04 October 2015

Dr Mahathir says it again, Najib is afraid of criminal charges

Dr Mahathir said it again yesterday at a packed hi-tea function in De Palma hotel that Najib is afraid of criminal litigations against him if he quits  his position as a Prime Minister. So what do we do? Are we going to keep quiet and allow the pillaging and plundering of the state wealth and keep on the centralising of power to the PM's office?  Why are we allowing him and his wife (as perceived by the public) to become toll collectors on all big and gigantic and massive projects the government undertake? 

Of course Najib will be clinging to power to avoid all possible criminal charges against him. The best for him to do is to stay in power until his death to disallow any kind of litigations against him. He has to stay in power and die while in office. 

So what are those laws and the existence of democratic institutions for? If we have mandated him to manage the nation wisely we are also provided with institutions that can pull away the mandate from him for his failure to manage the nation with reasonably high moral standards. 

What is the Legislatives doing about this? Are they dumb and deaf? Can't they hear and see what the pranks and shenanigans shamelessly commited by Najib and his cabinet in the open? Can't the members of the Legislatives feel the pulses of the people who are desperately wanting to see that Najib to go and retire and disallow him to get near to vicinity of  the government especially the government treasury? 

What Dr Mahathir mentioned yesterday was the true and actual reason why Najib wants to cling to power. As I have said few times in this blog, Najib is riding on the back of the tiger and not able to dismount. He hopes to ride on the tiger until the tiger dies. Dismounting from the back of the tiger will endanger him and may cause him life. 

He has no time to think about the people he leads as he is fully focused in saving his own funeral. He knows that the world is shying away from him but he doesn't care what the world think about him. He has only one thing to concentrate on, i.e. his own life. He is expediently using the residue of power that he has to barricade any move to oust him as he has only power to save him from criminal charges against him for his wrong doings to the nation. 

He has to keep on lying to cover all the previous lies. He does not only tell lies in his country but he tell lies up until the United Nation in front of almost empty hall. No one believes on what he says any longer but he doesn't care a hoot about it. He is now a known orphanage leader in the world. 

He will keep on ruling the country with the IGP and may be with the AG. He will keep on forcing his Cabinet members and the Mentris Besar to support him and will displace all leaders and civil servants that he distrusts. 

His life is always in fear and that is why we see him going around town with dozens of body guards. He has only himself to guard and he does not care to guard for the safety of the nation. He has a slogan to guard for the people, that his 'rakyat didahulukan pencapaian diutamakan'. In practise the slogan results the reverse, 'aku didahulukan pencapaian aku diutamakan'. 

Now let us take care of ourselves. We have democratic institutions that can resolve and mitigate the leadership problems if we have the courage to work on it. We have the members of the Legislatures and the constitution has provided the Malay rulers to sack and to replace the Prime Minister. 

Najib has to go and let him retire together with his staunch supporters like Rahman Dahlan, Salleh Keruak, IGP and the rest like Zahid Hamidi and the AG. Let the rest of Malaysians take care of this nation and rebuild it from the disaster that Najib has done to the country. It's not too late if the change is done now. It's better late than never as the adage goes. 

We need an astute and a technocratically abled leader to formulate strong planning and transformation of the country. We must remember that as long as we are divided along racial line, this nation can never be called a nation. Racial issue have been polarized without hindrance and this is due to poor leadership under present leaders without leadership. We want a strong system to administer the nation and not ruled by the whim and fancies of the sitting leaders. 

I have a suggestion if we succeed in our efforts to find an astute and technocratically abled leader takes over this devastated leadership. Do away with all the useless and ungainly slogans that have sprouted since three decades ago. Let us go back to our old slogan which have been long forgotten, i.e. MUHIBBAH. That is our ultimate for our multiracial nation with diverse ways of life.  

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