30 August 2011

Kasihnya ibu membawa ke syurga

Kasihnya ibu membawa ke syurga dan itulah hakikat yang sebenar-benarnya. Di hari raya seperti hari ini saya seperti juga insan lain sudah pasti teringat kepada orang yang paling kita cintai dan sanjungi yang telah pergi meninggalkan kita.

Saya tidak dapat melupakan ibu saya yang amat saya kasihi yang telah meninggalkan kami tiga tahun yang lepas. Saya bukan sahaja kehilangan seorang ibu tetapi juga seorang guru yang sangat saya hormati, kagumi dan kasihi.

Saya paparkan kembali tulisan saya memperingati ibu kesayangan saya beberapa ketika selepas ibu saya itu meninggal dunia. Saya memaparkan apa yang telah saya tulis itu bagi mengingati insan yang saya amat kasihi ini.

It has been 3 days since I lost my mother whom I loved dearly, and since then this is the first time that I touch this writing machine.

She was not just a great mum, but also a great GURU to me and my 5 other siblings as well as to my uncles and aunties.

She died peacefully at Putrajaya hospital in the arms of my brother Kamal, at 8am but was officially pronounced at 9.05am on the 29th July after the paramedic team was working hard to survive her.

My mother was no ordinary woman. She had gone through rough and tribulations of life with unmatched determination and fought uncomprehendingly to bring up all of us, and she did it all alone.

She was our single mother since she was 34 as we lost our father when I was just over 14 years of age.

The youngest of my sibling Kamarulzaman was born just 36 hours before his last breath in February 1966.

In between me and Kamarulzaman there are four others, Faridah, Hisham, Kamal and Fuad.

Six of us were brought up in a very pressing environment but my mother was all out working and toiling her sweat and tears in the paddy fields and small plot of rubber plantations that was left for her by my grandfather, Haji Kasim.

She was both the man and woman for the family living in a very remote village in Kuala Pilah and she heroically made sure that we were in school to match up with the basic needs of educations.

Until just hours before her death she was still giving me advice of a mother to a son and I cherished that moment exceedingly.

She reminded me not to forget my uncles and aunties as long as they are living, be alert and get united among siblings.

“Aspan, kau tu anak mak yang tua sekali. Tanggungjawab kau besar. Jaga adik-adik dan bersatu. Anak-anak saudara kau ramai, jangan tak pedulikan dia orang. Itu darah daging kau.”

“Kau jengok-jengok Pak Lang kau, Induk kau, Mak Cik kau, Ochu kau. Dia orang adik-beradik mak. Itu pesan mak, jangan lupa,” she told me softly but clearly.

She also reminded me not to take the 5 daily prayers lightly as that differentiates between good human and other beings.

She said that she was happy to see her children grew up well and she was blessed with 33 grandchildren and 6 great-grandchildren. Three of her six great-grandchildren are my grandsons.

Being a semi-literate lady she outclassed the mentality of those of her peers and age.

She used to tell me that going to a university was her ultimate for her children but what worried her was whether the children can think learnedly like a good graduate.

She often scolded us when we failed to think well and to make proper decisions over simple issues despite spending long years in campus.

“Baca buku tebal-tebal tapi bodoh!” she yelled at me once and I never answered her word since I knew she was right.

I knew she reprimanded me because of her love for me. Other siblings too were not spared from her watchfulness.

To her, enrolling oneself into universities is to learn how to think straight and appropriate, while the scroll received on the graduation day was just to certify that you have undergone the training.

This kind of philosophical word by and large comes from a well-to-do, educated and well rounded up person and not from an old lady who was brought up in extraordinarily remote village who could meagerly read and write.

Time and space prohibit me to write longer than this, as I am in grieved of her demise.

What I am sure now is that there is nobody who is going to advise and scold me anymore.

All the 56 years having her as a mum, her scolding and advices made me strong and lively.

The more dressing-downs I had from her the more I loved her as she was straight and magnanimous to all her children and children-in-laws.

I am going to miss all those from now on. God have graced me immensely for having a mum that not everybody has.

