27 June 2010

Retracting decision on gambling and betting license - "A political decision" says Najib

Again! Najib is playing Taichi but it resulted to the favor of most people’s wish.

Thanks a lot to our PM. He flip-flops but this time he flip-flops for the interest of the revolting public.

He just said that he RETRACTS his decision on the gambling and betting issue and said that there‘s no license for sports betting for Ascot Sports Sdn Bhd.

PM said that the retraction is a political decision. So Najib is directly telling everyone that his decision is not because of his religion that forbids gambling.

For what ever reason I am too happy upon hearing the news even though it is only a political decision and not because of God’s forbidden on gambling. It’s okay with me and many others, and let the religious part of it be his personal interment.

I am not aware whether Berjaya Corporation Bhd has informed the Bursa Malaysia for the retraction but let that too to be the business and funeral of Berjaya Corporation Bhd.

I hope his decision this time will be final and 'MUKTAMAD'.

But before writing further I wish to ask Rais Yatim where does he stand on this gambling issue now? Last week he was too noisy supporting Najib’s decision on the issuance of the betting license. He supported the betting and gambling license issued to Ascot very clearly.

Now with Najib's 180 degrees turn, I am too keen to listen to his comment on the issue. It is interesting to wait for his comment even though it is predictable.

There are few other decisions that need to be reversed by the PM. I am convinced that the Sg Besi Airport land has to benefit lives of the city dwellers and not to the advantage of his cronies again and again.

Let this piece of land be turned into big and gigantic park that can give nice views and environment for us in KL and that can put the capital city to be at par with other world’s major cities .

The acreage is just nice for the purpose as it can stretch through until the Istana Negara and let it be built to be comparable to Hyde Park in London and many other parks that are seen in all major cities in Europe. We can’t find anywhere within the city that we can build parks with a good and fastidious acreage.

If the PM feels that he still wants to give his cronies or even his soul-mate to benefit on this piece of land give the contract job to him/her or anyone of his choice…but let the Park stands as reality in years to come.

All the while almost the same groups and cronies benefited on the valuable land around the city,but this time around please let the ordinary rakyat enjoy on this particular land with well built and maintained park for people at large.

Please spare this land for the people to laze around in the park after tiresome daily activities. These ordinary people are not reachable to holidays in Vienna, San Francisco, Paris, Geneva, Can Coon, The great Lakes or can own a big mansion in Kensington High Street, London for a pleasant family retreat.

For ordinary people like us, to bring out the family to a nice Park built by the government on this piece of land can be a place for soothing retreat. At least it can reduce the temperature of anger and dissatisfaction of the people to the current government which majority of the public perceive as an irresponsible government.

One of my Chinese friend said, “Dia orang sudah banyak hantam tanah sana, tanah sini, bagilah Sg Besi punya tanah pada orang ramai boleh enjoy maa”, apparently giving support to the idea of building a gigantic park for the benefit of the people.

Najib needs a reasonably good judgment on this issue. He must be seen to be magnanimous on this issue for his own good and God sake. I am writing it in the open as I hear the issue on this land is discussed incessantly by the public on the street.

I think I cannot go wrong to predict that there will be a massive hue and cry among the people if this piece of land is going to benefit the friends and mates of the PM’s family members with huge development project intended.

Najib has to reverse the intention to do development on this piece of land and I should say that he can become popular if he retracts and turn it to the benefit of the public. If he wants to flip-flop please flip and flop the decision on this piece of land. Give this piece of land to the general public instead.

If he retracts the decision on this piece of land like he retracted on the betting license, Merdeka Survey Centre may put up his popularity rating to 80 percent. AND he may call for the General Election for the thirteenth time.

We must bear in mind that Najib has not called for General Election to legitimize his public support even though he has ascended to the Premiership for more than a year now.

On record only Datuk Husein Onn took more than 2 years to call for General Election after taking over the Premiership from his brother-in-law, PM Tun A Razak in January 1976.

Najib must call for the General Election as early as possible to legitimize the support of the people for him.

Don’t just rely on Merdeka Survey Centre. Their finding does not legitimize the support of the people for him.

Thanks………………………….Aspan Alias


Anonymous said...

I thought Badawi was the flip-flop leader. But DS Najib seems to be worst than Badawi. Naib le!!

daud ahmad said...

Sir, I like your consistency on Sg Besi land issue.

I hope someone up there sees your reasoning.

daud ahmad

black cat said...

You have hand in glove thinking with Dato Sak. I do believe you both can a source of inspiration for people who want changes.
Keep it tuan.

black cat.

Unknown said...

Don't be surprised if govt compensate Vincent with either the Sungei Besi airport land or Pudu Jail land for redevelopment!

Red Alfa said...

Salam Saudara Aspan

If PM must flip-flop on each and every decision, then he has OCD - Obsessive Compulsive Disorder!

This should make him physically challenged to be a leader. (We are not yet talking about the morally challenging attributes)

Shouldn't there now be urgent calls in UMNO for him to legitimize his appointment to be the PM?

Person with OCD must decline to be the Imam so as to spare the makmum the anguish he would cause because he cannot begin with his niat.

Anonymous said...

Apa pulak nak ada pilihan raya. Tunggu je lah !!!

Beria-ia sangat!!

salehudin Man said...


You think this people will change?

They are so used to think that everything that the government propose part of the profit must go back to persons in authority.

Remember this bro, once a thief he remains a thief

salehudin man

Anonymous said...

macam TGNA jugak le..

dulu judi dan arak untuk bukan Islam boleh kerana mereka bukan Islam.. tapi bila judi sukan pulak tak boleh kerana DAP tak kenan..

Ini haram/halal yang dibuat TGNA sebab agama ke sebab politik? nak juga jawapan ikhlas dari Aspan dalam hal ni.. kalau UMNO tu boleh le saya faham tapi bila parti Islam buat macam tu..fikir banyak kali .. kerana dah tak tahu nak bezakan antara pejuang Islam dan pejuang nasionalis.

schenker78 said...

still not enough with your billions??? how much more do you want?? You want to be world no 1 richest?

Or you want your son to burn USD1billion money for you when you die so you can play poker with angels and devils in Hell or heaven....