31 October 2015

Najib is born to create misfortune for the country

There is no more politics of sanity in this country. What remains is just politicking of individual leaders of both sides of the divide.  There are no more workings for the good of the country and the people they lead but just to concentrate efforts to care for each other among the weak, corrupt, contemptible and looters like leaders that presently pulls the nation soon to ashes.

The country seems to be lawlessly ruled by the exclusive leaders and members within the corridor of power and they are unmindful for their shameful and undignified acts that they commit. The mandate given by the BN parties (not the rakyat) to rule is abused mercilessly and now no one should be irritable against all the nauseating acts they openly commit. They are kings and the chief is the Grand Maharajah with his consort in his palace called Sri Perdana.

They are free to take corruption money as that money is now rebranded as ‘donation’ and it is in huge sum that runs up to RM billions. If there are groups or individuals who try to uncover their dubious deals they will be arrested and charged under SOSMA or whatever the act by Parliament to suppress the moves. Najib is ruling the country like he is ruling his own kingdom where all revenues of the country are his income and he dishes a bit some to all families with household income of less than RM3000 and he wants everyone to be thankful (tauhid) to him and praise him like we praise the almighty GOD.

He even goes fiercely against his mentor (Dr Mahathir) who made him to be the PM just because his mentor asks him to retire and leave Putrajaya because of his mischiefs. Instead he calls his mentor a thankless person who forgets his favor he offered his mentor when his mentor was in trouble. He wants his mentor to be continuing returning his favor by allowing him to pull the nation down to ashes. He wants to do everything without interruptions however scandalous and heinous his acts can be.

He does not go against the fugitives Nik Faizal and Datuk Subuh and Jho Lo as these are the personalities who were his conduits for the money launderings done in all parts of the world but instead he foils all the investigation team at work. He just does not want the investigation team to unearth the truth on all the allegations against him.

He compounds his heinous acts by putting even the unhappy UMNO leaders under his microscope and soon these leaders will be taken actions against them. As Tengku Razalegh rightly puts it, the ruling leaders are ruling the country like the rule of communist. He suspects everybody and trusts no one who is fully informed about his dubious deals that are against the law and ethics of good leadership.

However a right minded being will know that he knows of his guilts. His involvements in all the mischievous deals are so deep that he is unable to find the way out.  As I have mentioned in my postings months ago he is now riding on the back of a tiger and unable to dismount.

Seriously Najib is in deep trouble. He doesn’t know how to mitigate his own huge self inflicted problems. In the mean while he will turn himself to become a dictator. I heard there are more arrests and moves to suppress his critics before the annual general assembly of UMNO. Let’s see what's next to come.

If possible Najib wants to see the innocences be suppressed and all the wrong doers to go scott free. That is the only way to save his skin.


Anonymous said...

i hate him

lawrenceab said...

All this is true, but I would like to ask my Malaysian friends, and Malay friends in particular, how did you allow this to happen? What is it in your national character that makes you so deferential towards power?

The immediate, proximate problem is indeed Najib, but the social culture you have nurtured (if that is the right word) is made for a Najib or any other elite member to take power and to exploit. The qualities needed: opportunity, lust for wealth, cunning, ruthlessness and total absence of moral compass, exist in others too. The next one may be worse.

Indonesians would not put up with this, I assure you. I know the country quite well. It is massively corrupt for sure, but it is also alive with personal pride and national pride; ordinary people would revolt against such behaviour. (For example, when their anti-corruption commission gets into major fights with the police over police corruption, a regular occurrence, street demonstrators descend on the Commission's HQ to cheer them on! Whoever heard of Malaysians demonstrating to cheer MACC on?)

The true problem is not in the stars, Horatio, but in our souls. The is a deep and near fatal hypocrisy in the Malay soul, nourished perhaps by the grotesque, indoctrinating charade that passes for religious instruction in this country. That, combined with this strange deference to authority, is the root of the evil. When I see parents starting to demonstrate in front of schools to demand higher standards of teaching and to restrain the religious commissars who infest your school system, I'll know the country is on the way to recovery. Friends of Malaysia hope to see moral courage begin to peep out.

lawrenceab said...

In my previous comment, I did not acknowledge the valiant efforts of the hundreds of thousands who have attended Bersih rallies and made other efforts over the years. That is wrong and I should apologize. I know the spirit and will to change this country for the better, or shall we say, to recapture what used to be before the fatal Mahathis-Anwar team began its destructive work, the one on the institutions of state, the other on the country's multi-religious harmony and both to thoroughly memperbodohkan the majority of the population.

But alas, the enlightened remain a small minority compared to the rural rakyat - or indeed to the urban dwellers who would rather complain about traffic jams.

chau chanchong said...

a prophetic phrase :"Malaysia boleh! " , to that extent. but nature's law is "who won't die and leave power? dictators are common in thinking the same way: contrary to logic.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with the above

Anonymous said...

I detest him to the core!

Anonymous said...

Ghadaffi hid in a stink hole where he was found and murdered . Saddam was hanged unceremoniously.
Politicians who think they are invincible are living in the wrong century. Blair and Bush will be found guilty of the quagmire that caused millions to leave their homes for the safety of Europe.
Najib and his company of politicians will not be secure forever. He is using the most basic tools for survival ..sending dissenters to jail. He is being advised by people not unlike the CIA in wartime Vietnam. It is more of "how to remain in power .."

Anonymous said...

Malaysians had been very patient and that patience turned into frustrations. Now the rakyat will take action. We meed to send petitions to our wakil rakyats to remove najib an organize a street protest like bersih 4 to have a new leader who is believable and reliable free of illegal money making schemes

Anonymous said...

The worst thing is we just cant do anything to stop him. This is the worst situation that we all faced right now. To see our mother nation being raped time and time again and we cant do anything even our hand is not tied. So guys, soon, it will be a year since this 1mdb issue explode. we need to initiate something to show our lost of trust to Najib.

1) shall we show our protes by waving black flag at our car?
2) Wear black on sunday when we going out?
3) you guys suggest one....

We need to show what we felt and by commenting on blog just not enough. we need to do something guys.

Unknown said...

So you are putting the blames squarely on the Malays. Let me enlighten you of another reality. The behavior of the DAP is so frightening to the Malays that they simply do not have much choice...and this not new...PKM which was Chinese dominated, created Regiment 20 - the pupet Malay regiment as acknowledged by the x-puppet malay chairman and other top malay leaders in pkm, really wanted to rule the country under China's supervision. DAP is no difference. U will surely ask me to prove it, but i dont want to waste my time for u. DAP behavior's unacceptable to the Malay is real, and you cannot change the government without the Malays endorsement.