21 February 2016

Najib wants Mahathir to admit that he was instrumental in the formation of UMNO Baru

Najib repeated his claim that he and the youth wing were the ones who made UMNO Baru to exist with great success in 1988. It was UMNO youth wing under his leadership’s contribution that UMNO Baru successfully formed which brought all the UMNO members to migrate to UMNO that was organized by Dr Mahathir Mohammed. He claims that without him and the youth wing the new party would have been a still born party. At that point of time (1988) the original UMNO was outlawed by the high court presided by judge Harun Hashim.

Najib was speaking at a function to commemorate his 40 years involvement in politics in Kuala Lumpur yesterday. Now the embattled PM is resting his laurels on his involvements and contributions in the formation of the UMNO Baru  to an extent that he should be showered with praises and should just close all eyes to all his mischiefs to the nation. Najib is implying that his contribution to the successful formation of UMNO Baru in place of the outlawed UMNO (lama) justifies his act to do to anything he pleases to the country.

Najib wants everybody to freely allow him to take the power mandated to him as personal business capital for him to build unlimited personal wealth for his family and close exclusive buddies and associates including Jho Lo and his likes.  He is claiming to legitimize and legalize his wrong doings in return for his important role in the formation of this illegitimate UMNO.  

Mahathir should give Najib a big thank you for his role to help the formation of UMNO Baru but Mahathir still has his commitment to save the nation from being devastated by this man.

After all Najib has received high dividend for his role to help Dr Mahathir in forming UMNO Baru. He has become the PM. He has been perceived to gain huge ‘duit luar’ while he’s in power.  Najib must remember that there were hundreds of thousand other Malays and leaders who helped Mahathir in forming UMNO Baru and they have got nothing out of it. Ghaffar Baba, Anwar Ibrahim and many other more important figures that played more important role than you did Mr PM. Mahathir gave Najib much more favors than Najib’s contribution to Dr Mahathir. Or else he wouldn’t have been the PM which most Malaysians realize that he does not at all deserve to be one (PM).

Now time is up for Najib to go, and he must go if he really loves the nation as he often claims. Take your turn to sacrifice for the people and the nation.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Aspan.

Ha ha ha...The response expressed by Najib has proven that as an Umno Youth Leader at that particular time, he made all the Umno youths just like a crowd of cows for his own interest. No wonder today we can see obviously, almost 100% of the Umno leaders think, behave and act as perfect as cows. I was trying hard to think what type of animal to be chosen for not to use pigs in my comment.

Anonymous said...

More like TIME is PAST DUE than Time is up! By standing down is not SACRIFICE after huge damage is done to the Good Name of the Country!

bogbong said...

Whats more important is the general public. Our economy has gone down the drain and still going down.....not yet bottom out. A political stalemate will aggravate and prolong the the hardship of the common people.

Thus one camp must win and win it decisively...... Like it or not everybody have to rally behind the current PM and help him steer the country out of the economic storms.

While during this adverse situation any mutiny should be dealt with decisively like we have to deal with them in the battlefields....... Everybody have to fully obey the general........any opposition shall figuratively be killed to save life of more people

tebing tinggi said...

Though he might play his role to the new formation of UMNO ,what right thus he got to destroy it now ?.

Actually what his telling ,that he is more powerful the then PM, Mahathir muhammad who not has no power to stop UMNO from being derecognize .

Unknown said...

At that time Mahathir killed off Ku Li's challenge with two borrowed knives, i.e Najib and Anuar Musa both seen before that as Ku Li's people.

Poor Mahathir !, now those borrowed knives return to haunt him.

Unknown said...

At that time Mahathir killed off Ku Lis's challenge with 2 borrowed knives, i.e Najib and Annuar Musa, both then believed as Ku li's trusted lieutenant.

Poor Mahathir ! Now they ganged up to finish off the old elephant and assume the new leadership of the herd.