23 February 2016

Muhyiddin asks his critics to shut up, he knows more about the goings-on in 1MDB

Muhyiddin has lost his patience with the way the President of his party’s conduct. He is already in a fighting mood with his boss who sacked him as the Deputy Prime Minister for talking and questioning on 1MDB issue. He has been spiteful towards the UMNO President Najib for sidelining him and obstructing him from performing his duty as an elected deputy president of the party. Since his sacking as the deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin has been inaccurately obstructed and blocked from the party goings-on.

Muhyiddin yesterday he blasted the leadership and he says that he has a lot more knowledge and informed about the goings-on in 1MDb and SRC issues than those who blindly support Najib on the hot issue of 1MDB and SRC and all the related companies that Najib has full power to decide. SPRM, Bank Negara and the former AG have briefed him in detail while he was still holding the position as the Deputy Prime minister. “I know more about all the issues more than you people”. In other words Muhyiddin was telling those who criticize him within the Supreme Council to shut up and smoke cigars somewhere else.   

Now Muhyiddin is questioning Najib why he is not taking any legal action against WSJ for the new round of expose through the Australian ABC recently. As I have said in the last posting there is no other way for Najib to clear his name but to bring WSJ to court and win the case. Without suing the media house Najib will be perceived to be guilty and there is no other way for him to retrieve his lost credibility. Right now he is investigated in five countries and it was only the Malaysian AG who was behind Najib by dropping all deserving charges against Mohd Najib. No one believes the AG anymore. 

Najib should prove that he is innocent by proving all the allegations by international media houses to be wrong. Najib seems not to care how the world look upon him as I have mentioned in my previous postings that Najib is riding on the back of a tiger that he is unable to dismount. Najib is tightly caught in a web which made him unable to move and defend himself from all negative allegations let alone to regain his pride and credibility as a leader of an independent nation like ours.

Everybody in the world is watching all his shenanigans and pranks closely.  Najib’s integrity is at zero level as a head of government and the only choice that he has own up all his mistakes with pride in front of the rakyat and quit.  Najib is politically dysfunctional and morally grounded.

The briefing by SPRM, BNM and the former AG who was sacked together with Muhyiddin was a significant expose and it gives more reason for us to believe that Najib was involved directly with issues lumped on him by the concerned Malaysian. Now we believe that the former AG was sacked unceremoniously for his initiative to charge the PM in court.

We hope to hear more from Muhyiddin as he has the moral responsibility to tell all what he knows about the conduct of Najib in actuality. If Najib still has a little bit of human integrity he should voluntarily resign and leave the rakyat to determine their leaders to replace him who is more magnanimous and who is prepared to sacrifice his life and soul for the people.  But sadly Najib has none.


Anonymous said...

Tunggu apa lagi Moo? Spill the beans for the sake of the Malays, UMNO and the country. Melayu UMNO sekarang dah zero credibility. And you will go to the grave and buried alive if you don't go all out and tell the truth of what you know and get some backing on your facts.

Anonymous said...

Tunggu apa lagi Tan Sri. Start attacking. Kalau Nagib Razak is still the PeeMmm comes PRU 14 ni, my vote will go to PAS instead of the usual BN/UMNO.

Anonymous said...

Dear AA

To be morally grounded is to have a little bit of decency and rationale in thinking and judgement, Najib is MORALLY BANKCRUPT!

Another thing is TSMY is walking a fine thin line :

- he is still binded by OSA and his Oath while he was in the Office of DPM

- IGP is not seen to be 'disturbed' by blatant disregard of the law by Najib

- PDRM either snailing on the Police Report that was made against Najib soon after AG clearance but so bloody clear case for prosecution as per MACC's investigation OR nothing was done....?

- if Datuk Hamid Bador is also walking a fine balance knowing the consequences, what more TSMY

- have you not see all the purgings exercises and all the sacking???

- without accusing anyone, but life were lost in such questionable manner yet you can still see a convicted murderer in Australia is being engaged only to absolve 1 guy albeit he took the 'sumpah' and was never accused being an accomplice.....can you say its politics???? I doubt it!

- things will come out ONLY when the Chief-Pirate is stripped of his privileges and power.....

Only then the dominos will fall, that I can almost guarantee!

Lastly, why do you thing 2 SRC guys absconded way beyond time all dirts come out to debunked Bugis-Pirate' claim that WSJ fitnah him yet no slightest guts to sue?

I rest my case....., NOT!


Anonymous said...

Pelan, pelanlah saudara Anon.
Takkan nak spill the beans sekali gos, esok kan masih ada.
Lagipun, it is not a good stragtegi, muntahkan semua.
Biarlah hari-hari kelaurkan sikit, lama-lama menjadi bukit.
Ini lebih hebat daripada ledakan bom atom.
Perang psikologi lagilah menyakitkan.
Leave it to Mahyidin.
Dia sudah lama dalam politik.
Dia tahu, bila nak bertindak dan bila nak diam.
Diam Mahyidin, diam ubi.
Semakin lama, semakin berisi.

Anonymous said...

Tan Sri Muhyi and Tun Mahathir why wait, spill the beans and strip this guy totally naked. You two must know the truth about what he's done. Don't let us rakyat suffer. Please expose Najib to his skin. It's the only way to unleech this parasite. Then only the country can move on. Healing will take time though.

Anonymous said...

Salam. In Japan a leader who is clouded with such scandal would have resigned voluntarily. In older Japan the same leader would have done the harakiri. In Malaysia honor has no meaning.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Aspan,

A very good view in your writing for me but not this only sentence, 'Najib’s integrity is at zero level as a head of government and the only choice that he has own up all his mistakes with pride in front of the rakyat and quit'. For many of us including me believe that Najib's intergrity is not at zero, but negative meaning that below zero level.

IbnAbdHalim said...

He's scared of RM than anyone else. So, he isn't resigning.

Anonymous said...

Salam Tuan Aspan,

Menurut fatwa kitab biru Parti Lebai, PM Najib belum terbukti bersalah dan perlu dipertahankan sehinggu PRU14...

Anonymous said...

Death is just a stone's throw away, even for one born with a silver spoon in his mouth. A diamond studded plate won't feed you no good when you are deserted in the grave.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Din n Tun baik hati. Both want Najibb to quietly go n fade away into the horizon. But, like An war, he picks war.