12 July 2010

TS Muhyiddin : I am a Malay first, than Malaysian - Betul ke tu?

Last week TS Muhyiddin spent one whole day in his constituency with tight schedules and gave speeches and messages to his constituents that there is serious and urgent need for the Malays to be united.

He told the UMNO crowd that he was saddened with some quarters branding him as ultra Malay. He said when anyone asks him he would admit that first; he is Malay, than a Malaysian.

“On the same equation”, Muhyiddin said “If we were to ask Kit Siang, he would say that he is a Chinese first, than only a Malaysian”

This is a very interesting gallery that Muhyiddin stands on; that is on Malay struggles and that appeases many Malays especially the Malays in his constituency. AND also it sounds like authentic and dependable Malay and an UMNO leader.

He claimed that there are certain quarters that are not at ease with him and in the quiet brand him as ultra Malay. To my opinion Muhyiddin himself wants him to be seen as a Malay ultra as it works well in attempts to rally the Malay support for him and the party.

It worked perfectly well with Dr Mahathir when he subscribed to the illustration of Ultra Malay to galvanize and rouse the Malay support and that made him just a small step to reach the top of the party.

The situation then was more or less like what is happening today when the Malays were in need of so called Malay nationalist to lean on as the nation was just over with the 13th May 69 racial fight.

Prior to the 13th May incident nobody knew about Mahathir and he managed to rise with the occasion when he took up as Ultra Malay and since then he was the man that UMNO and the Malays regarded him as the savior of the Malays even though by his own admission that his blood that flows in him is not all Malay blood. I think and I keep on thinking that he was trying to tell us that he was Malay by choice.

When Mahathir was appointed as the Deputy PM in January 1976 many quarters received him with apprehension especially from the Non Malays as the residue of the Ultra Malay image with him was still felt and seen in him.

It was not long after that he was readily appreciated by these quarters as they, in the end realized that it was during his time that the big Chinamen Businessmen and corporate giants prospered without exertion.

When Mahathir dismantled the NEP officially in 1990 the Non Malays renounced their perception Mahathir as Ultra and since then Mahathir became the lovable leader for the non Malays. In essence it was the Chinese who enjoyed the Direct Negotiation and the express projects which were mega in scale.

There were also a few exclusive Malays who were in Daim’s proteges like Halim Saad and his gang, and the untruthful heads of the GLC’s who made wealth for themselves instead of building the GLCs which in actuality owned by the Rakyat.

The middle class Malays were suffering at length. BUT the class F contractors at the districts country wide enjoyed the abundance of jobs distributed by the district offices.

Back to Muhyiddin, his game plan to exhibit him as a Malay nationalist may secure him a good support from the Malays. In fact every UMNO leaders should be a nationalist as the party is a Nationalist party from day one of its inception.

BUT Muhyiddin is going away from basic struggle of Najib who will say “I am a Malaysian first” and than nothing other than 1Malaysia. What I am trying to say is, Muhyiddin is not for 1Malaysia. He cleverly declares himself as a Malay first and only after that as Malaysian.

1Malaysia slogan is not a Malay Nationalist slogan. It is all Malaysian slogans.

Muhyiddin wants to survive as a Malay Nationalist leader while Najib is trying to portray himself as a leader of the Malaysian and the kind of liberal like leader. Everyone within the border of this nation is equal. He is in desperado to get the support of the Chinese.

In short we can safely say that there seems to be a world of differences between the beliefs and values of Najib and Muhyiddin. Between both of them, who can find the conciliatory point? The answer is none.

I think Muhyiddin is building his brand and image in this time of despair for Najib. Many observers are convinced that Najib can’t be long at the helm with all the problems surrounding him politically and personally.

Muhyiddin is subscribing as Malay small time Ultra to rise by rousing the Malay support like how Mahathir did. He will change once he gets the power, also like what Mahathir did.

BUT there are some from Johor who whispered softly to us, “We, Johorean still remember what he (Muhyiddin) did while he was the MB for the state”

Well, I don’t have the privy to know what he did while he was the MB in JB. I hope it is not another bad story again.


Anonymous said...

tak baik jatuh kan kredibiliti org lain.
Jika ada bukti yang kukuh, kemuka kan la.

schenker78 said...

sorry bro aspan,

Kalau banding Gani dgn Mudin, reputasi Mudin sangat buruk dan dikenali sebagai Taib Johor....sangat korup dalam hal tanah dan jual pasir haram ke spore melalui kroni.

