15 November 2015

If there is leadership change, wipe off the corrupt culture instantaneously

As I have been repeatedly saying, the evils that rule us presently will be followed by good consequences.When great evils occur great good shall follow. This can’t be explained by science. We will be in the state of disillusionment to the extent that is no more space and hope for worthy future. We are at the lowest ebb as the government leaders are not up to the class of the cabinet under the first three PMs of the country.

UMNO during the three PMs were the group that learnt a lot from UMNO and they were the nearest to the mentality of the first world. They were responsible and they had only the country and the people that they think of. UMNO made them in the class of their own. There were many of the cabinet members who were not having tertiary education but the party made them to be real and true leaders of an independent nation with honor and integrity. The people then were so self-assured that they could rely on their leaders to lean on for hope and faith of their future.

The leaders then were reliable that we could take their words as our bond. In short the Perikatan which then changed to BN during the 1974 general election were truly inclusive and were more magnanimous in nature. UMNO especially were the real leader for all races and we didn’t have many problems with the inter-racial and inter-religious affiliations. Some UMNO or Malays leaders were admittedly were naughty but they didn’t walk on the Quran. Corruption were negligible and the PM as well as the Ministers were not involved in awarding big contracts of ruled the country like communist state with power centralized to the PM’s office like we observe today.

Projects awarded were all the ones that were needed by the people and the crony motivated projects were unheard of during those good old days. We like British government where the PM was not involved in awarding contract to businessmen/women. Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and even David Cameron don’t talk about projects as development projects were decided by unswerving civil servants and there was no failure in implementing projects by the government ever since.

Malaysia was so near to that kind of government. Leaders were not using the development project to systematically steal money and create their wealth through ill-gotten means. Direct negotiations and expressed mega projects were very fertile soil for corrupt culture to prevail and usually these projects awarded were classified as government secret under the Official Secret Act (OSA) that was legislated by Parliament. Corruptions were covered tightly by OSA and the corrupt activities were vigorous under cover of the act without disturbances.

This was how the corrupt culture were cultivated and from then on we observe the culture of over-priced negotiated and expressed projects by two hundred percent or more were awarded open handedly without shame and disgrace. True, we had the projects organically, but the question was, ‘at what costs’?

That culture is still thickening in our system of administrations. That was why we see a Prime Minister making decisions over 1MDB as an example. Prime Minister was supposed to oversee the running of 1MDB was appropriate and let the professional manage it. However the PM hijacks the management from the appointed executives and the Board and as 1MDB come to this state of affairs the PM can’t question the board and the executives as he himself was the man behind all the dubious decisions made by the government investment arm.

Hence it’s always fair to let the rakyat oversee what the PM was doing with 1MDB. The PM has lost all moral to oversee 1MDB as he was the man in question on all the mismanagement of 1MDB. As I have said earlier in this article the leaders under the first three PMs were not all with tertiary education but they became good because of the purity of UMNO.

Right now we have loads of tertiary educated leaders and graduates of renowned university in the world but they were spoilt by the current UMNO degrading culture. Obviously the disease that UMNO is suffering is very contagious. Almost all highly educated leaders in UMNO become injudicious because of the ill cultured leadership in UMNO.

This is the issues that the new government should focus on if the changes really happen. We are irascibly waiting for the moment. 


awang batuburok said...

Salam Tuan Aspan,

Dalam politik masyarakat islam Malaysia khususnya di luar bandar, ada dua khurafat yang sangat besar yang membantutkan pemikiran politik umat islam/melayu dalam negara kita....
Khurafat 1 - Kepercayaan bahawa hanya UMNO/BN yang layak dan mampu memerintah Malaysia.

Khurafat 2 - Kepercayaan bahawa hanya PAS yang memperjuangkan islam. Orang Islam yang tidak bersama dengan PAS adalah sesat dan rosak pegangan islam.

Bagi mereka yang percaya kapada kedua dua khurafat tersebut mereka tidak kisah tentang rasuah, penyelewengan wang/harta rakyat dan seumpamanya.
Untuk menyedarkan masyarakat islam diluar bandar, khurafat khurafat politik tersebut perlu di basmikan terlebih dahulu.

Anonymous said...

Kena buat ethnic cleansing keatas perlaku semua bentuk jenayah seperti rasuah,curi duit rakyat , curi tanah rakyat,curi balak rakyat ,curi pasir rakyat ,curi projek rakyat ,bunuh rakyat ....sumbatkan mereka2 ni kedalam penjara . Siasat semua menteri besar atas life style mereka dan setiap sen harta dan perbelanjaan mereka.....Saya yakin mereka2 tu akan menggigil untuk minta nyawa...Kalau mereka lari ...batalkan passport mereka.....kalau sayangkan negara lah....

Anonymous said...

Siapa yang nak buat ethnic cleansing rasuah ini? Semua ketua UMNO dan ahli politik sudah di patuk ular rasuah terutama yang Islam. Surah AlBaqarah Ayat 188 terang terang menghina rasuah. Ada hadith menceritakan seorang yang dianggap mati syahid tapi mengambil sekeping harta perang tanpa di beri pada rasulullah lebih dahulu, hukumnya masuk neraka. Ini apatah lagi RM 3 billion yang cuba disorokkan. Kalau kita kata UMNO makan babi, tentu mereka melenting. Tapi hakikatnya, memakan rasuah lagi amat keji kerna impak nya terhadap masyarakat dan negara. Jadi dimana letaknya integrity dan pendirian orang Islam Melayu.