18 April 2015

The darker the night the nearer we are to the dawn

We are now at the darkest part of the long night. There has been a long dark night for us as if that the dawn and the sun lights will never come at all. The revolting minds of the people are at the all-time high that the people just can’t endure the mischiefs of the leadership any longer. 

PM Najib and his fellow Cabinet members are reprimanding at the widespread calls for them to quit. They are now grouping and embrace each other in stubbornness and in turn allege us being the sponsors for the split among the people.

Najib and gang are now entangled in the web. They are trapped in between their greed to cling to power and the unreceptiveness of the ordinary people towards them. The dejected Malaysians are just waiting for them to be back to their sense and quickly admit that they are the authentic cause for the split and swiftly take a bold move to quit.

Time and space do not permit us to list the mischievous acts of the ruling leaders. Enough have been said about it and the people are conclusive in wanting the current group of leaders to relinquish their respective responsibilities to give way for a new nation to kick off. They have taken in enough of deceptions by the ruling leaders and they can’t consume it anymore.

Najib and his group have been given six years and sufficient chance to proof their worthiness as leaders but they fail miserably. They have lost all clues as how to mitigate the massive complications as they are lacking in all necessary requisites of functional and suitable leaders with leadership. To some honorable people, there are at least three imperative ingredients of a good leader. The three are intelligence, energy and integrity. If they don’t have integrity please do not bother to think of the earlier two.  

It’s an undeniable fact that UMNO too have highly qualified leaders, young and old graduating from well-known universities across the globe but they are diseased by the deleterious cultures that are ingrained in the party. There are a few of them who we initially thought as youthful leaders who came down from paradise to heal the serious and terminal diseases that UMNO has contracted for so long. Nevertheless in the end they too succumb to the evil and devilish cultures in UMNO.

Ultimately they are just part and parcel of leaders who are deprived of integrity and subsequently become the conduit and protectors to the evil and unwieldy acts of their leaders. The youthful leaders are ineffectual lots these days. They are undependable. They are not like youth leaders of three or four decades ago who were brave and courageous to set the mode for change when necessary even to the expense of their personal perquisites and benefits.

The youthful UMNO have long gone with history and now being taken over by impotent lots. Youth of today are just like a dead fish that leisurely swims with the flow. It’s not indecorous to say that the youth of today more often than not adds more burdens to the country which they claim to love and struggle for.

However the ordinary citizens are fast realizing the real goings on in the present government and they are unwearyingly waiting for the change. The calls for the leadership to quit are ever mounting as they truly and genuinely believe that change will follow suit. When and how it happens that is for everybody to guess.

Corruption level is at the deepest while the abuse of power is at unimaginable and beyond comprehension by any sensible being called human. No leader of any reasonable government spends like our government does. At every international turfs and arenas we rank the worst and there is no indication that our leadership can change as they can never change.

We are truly at the darkest part of the night but a pacifying adage keeps me and many others going. It says, the darker the night the nearer we are to the dawn.


troubadour said...

Glad to see that you are back into PR mainstream and no longer moving tangential to the path of change.

sunny banting said...

Aspan Alias,

Good and well thought writeup.