Banyak skandal yg telah disembunyikan...amanah saham johor lingkup, anak syarikat Johor....???

Even with Mahathir vision, he is clouded with corruption and weak implementation, everything mahathir touch is a loss....all are bailouts...where is mahathir success?? for whatever he done, other honest people as PM would have done twice as good...we could have been on par with spore...now we will be worse than Indonesia and will go down to filipina level...

how much really Petronas makes?? IS there any secret account or does UMNO people buying OIL option from Petronas at below market level as rumoured and resell higher ... Parliament cannot access and verify Petronas books..

Mudin is as blur as badawi and flip flop najib, he got no vision for the country as PM.....

shamshul anuar said...

Saudara aspan,

Apa salahnya Muhyidin bekata demikian? Bukankah itu satu kebenaran.

Muhyidin jadi TPM kerana kedudukan beliau dalam UMNO. Dan beliau disokong oleh orang Melayu( melalui UMNO). Jadi apa yang dia cakap adala satu kebenaran.

Terus terang saja. Mana mana pemimpin di Malaysia pertama sekali akasn tumpukan pada kumpulan yangf paling ramai menyokongnya. Jadi Lim Kit Siang memang sentiasa tumpukan pada orang Cina.

Masalah sebenar ialah Lim KiT siang hanya tumpukan pada orang cina saja. Orang Melayu dia tak peduli langsung. sekurang-kurangnya rekod pemimpin UMNO tidak begitu. Ya. Mereka beri perhatian pada orang Melayu tetapi mereka tidak anti bukan Melayu.

Sebenarnya sudah lama Konsep 1Malaysia dilaksanakan. Kerana fikirkan bukan Melayulah maka UMNO benarkan MIC dan MCA bertanding dikawasan Melayu.

Kerana fikirkan orang bukan Melayulah maka berselerak kuil dan tokong melebihi jumlah masjid. Kerana fikirkan mereka juga maka Maslaysia adalah satu-satunya mnegara didunia yang benarkan dan BIAYAI juga sekolah berbilang bangsa.

Kerana fikirkan nasib bukan Melayulah maka dalam tempoh sehari( menjelang merdeka) lebih 1 juta kewarganegaraan diberi. Satu rekod dunia. Kerana adil pada bukan Melayu maka dalam Bank yang sinonim dengan Melayu, ramai orang Cina boleh jadi Ketua Jabatan. Sesuatu yang mustahil dalam bank dikuasai orang Cina.

Saya berbangga dengan Muhyidin. Dia tak hipokrit macam Lim Kit Siang yang bukan saja utamakan orang Cina tetapi sentiasa mahu jahanamkan orang Melayu.

Aspan Alias said...

Shamsul Anwar,

You misconstrued me. It has been tough to make you understand my underlying reason for saying this.

Read it all over again.

Shamshul anuar said...

Dear aspan,

As i said earlier, why Muhyiddin saying he is Malay first become an issue? why?

I am not sure on your point about "world of difference.." . Difference , maybe but certainly not that bad until there is no conciliatory point.

If I were to be in Muhyiddin's shoes, I would do the same. The statement can be construed that while UMNO led BN cherishes the concept on multiculturalism, it does not forget its foundation : that is Malay support.

I am not sure on claim that Muhyidin tries to shore his appeal among Malays. What i feel that Muhyiddin understands the fear that 1Malaysian concept will 'unfortunately" denies Malay legitimate aspiration . The fear may or may not be unfounded . but the anxiety is real.

By raising the issue( I believe that you have no ill intention), you may not realize that you have put Muhyidin in negative light. Meaning you just confirm what Uncle Lim has been saying all this year; that UMNO leaders are racist.

Which you know that it is far from the truth.

Quiet Despair said...

