15 April 2015

It's now head-on clash between the ordinary people and the ruling UMNO

UMNO is shivering by the criticism from Dr Mahathir together with the massive and widespread discontent from the ordinary citizens towards Najib that will consequentially make UMNO to suffer. The restlessness is not only derived from the Malays in UMNO but it comes from the Malays as a whole and Malaysian in total.

The feeling of hopelessness is by no mean a small issue as they are troubled by the feelings of no-confidence towards the leadership of the day. The leadership is now in an intimidated situation and is now hectic with demands to get everybody and in UMNO especially to come out with statements of undivided support for the PM as the only propaganda effort left for Najib to remain in power.

These statements that come from all states UMNO heads and the law makers from the Lower House and the Senate as well as from every heads of organization sponsored by UMNO and BN do not hold any strength in actuality.

They are not representative of the true feelings of the ordinary people as they know all the pranks and the shenanigans committed by the current leaders will put their daily lives in peril in time sooner than expected. Right now the people are feeling the pinch of not-well-thought policies by the government and the numerous oppressive enactments and laws that the usual modern law-makers would not even contemplate to legislate. Our country is impregnated by out-dated mentality and undependable law-makers.    

The PM and the government leaders know and understand what the feelings of the people but they choose to disregard the pulses of the people for the sake of their own personal future and their ever hungry-stomach that they have. UMNO and its leaders now sturdily conspire against the wishes of the people by pledging to give undivided support to their politically bedridden chief. Of course most of them who come in the open to support their boss are taking the situation expediently for their own personal benefits. They are merely fishing in troubled water.

Dr Mahathir is seen to be the most disappointed man today watching the pranks of the leaders that he had built up all the years. Mahathir’s hands are masticated by the very people or leaders who had been bowing and kneeling in front of him for favors. Certainly Najib is one of those sycophants and minions who have below average leadership in them. They were merely foot-soldiers to Dr Mahathir when he was the Prime Minister.

When Mahathir retired he had no one else good enough to take on the mantle within the party lineup.  Mahathir and UMNO had to make do with one of the sycophants, flatterers and apple polishers to replace him. That was how the truly ineligible leaders like Abdullah Badawi and the present PM ascended to power. I personally had been saying this issue loudly for the past decades in a very small way and don’t have regrets for being side-lined at my own peers of sycophants in my state.

The situation of today was foreseeable and predictable since then but everyone around were all out to struggle for their own advantages. We knew for certain that one day this country would be led by group of unpatriotic leaders who do not have even a bit of conscience plundering and looting the nation incessantly.  
It is noble to see Dr Mahathir is back with the people. 

These were the people who in actual fact supported him but unfortunate for these people that Mahathir were so consumed by his sycophants amusing at all time. He is now returning to the original and pure supporters of UMNO and the people who made him the leader for 22 years. We are sad and dejected witnessing the leadership of the country is hijacked by the group sycophants that Mahathir trusted all the years. Now the same group who apple-polished Mahathir is saying loudly that this grand old man is already irrelevant and should not pay any attention to him anymore.

The group is now focusing to get more from the current leaders. They just offer big thank you to Dr Mahathir for what they have achieved from this ‘irrelevant old man’ while he was in power. They are now taking advantage on the current weak leadership and Najib who knows how to handle these breeds of people. They want immediate positions and money and Najib has the resources to fulfill their wishes. Najib knows that they are just like him.

Najib will tell them “lu tolong gua, gua tolong lu”. ‘You take what you want, but please don’t disturb mine. Keep on supporting me and believe in me. I know how to take care of you’.

If anyone of them asks him “what about for the people sir? Are you taking care of them?” he will then answer swiftly, “Don’t worry. I have given them some BRIM money, but I am taking it back through GST. We are collecting back big money from the people and we are going to have billions every year at our disposal. I know how to spend the money. Don’t you forget that I am also the Finance Minister?”

Mahathir must have realized that this scenario is devastating for the country and that explains why he feels too cross with Najib and group. Mahathir is not at all alone as he humbly admitted days ago. He is actually with the masses who want to see structural changes in the nation’s leadership.

There are millions out there going to be together with Mahathir to work on the changes. In actual fact Mahathir is now with the people who want to see the rogues to nation to be out of action. Don’t get swayed by the publicity given to those who line up in front the cameras of the main stream media. The revolting feelings of the ordinary people are becoming worse by the day. Now the battle is between the ordinary citizens against the ruling leaders.

I am personally blissful that Mahathir realizes that the people have to take back the country from the group of looters, robust social climbers and chubby rent seekers in the government.  We have to do away with the big group of ‘Botak Chins’ who are loitering around the corridors of power presently.

We have to ensure that we are not perpetually ruled by this group of perilous, terrifying and newly found emperors and czars any longer. Some say that it is too late to do the restoration job, but it’s better late than never.

We still have the time as the world is not going to end that soon. 


Anonymous said...

PKR di ramal menang di Permatang Pauh.
Atas dasar : Rakyat tolak BN sebab , UMNO sudah jauh dari aspirasi rakyat dan UMNO mementing mengutamakan kepentingan kaum atasan dan warga bangsawan juga kaum expatriate dan juga pelancong halal dan haram,juga yang di lindungi atas sebab kepentingan luar dugaan.
Partai Pakatan Rakyat akan menang pada PRU14..
#2 arjuna waspada
changkat lobak.

Din said...

Well said!

Anonymous said...

Well said!

Anonymous said...

Saudara AA

It's obvious that the current policy is to spend as if there was no tomorrow in order to plunder the nation. The rakyat are feeling the pinch and squeeze day by day.

In fact at the rate this country is nosediving, we might become the first SEA country to ever declare a bankrupt nation. Only Ku Li has the credential to steer it back on the right direction.

Tinta Hitam said...

Pak Aspan Alias,

Not really..The voters who votes for UMNO to power in PRU13 didnt change much.They will still votes for UMNO enthutiastically..Any changes are insiginificant..

So UMNO have nothing to worry much..Just increase BRIM,all votes will stay there..

Anonymous said...

It was TDM who messed up this country by killing off all capable leaders fearing that they will replace him.

The British left us a governing system which served us well until TDM massacred it. What we are getting now is the result of all those 22 years of abuse.

He should make things right before it is too late.

RD. said...

I'm glad. By the tone of this post, you seems to be on the side of Dr.M.
Me too.

Now I realized why you're being side-lined by your own peers of sycophants in your State.
i.e. They only select dumb and apple polisher in UMNO.
I hope who ever comes to power next, would have eyes on you, to replace those half-past six ministers.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

We all are fed-up with ruling Govt. My house is having 11 registered voters, My wife and myself plus 5 children and 4 menantus will cast anything except BN in next GE14.

lufang said...

Ai yaa , Aspan eaa aa , sikalang apa pasat semua inglis tulis maa aa , manyak sasah lor rr .