08 November 2015

1MDB and the 'donation' issues are just the immediate causes, we have more reasons to change

Many alarmed Malaysians were asking why Dr Mahathir was interrogated by the police over his loud criticism on 1MDB and the state of corrupt practices in the government and among the ruling leaders. Among the leaders who were out to comment on the questioning of Dr Mahathir was Anwar Ibrahim himself. He made the statement calling for the authority to stop questioning Dr Mahathir from the prison cell through his lawyer that was issued yesterday to the media.

Anwar insists that the Najib administration should answer the questions posed by Dr Mahathir, not to question him with all kinds of pretexts by exhausting all kinds of acts and laws that suit to suppress the deafening voices of discontent among the general public against the government and the anarchic Prime Minister.  Anwar says the Dr Mahathir was not committing any crime and if the authority takes Dr Mahathir’s criticism on the government and leadership as a crime than the rights of the people to question the government is in grave danger.

It was Najib’s conduct and clear weaknesses that create the criticism against him from most Malaysian and Mahathir was just one of the millions who were not pleased with his performances and personal conduct. If Mahathir retires from criticizing Najib there will be many others coming to the fore to do just what Mahathir was doing.

Let’s take the occasion to do some brief deliberation and pondering on issues mounted by Dr Mahathir and the general public at large. Are we just wanted to find solutions to 1MDB and the ‘donation’ of RM 2.6 billion solved? Do we see other serious issues that surround the government and leadership that peddle the country backward and turn the country less democratic and a government which is decelerating in every other turf and arena of a reasonable good government?

The 1MDB issue and the ‘donation’ are not going to be solved. If there were chances of solving the issues, it should have happened months ago. However until now the issues have never been solved as the authority has displaced and disturbed the investigation team and the team has never been able to function efficiently.

Even if the issues of 1MDB and massive money laundering by Najib had not surfaced there were still earnestness to obligate drastic changes in the country. As I have said repeatedly the country has to restart all over again. We need new planning for the future of the country and this is what we are completely deficient presently. When we agree that we need new comprehensive plans for the country, we need an astute and dignified planner to head the government.  

Right now we are facing huge deficit of leaders with the aptitudes of good and strong familiarity of planning for the nation’s growth as a whole to cope up with the demands of time. Our ultimate of achieving the national unity through strong and successful processes of economic and social reengineering policies fail absolutely. We are still divagating and wandering wildly and consequentially we are parting further from our ultimate goal of achieving united Malaysians with strong motivation to build the nation together to greater heights

The issues surrounding the 1MDB and the huge personal ‘donation’ with the secondary issues like displacing the investigation team and the sacking of Attorney General and his replacement with controversial Appandi were just the immediate causes for the pressure for the PM to go. As it was we were already stuck with the flawed implementations of the policies that have been formulated for the country. Most of the implementations of policies that we have agreed were not executed appropriately as the governments have been deviating from the objectives of the policies.

We didn’t follow the policies strictly and what were decided mostly were resolutions that were ad hoc and impulsive in nature. Thus let us be conclusive that leaders who are not planners will never appreciate that unbendable plans must be adhered strictly so as the rakyat know what we have and we are going to have be noticed visibly at least for the following foreseeable future.

That was the very reason why this blog has always and repeatedly emphasizing the need of a new leader and that new leader must be a planner in attribute and astute in his stature as a leader to lead this nation forward to build the nation on passage of growth together with other nations who have proven that proper planning and its implementations flawlessly executed is the only manner for any country to progress without difficulties.    


Anonymous said...

No two way about it. NAJIB HAS TO GO. The nation has to take this initiative to propel Malaysia into a new progressive modern era. The message that we are true citizens of highly developed and intelligent, following the rule of law and good values be it of any culture or religion. It is a country where all citizens are equal and will be treayed with faairness and accordsnce to law rule and judhe by the people. It will be franchise just like going to starbucks and you know exactly what you get for the price no two way about it. Like Mahathir said, Najib has stolen our country and criminilised his politics. The nation is to take the bull by its horns and propel this country to goodness. There are many leaders ready to take over. Even Zahid can take the lead by following good rationale and simple good values. Its only when you want to play crooked, then it becomes difficult and messed up. As what is happening now

Anonymous said...

Spoken like a true enlightened leader... If only we have more politicians like you instead of apple polishers with personal interest to gain as much wealth as possible with the current prime minister.

Anonymous said...


We can all condem najib till the cows come home but the fact is he will never go and obviously the general public are beginning to forget and just wait for the coming election. You can write as many articles you want and post as many comments but it will not change a thing. This time around not even the good doctor and let alone the prince from Kelantan can do anything about it. I admit that i was one of thousand of malaysian hoping for change in the government. Time and again and disappointment after another. Be prepared for the worst.


Anonymous said...

Democracy basically is a numbers game. You only plan your way with your eyes on the numbers.
Clever arguments and logic will not form a government. Just get the numbers..
To be in power you need only support from 200 or so division leader - so bribe them. To get support from voters especially the poor BRI(M)BE them.It is not that difficult.
Arguments such as yours and well meaning others are very good but will not change things. Hopefully come GE, the numbers will change and then we will see something different..not necessarily for the better.
Those in power has done more than managing numbers. The mechanism for checks and balances has also been tempered with...
The legislatures are are cowed with threats and bribes. It wont surprise me if PAS leaders are already getting Arab donations and promise of power. The others will get their share soon.

The executives ? The cabinet members are cari makan genre. They embarass us Malaysians. We cringe at they try to look statesman ..

Judiciary ? They are like us ...only the retirees are celupar sikit. Those in service will want to keep their perks n carrots. They are just being human.

Those in power are now eyeing the next GE.
Losing is not an option for them...they are looking at jail sentences and political oblivion.
Those in power should go to Zimbabwe for political courses..because we have a Mugabe in the making
A book " How to remain in power for idiots" and not "Blue Ocean strategy " should be a must read 😊
and Now it makes sense why the rakyat must remain stupid and poor..Import more idiots from Pakistan and more millions from Bangladesh to make the malays feel rich..😆