I am with Shamsul on this.
Bro Aspan, I know what you are trying to say. That Najib and Muhyiddin are at cross purposes or contradictory to each other.
I think UMNO and the Malays understand why they are doing this.
Najib is propagating his 1Malaysia.
Muhyiddin must appease the Malays since the Malays are the one who put them in power.
He knows Malays looked at Najib in askance for ignoring them in his pursuit of 1Malaysia.
It pains me that we cannot openly and proudly declare ourselves to be Malays.
Macam haram dan pariah pulak kalau kita cuba mengatakan kita Melayu.
That's stretching 1Malaysia too far. Malay is our identity and our race. That's a reality. Chinese and Indians have theirs too and they got carte blance for saying it.
Si Sepet pula boleh bangga mereka Cina kerana DAP, raja perkauman memang menggalakkan begitu.
Mereka tak ada kuasa. Kalau mereka berkuasa segala corak dan rupa Malaysia menjadi ala Beijing.
Tengok sahajalah di bank dan gedung Cina, ada ke Melayu diberi tempat utama.
Saya ambil contoh media. RTM, TV3, Utusan dan NST, umpamanya, ramai bukan Melayu menduduki tempat tertinggi.
Tetapi di akhbar The Star kepuntyaan Cina, ada ke Melayu menjadi pengurus yang menentukan polisi akhbar? Tak ada bro.
Akhbar Star bising tentang biasiswa JPA dan menjadi luahan rasa orang Cina yang gagal mendapat biayaan.
Sedar tak The Star mengeluarkan biasiswa setiap tahun. Majoriti China, ramai India dan Melayu cuma seorang dua mendapatnya.
Melayu yang dapatpun kursus yang tak penting bukan perubatan atau kejuruteraan atau guaman.
Tak payahlah kita nak menjadi liberal dan berperasaan keadilan atau timbang rasa sedankan mereka tidak.
Mereka sekarang bertepuk tangan kerana kita menyebelahi mereka dan mengutuk Perkasa.
Satu dunia tahu kerajaan BN adil kepada bangsa lain.
Kita ada sandaran agama Islam yang mahu keadilan dan sama rata tanpa mengira kaum dan agama.

Anonymous said...

Dear Uncle Aspan,

First, you need to read about what 1Malaysia is all about. Have you watch TV when Najib baru jadi PM where you can see the iklan about pokok?

1Malaysia IS NOT ABOUT being a single race. It's about multiracial working together as 1 (means race first and malaysian second)

So, when TS Muhyiddin declares that he is a Malay first, does that mean he oppose Najib's 1Malaysia concept? I think not.

It's because everyone is should declare the same.

The thing about 1Malaysia is we should work together as one bangsa Malaysia - be it you're Malay, Chinese or Indian.

Unless Lim Kit Siang misundertand that Najib's 1Malaysia is about being only 1 race - then he should promote inter-racial marriage now to abolish our race identity.

So Aspan, do you understand as Kit Siang? Then, please do the same.

Anonymous said...

saya melayu, warganegara malaysia. saya warganegara malaysia, bangsa melayu... hmm... sama jerr maksudnya. letak melayu dulu ke, malaysia dulu ke... sama jerr maksudnya. Saya maleyu malaysia. kalau taruk cina, bunyinya nanti, saya cina malaysia. hmmm... pening-pening, apa la korang mengarut ni yerr..


Anonymous said...

Dear Aspan,

Boleh tak kita semua rakyat Malaysia tak payah cakap pasal Bangsa. Kita cakap kita semua sebagai satu bangsa iaitu Bangsa Malaysia. Saya percaya hidup kita lebih tenteram dan damai.

Cakap mengenai Melayu, Cina, India dan sebagai hanyalah untuk kepentingan ahli-ahli politik sahaja dan tak relevant langsung kepada kita sebagai rakyat. ia membosankan rakyat. Selagi Kerajaan memerintah dengan adil dan saksama kita sebagai rakyat tak ada masaalah walau siapa pun Perdana Menetri nya samada Melayu, Cina, India atau apa2 sahaja. Tak guna pun jika PM dan anggota Kabinet majoriti Melayu tapi banyak melakukan penyelewangan, korup, mementingkan koroni dan dalam banyak hal klu klek.

Setelah lebih 50 tahun kita ada PM Melayu, saya rasa ada baiknya juga jika berika peluang kepada yang bukan Melayu kita tengok macamaner dia tabir Negara ini.

Norizam Aziz

shamshul anuar said...

Saudara Quiet despair,

Terimakasih atas pandangan saudara. Saya tak faham kenapa mesti malu mengaku Melayu atau jaga kepentingan Melayu.

Takut orang Cina terasa hati? Hati orang memang kena jaga tapi jangan sampai kepentingan bangsa tergadai.

Orang melayu risau juga tengok Najib terlalu ghairah dengan 1Malysia. Saya rasa sebab itu Muhyidin cakap dia Melayu dulu kemudian Malaysia.

Tiada apa yang salah kerana semua ahli politik di Malaysia( dan diplanet ini) akan mual mula jaga kepentingan bangsa mereka dulu.

Jadi jangan malu sebut yang kita orang melayu dan ada hak seperti yang termaktub dala Perlembagaan.