“I promise not to stop praying for you mum. We know that you have loved us exceedingly and all your sacrifices made us all human!”

I love and miss you dearly Mum! Al-Fatihah!


Boss said...

Pan, nape tulisan ni bahase org putih??

Anonymous said...

AlFaatihah. You are a credit to your mum.


Anonymous said...

Dear Brother Aspan,

I am touched by your lovely tribute to your late mother. May her soul rest in peace. Amen.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri. Please keep writing, I enjoy very much reading your points of view.

Anonymous said...

You are truly blessed to have had so many years of devoted care and attention from your wise and diligent mother.

Many a time, I have seen folks who did not have much schooling think and act far, far more intelligently than others who claim to have a string of degrees to their names.

And others obviously from the poor segment of society live their lives with diginity and integrity way higher and purer than countless others who deem themselves the elite, with fat bank accounts and multiple titles accorded to them.

At the end of the day, none of us can take any worldly wealth and titles with us, and we are really only remembered by our deeds, both good and bad. And the Almighty knows the truth.

Of what we leave behind, one main legacy which matters is in the form of the children we raise, and the lives of those we touch.

I would say your mother ranks high, above the multitude of pompous and plastic hypocrites who infest the world these days.

Anonymous said...

well said




Anonymous said...

Sdr Aspan

"She often scolded us when we failed to think well and to make proper decisions over simple issues despite spending long years in campus."

As the adage goes, "Ke manakah tumpahnya kuah kalau tidak ke nasi."

Proud she'd be of you, sir. Al-Fatihah.


walla said...

I read this, your special post, with tears welling. It is an apt post by a good son of a great lady.

In the end, it is character, belief, conduct and the nobility of the common folk which matter above materialism and station, which touch one and all with His quiet Presence in between the falling grey leaves of adversity and time.

Yes, we should meet soon but in deference to your bereavement. Let Ariff make arrangements.

walla salutes Aspan and shares his grief.

yammy samat said...

sdr. Aspan..

sedihnya ... saya bernasib baik kerana masih mempunyai ibu.. dan ibu saya juga banyak berkorban demi anak2nya.. tapi seorang anaknya agak lain dari yg lain ..tapi saya rasa dia bangga mempunyai anak itu .. iaitu saya kerana saya banyak mengikut jejak langkah dan pembawaan sikap dia, yg tegas tetapi kelakar... alfatihah buat ibu saudara...

Anonymous said...

Saya kehilangan ibu ketika berada di US. Bayangkan hari Sabtu saya asyik berbual dengan beliau hari Selasa beliau telah dipanggil mengadap Illahi dalam saat ibu saya sedang bersiap untuk bertolak ke US untuk kerumah saya. Separuh nyawa saya terasa melayang,separuh badan saya terasa lumpuh, dunia terasa kelam sekelam-kelamnya hanya Allah saja yang tahu.Semalam dipagi raya, saya hanya mampu memeluk nisan emak..

Alfatihah untuk emak dan juga ibu Pak Aspan. Muga Allah menempatkan mereka di jannah..amin.amin.amin

Anonymous said...

May her soul rest in peace.

Please keep writing, I enjoy your articles.

Aspan Alias said...

I sincerely appreciate all friends and commentator who share my bereavement over the death of my mother whom I love dearly and forever.

I never forget my mother especially during H Raya and I am sure that all my friends who have lost their mothers feel the same.

anyway I am taking this opportunity to wish you Selamat Hari Raya and not to forget our parents who are not with us anymore.

Kita bersama-sama mendoakan ibu bapa kita yang sudah pergi agar roh mereka berada sebaris dengan roh-roh aulia-auli serta ambia-ambia.

Salam kepada sahabat-sahabat semua.

flyer168 said...

Salam Aspan,

Innalillah wainna Illaihirajiun

Al Fatihah

Semoga roh allahyarhammah, ibu yang dikasihi dirahmati Allah.

Takziah kpd Tuan Aspan serta adik beradik & keluarga.


Ramli Mohd Yunus said...

my deepest condolences to you and family bro..al fatihah..