the pyramid multi-level system-like. The lowest of the pyramid have to support the up lines that in turn enjoy the most of the financial benefit plus the overseas trips with hotels and subsistence paid by the promoter of the multi-level companies.

The hard work of the lower levels of the system will make the upper level of the pyramid to get their highly paid positions.

Like in Am-way system if one manages to create and patronize his strong down liners he will be promoted to a Direct Distributor (DD). If all the DDs succeeded in strengthening their down liners than these DDs will be promoted to higher levels like Gold and Diamond levels.

The Diamonds are paid more than the gold so on and so forth. I was once a member of the pyramid system of Am-way way back in 1975. I manage to maintain the DD position in the Am-way multi-level system until today for the knowledge of everyone.

BUT my DD position is the acronym of ‘Dead Distributor’ and not Direct Distributor. I only managed to sell 3 pieces of soap and I couldn’t get to solicit even one friend to become my down liner…..and I am still keeping the sales kit until to this hour.

I crashed in the system even before I managed to take off and I am an obvious failure in the UMNO system as my up liners couldn’t manage to patronize me for many obvious reasons.

Am-way has succeeded in creating an effective sales system. UMNO and BN follow the system effectively. The PM sits up there at the pinnacle position as President of his party all alone.

He than exerts all power and influence downward through his deputy, to the 3 vices plus the 3 other Vices (I hope you interpret the term Vices appropriately) by virtue of their positions as the Head of the Youth, Wanita and the Putri, and straight down to the Branches.

The one who stays at the Apex and some who are at just immediate levels below him will enjoy heartrendingly all the monetary benefits and luxurious positions at the expense of the down liners especially the Branches and their members on the ground.

The final buyers at the lowest level have to be happy with expensive and costly items.

The soap and the vitamins they buy through Am-way are too expensive as the prices have inbuilt in it the cost of commissions earned by the up liners who enjoy the overriding commissions.

UMNO the leaders up there are trying hard to sell some ideas downwards but most of it are of no tangible and intrinsic values for the people to be glad about.

Precisely this is what happening in our political system especially so in UMNO. The chiefs enjoy everything and they can afford to deceit people in the open while the members down on the grounds are enslaved and confined to work laboriously the retain the positions and power of their bosses up there.

If they are corrupt there are no more avenues to get fair arbitration as the Judiciary is already severely encroached by the Executive since 1988. In conclusion the people are always at the losing end while those in power are corruptible lots who are indirectly protected by the legislated Laws loke OSA any many others.

Our country is well known for corruption but until today there is no one convicted by the courts of Law. All corrupt leaders are enjoying their immunity to great length.

I think I should discontinue at this point, as I am sure the rest of the sequences can be extended by the learned readers of this blog.

Thanks……………………………….Aspan Alias.


Anonymous said...

When Mahathir was incharged of 'amway' Daim was the diamond, Vincent Tan was the gold and JJ was the silver.

The gold, the diamond and the silver had their own crony to build up wealth and names.

You know the rest.

During Pak Lah Kamaluddin was the diamond, khairy was the gold.

And during Najib's era, Rosmah takes all, she's the diamond, she's the gold and she's the silver and the rest are all hers.

She takes Najib and the country in total.

mic. campbel

Anonymous said...

We have no more leaders but only robbers and the cheats.

We have no more UMNO but the deceitful party using the name.

All the names with Tuns who received the decorations for the last 5 years are mostly men with records of crimes.

What else bro....too much for comments.

nick said...


Finally you have revealed the in-built flaw that was UMNO (and maybe other political party and that includes the opposition as well).

I can sense the urgency of you and your friend (Dato Sak) in trying to reverse or at least effecting "some" change (however miniscule it maybe). And indeed I understand why you and Dato Sak are doing it from within the organization as oppose to the call of others to join the opposition or at least be on the outside just like the so called "konsesus bebas" (which btw can't really fool the rakyat with their "bebas" slogan).

What you have revealed is very pertinent for the rakyat to make an informed judgment about UMNO, BN and the whole political players of Malaysia. BUT one things that those who wants to effect change must remember is that "the Malay" (as oppose to rakyat) lack the critical thinking ability. Which means that the malay might be given all the information needed to make an informed decision but they may end up making stupid and disastrous decision at the end of the day , no matter what. And for this reason and this reason alone, leaves me (and maybe you and others Malays as well) with a feeling of despair and sorry for my race and yours. The lack of this ability may cost our race their future and the country's future as well.



Anonymous said...

Tun was the person who laid down corrupt practices in this country, ”A fish rots from the head down.”.......Bolehland!!....Hahaha!!!

Anonymous said...

Aspan, good morning bro. Enjoy reading your blog just after watching football on TV.

Appreciate your stand on all issues and I wish you luck all the way.

But I am sad to say that yr party is soon falling apart.

syed SH

Anonymous said...

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