Saudara Aspan,

Saya nasihatkan saudara supaya sekali sekala canangkan pada dunia akan kemurahan hati UMNO yang tiada tolok bandingnya didunia.

Ketika Merdeka, UMNO kuasai hampir 70% kerusi Parlimen. UMNO boleh buat apa saja dan ketepikan terus MCA dan MIC. Tapi dikemuncak kekuasaannya, UMNO masih pertahankan MCA dan MIC.

Malaysia adalah satu-satunya negara yang benarkan dan biayai sekolah berasingan. Negara lain maaf tak bertolak ansur langsung. Ong tee Keat menang di kawasan Majoriti Melayu, sekali gus buktikan yang Melayu bukan perkauman.

Bank CIMB dipenuhi ketua jabatan berbangsa Cia, sesuatu yang tiada di bank contohnya Public Bank.

Mana mana ahli politik Melayu yang malu untuk pertahankan bangsa sendiri akan terima padah pada pilihanraya akan datang.

Dan Najib patut ambil berat perkara ini.

Quiet Despair said...


Itulah yang saya selalu wawarkan dalam blog ni dan juga blog Sak.
Kenapa perlu apologetic mejadi Melayu.
Hina sangat ke menjadi Melayu?
You know what I really love Najib.
But I fear that he will lose because of his terlalu over 1Malaysia stance.
Asyik cakap 1Malaysia, jaga hati China.
tak pernahpun kata nak jaga malays. Takut sangat ke/
Tapi orang China semakin menebal kecinaannya.
On the scholarship issue, all 9As, het, maknanya semua sepet yang kaya raya bolot semua.
Guarantee tak balik punya. Yang betinanya cari Mat Salleh.
Najib tak ingat semua ni ke.
Oooh seronoknya jadi Cina sekarang.
Tak payah balas budi. Pangkah DAP.
Dah dapat semua. Buat apa nak undi BN.
Any one wants to take my IC? I take yourslah because you are now the superior race.

Anonymous said...

Quite Despair,
for your info not all Cina ..sepet matalah...
Ada juga orang melayu yang sepet mata..mungkin kahwin campur between cina dan melayu...
Bukan semua cina kahwin foreignerlah dan bukan semua melayu kahwin local sahaja...
When you argue, argue on facts and figures. Don't be too emotional and drag in matters that are personal and inconsequentional to the topiclah...
Do you know the difference between a racist and person arguing to defend it's race ?
Bro Aspan perhaps you should explain ....

shamshul anuar said...

Saudara Quiet Despair,

Yes Sir. You are spot on. That is exactly my point. Najib has gone too far on his 1Malaysia concept.

I know he meant well. But 1Malaysia concept has been in practice since the days of Tunku.

Was it not 1Malaysia being practised when Dr subramaniam is able to win in Malay majority area of Tapah . For decades, Kulim state constituency have been represented by MCA . Kulim is a Malay majority area .

Was not 1Malaysia being practised to its core when Dr mahathir allowed Gerakan to assume CM post in Penang when UMNO was then the largest BN component in Penang.

I still remember vividly My Thai friend was surprised that Dr Mahathir chose Gerakan to hold the coveted post when by logic the post should go to UMNO then. I explained that this is the hallmark of UMNO's administration. It always thinks of others.

And I am upset with the attitude of Sakmongkol. He forgot that once he represented Pulau Manis through UMNO's ticket. and now he condemned UMNO left , right and centre.

What is it with these people that cry out loud to the world saying how bad UMNO is. Is it that bad?

As for Aspan Alias, sir, is it wrong to admit that Muhyidin is in coveted post of DPM due to his position in UMNO. Meaning he got the job due to his position in Malay based party.

Wake up Aspan. Loving your race is part of iman. Do not be afraid to admit that you have a "jiwa Melayu". That is God's gift to you.

As long as I can remember, no Malay leaders have ever inciting Malays to be cruel to non Malays. As such, I am proud with Muhyidin's statement.

Aspan, I am sure you are aware that Lim Kit Siang is Chinese first and anti Malay . So, do not upset with Muhyidin's telling the world that he is a Malay first.

And do understand that the fall of UMNO will mean the end of Malay political power. For God's sake, please do not be so naive to believe that PAS or Anwar will take over.

PAS will be thrown out by DAP. So does Anwar. And then Malays will be in position just like Arabs after throwing Ottoman Empire.

No need to go that far. The preview is here to be seen. Just go to Penang.