02 August 2015

Dictatorship is setting in, can we co-exist with it?

Najib is firm with his decision not to quit despite of strong pressure to resign for the past weeks and months.  In his defence Najib is acting just like a dictator in the making.  In actual fact he is already a full blown dictator. That was why this blog has been reminding everybody especially in UMNO for the past years that a weak leadership that wants to continue ruling us will only have one choice, i.e. be a dictator.  

When he sacked Muhyiddin as a Deputy Prime Minister, he didn’t realize that Muhyiddin was still the Deputy President of the party. He may have good reasons to sack Muhyiddin from his position in the party but Najib is known for doing things without enough thinking. As I have mentioned few days back, sacking Muhyiddin from the government without sacking him from the party position, Najib is inflicting his own troubles. Najib is now facing heavier burden to face the consequences of his sacking of the AG as well as the arrest on many officers from MACC who were doing investigations on 1MDB.

His acts to stall the investigations on the 1MDB have been perceived by the public as the acts to conceal the actual corrupt practices in 1MDB. Surely Najib won’t be stalling the efforts to investigate the alleged corrupt goings on in 1MDB if he has nothing to hide in the issue. He has more reasons to allow the investigations to proceed unhindered for him to come out clean from the injurious issue. Hence it was conclusive that the allegations of corrupt and plundering in 1MDB were real and Najib is trying hard to frustrate the investigations to keep the public uninformed about the dubious acts of the debatable 1MDB.

Now Najib is declaring in the open that he is not resigning as he feels that he is strongly insulated by the muscles he has as the Prime Minister.  From now on Najib is going to be a full fledge dictator and anybody can be arrested anytime and anywhere. We are in a situation which is we have not experience before and if no one is prepared to exercise a national corrections we should now start to adjust our way of life from a reasonably democratic environment to a government that is led by a dictator.  Right now Najib has a Deputy who is known for his inability to think well and always act without decorum. With Zahid by his side, dictatorship will come by expeditiously.

Najib claims that he has three million UMNO members behind him who want him to continue ruling the country.  He forgets that we need a Prime Minister of all Malaysians not just for UMNO members.  He must realize that there are huge numbers of Malays outside UMNO who want to have their say in electing a Prime Minister. There are millions of non- Malays who were not given the say to elect a Prime Minister. The Sabahans and the Sarawakian have not been having the opportunity to be hand-in-glove with the small number of Malays in electing the Federation’s Prime Minister.

Najib should stop loitering around in Putrajaya as resting his laurels on UMNO Malays to stay put as Prime Minister is indigestible.

However he doesn’t need big support as he has chosen to be a dictator to survive. To Najib democracy is uncompanionable to him. A dictator doesn’t need massive support. What he needs are just few merciless assistants to dictate everything and everybody in the country. Zahid Hamidi fits the job.  


bruno said...

Aspan,well,I do no not want to say this.But Najib is going to lead the Umno/BN into GE14 and beyond.As much as more than half of Malaysians want,a change of regime,it is not going to happen anytime soon.Not in this coming GE or the one after.Maybe,I said maybe after the new batch of Dyana Sofya's reach their late thirties or fourties.

Let us all see and accept the reality and facts unfolding these last few months.We have Mahathir and his gang,with the opposition as chorus screaming 1MDB this and 1MDB that.It is a fact now that the opposition have been conspiring with SR and maybe (surely) funding it too.We have a media tycoon buying stolen documents and information,using it on Najib and 1MDB.Where have all this got Mahathir,his gang and the opposition.From somewhere to nowhere.

Then we have calls of a unity gomen with names of candidates for potential caretaker PM such as Mahathir.Mahathir,why Mahathir?Then we have opposition senior leaders screaming Anwar too.Anwar,why Anwar?Is Anwar not enjoying nasi kuah ikan in Sungei Buloh?Can anyone senior from the opposition come out screaming that Anwar has less baggage than Mahathir?

Now,let us all face facts.How can a leaderless opposition take over Putrajaya.It takes time,years and years to groom new talented leaders.DAP has a lot of these new talented and many of them are young Malays.In the opposition,the DAP is the most well organised and disciplined party.Forget about the PKR.Soon it will be relegated to a party of playcards carrier and a circus full of political clowns.

With more talented Malays,young and old joining the DAP,eventually it will have to take over the"taikorship" of the opposition pact,with all the opposition parties merging into one,only one major multi racial party,under one and only one multi racial banner.This is the only way to beat the Umno/BN.

Anonymous said...


With reference to P.Ramlee films, I can pick up some dialogue that we can relate to current UMNO/BN politics behaviour. P.Ramlee himself didn't even know the dialogues are some sort of political prophecies in the 21st century decades later but just jokes of that era.

Below are some examples :

1. Inilahnya namanya demokrasi terpimpin. Demokrasi terpimpin apa.... kepala hotak kau!!! (Dipetik dalam filem Abdul Wahab, Abdul Wahib, Abdul Wahub - between S Kadarisman and Hj. Mahdi)

2. Alif, Mim Nun, Wau. Sarkas!!! "=UMNO" (Dipetik dalam filem Pendikar Bujang Lapok dalam scene S. Shamsuddin depan sekolah orang dewasa)

3. Mak pilih yang mana? Dua-dua mak tak mahu. Mak, dalam dunia ini, siapa yang berbohong akan disanjungi, tapi siapa yang jujur akan di hina. (Di petik dalam filem Bujang Lapok - ketika P.Ramlee melihat seorang wanita bercakap dengan ibunya di kawasan setinggan).

4. Many P.Ramlee films as per my observation are ahead of his time in the philosophy of life. Yes, experience exist at that time, what I mean is the film can still be accpeted and open for debate now.

5. Besides P.Ramlee film, how we see the problems of political leadership in Hang Jebat film with Nordin Ahmad saying about Hang Tuah blindly following the orders even there are injustice.

So, what we see now the looks of UMNO/BN that already deviate from the original founding fathers of UMNO.

Anonymous said...

Agree...he is full blown fucking dictator with bogus pirate blood,assisted by brainless morons

Unknown said...

Excellent, no-holds-barred account of the situation we are in.

Anonymous said...

Star today reported that Australian parlimentary speaker Brownyn Bishop member of Presidents team resigned because she was accused of using tax payers money of AUST $5000 OR rm14'000 for political fund raiser.She resign because of love and respect the parliment and the people .Ini namanya "maruah " . Malaysia billion2 pun no problem.
Najib can be removed if MP ,MT UMNO and UMNO bahagian respect the law and respect the public by asking him to resign...Why these group of people keeping quite ...
Tak payah kerjasama dengan PAS kerana PAS lepas ni akan ditalkinkan kerana akidahnya berubah2 hinggakan rakyat naik angin bila cakap nama PAS .DIKTATOR tak akan berlaku jika tiga kumpulan diatas bolih guna fikiran yang waras ....

Anonymous said...

The 27Million Malaysians are insignificant, mere slaves and tax contributors to UMNO elite.

Anonymous said...

RahmanDahlan: There is honor among BIG time thieves and daylight robbers. I take 2.6 billion. I give RD 2 million. I give each ketua bahagian 2 million. I give Perkasa, Pekida, Raja P Kamaruddin 3 million, some few millions to my cyber troopers..and the rest I keep. Take and dont tell..OK?

Anonymous said...