18 August 2015

Zahid wrongly positioning himself

Zahid is trying hard to show that he is different than others since he became the Deputy Prime Minister.  On the day he was appointed as DPM in place of the ousted Muhyiddin he told the media that he wanted to be a smiling Tun Dr Ismail, falling a bit short of telling us he will be like Tun Dr Ismail Abdul Rahman, the late Deputy Prime Minister who died in early months of 1973.

Now he has been Deputy for more than two weeks but we can’t see any a breath of Tun Ismail’s attributes in him. Tun Ismail didn’t behave like a mad cow wailing or shouting while standing behind the rostrum. Tun Ismail was a man of integrity who didn’t have any one of his family members to take advantage on his position like Zahid’s.

Tun Ismail was a man of few words and he did not talk in high pitch like Zahid who always speaks with fingers pointing every direction showing his conceit, arrogance and self-importance. Zahid’s speeches were without decorum and he is just not like Tun Dr Ismail. He has more ‘sudu dari kuah’ as the Malay adage goes. He doesn’t sound like a Deputy Prime Minister at all.

Tun Ismail will think before saying anything but Zahid has his mouth works faster than his brain. Tun Ismail was a natural leader and he did not have to act ‘macho’ to show his consequences as a leader. On the other hand Zahid has to shout and wail to cover his own recognizable weaknesses and he sounds so unnatural and that signifies him as a faked and replicated leader.

Obviously Najib has chosen a leader who his more mediocre than the one he purged. We are now going through further agony if this leader rises up as the Prime Minister. I think his fist and muscle is bigger and tougher than Najib. No one can do anything including initiatives that are within the domain of law and legality.

Now Zahid has admitted that any move to oust a Prime Minister in Parliament is not at all illegal and Zahid should come out in the open to ask for apology for the unbecoming statements and allegations towards the person whom he alleges initiating the toppling of the government. As I have said in my last posting Zahid should sign up the statutory declaration he impolitely claims to be headed by an old man in UMNO.

Zahid must admit that his defence on Najib is going to be an abortive tussle. Zahid is going to end his political life sooner than expected.  Najib is already not just as a failed PM. He is perceived to be a scrounging leader who is compelled to do nothing but to defend himself from the indefensible allegations against him on many issues that are criminal in nature. He has no more time to manage the country as he is busy with his own personal problems. He has to go but it doesn’t mean that he can walk in easily to be the substitute of the PM but instead he is going to collapse together with Najib.

Zahid is revealing too much of his personal weaknesses in just 2 weeks being a Deputy Prime Minister.  He can’t even differentiate between a left and a right hand. He is incapable to distinguish difference between toppling the government and replacing Najib and his leadership.

Everybody knows that Zahid is only concerned about his personal stake. He is not defending Najib either. He wants to be an assured man to take over Najib, that’s it. If that’s his concern, he has more reasons to part himself with the cloying PM.

It’s clear that Zahid is wrongly positioning himself. I hope I am wrong Mr Zahid.


tebing tinggi said...

Wrong person ,at the wrong position and at the wrong time .

Kobou jantan Den ,tidak pernah menunjukan kejantananya ,melainkan semasa mengawan.

Anonymous said...

Why was he chosen to be the deputy? He was chosen because he is one who can be manipulated to do the boss's bindings and willingly because he is very, in fact, too ambitious.

Anthony Joseph said...

You have described him with the best choice of words. This man has no intelligence at all. He speaks like a dummy.

arip said...

Zahid, Malaysian greatest clown. I am prepared to pay all his clownish statements. Which account to deposit the payment for the comical stage show of the Deputy PM? I cant put it in Najib's account in AM Bank because it's already closed.

Anonymous said...

What do you expect from a person comes from ponorogol

Anonymous said...

A kau ni..
sey memang golak

XUMNO said...

Najib has no choice than to appoint a stupid clown who is ever willing to do his bidding however stupid and degrading. At present there isn't a single minister in Najib's cabinet more clever than the moronic Ahmad Maslan except Zahid.

Anonymous said...

Can't imagine a DEPUTY PRIME MINSTER cannot distinguish between toppling a govt and toppling an individual.
He's not brainy enough to be DPM.
I won't be surprise at all.........

Anonymous said...

He is very manipulative. His emotions overcome his thinking skills.