26 March 2016

Najib has to be dismounted from all his positions now

We can’t afford to allow one person to ruin the country and we can’t give in to a leader who plunders the country to an unrecognizable level like we are going through under Najib now.  We are not able to stomach the image of a PM who is looked upon like a criminal printed by international media houses as it damages the image of the nation to the world community very seriously.

We want a system where political leaders in the government just oversee the running of the country is done by the system appropriately and disallow any misappropriation by the implementers especially the civil servants who are paid handsomely to run and implement the system formulated by the politicians. It’s not ethically right to allow the political leads entrusted to oversee the running of the government themselves involved in the implementation as that is entirely wrong way of administrating the democratic system. The system should stay perpetually whichever party is mandated to rule the country even though there can be changes in policy when another party is mandated to govern.

This is the basic change that we need to see if there is another leader who takes over the current rotten government that is led by the globally badly perceived PM that we have at the moment. We used to get very near to that system of government but things changed since thirty years ago when the legislative have been encroaching the functions of the government and since then we have had not been able to correction to the spoilt and damaged system of running the government.

Consequently we are having been rotting the system where the legislative centralize the power in their hands. The chief of the Legislative, i.e. the PM has full power and all the democratic system and institutions are all totally impaired as if there is no more government that suits to the attribute of a democratic government that we falsely claim to have. It’s not wrong to say that the system that Najib runs the country is not much different than the system run by the communist.

Worse than the communist, Najib is taking charged on every movement and decision made by the government agencies and the implementer remain as the conduits of the crooked PM that we have ever had since independence. No system is running the country any longer and that contributes to far deviations of manners of ruling a government. Decisions are made on adhoc basis and we are oblivious of having a good and well implemented government.

These problems need to be mitigated as early and the only way is to oust the sitting PM and the whole Cabinet that rule the nation currently. Changing of a PM is very normal process in the democratic system of government. As I have mentioned time and again that Japan used to have her PM changed three times in one year not long ago but the government still stays. All the Japanese PMs ousted from office were all done by the fellow ruling party legislative but the system that runs the country makes the country and the government exists and remains one of the biggest economic powers of the world.

Now all the legislative members of the country are duty bound to save this country from the plundering done by the sitting PM and there is nothing wrong of doing it. Najib and the rest of the members are equal in parliament except that Najib is the first among equals. Every member of the legislative now has the moral obligations to oust Najib from his office or else they will be deemed to be acting in consort with Najib in ruining the country. Historian will read and write on them that way.

We want a true leader and not a pest to rule us. After all Najib was not elected by the people, but instead elected to the premiership by the members of the coalition of BN. Claiming that Najib was elected by the people is truly despicable and contemptible.

Najib may be in the situation of riding on the back of a tiger that makes him hard to dismount. But the grave situation that we face now warrants him to be dismounted instantaneously to save the country that we love.


Anonymous said...

Saya raakyat biase.Rungsing dgn PM n wakil2 rakyat skrg.Saya faham knape wakil rakyat krajaan punya posisi.Tapi, wakil2 rakyat pembangkang knape lesu.

Lagi tak faham. IMDB kata kes pengewangan anak syarikat Edra selesai. Ingatkan dah jual Edra ni.Tup tup , hutang dgn bank2 lokal selesai dgn pertukaran saham. Ada nilai lagi ke saham Edra ni.
Jika saham Edra sebenarnya tak ada nilai sangat, ini akan membebankan bank2 lokal. Boleh jadi spt NPL.

Saya satu lagi resah sbb pihak kerajaan skrg suka nak saman rakyat jelata.Apa dah jadi pada negara kita?
BN-UMNO umpamakan negara ini belong to it ke?

Anonymous said...

All these talks will come to nothing if no actions taken. Only Mahathir is the smartest and boldest amongst us Malaysians to act out the process of removing Najib. He is a true Malaysian fighting for the best of this country. All Malaysians from all walks of life, who love this country, should galvanise behind him and give their undivided support. Give hom the people power. Lets make this country great.