11 March 2016

Citizen declaration, the advent of political maturity

I am more persuaded to believe that there are blessings in whatever is happening in the Malaysian politics. I feel the blessing is that with the groaning issues created by the ill perceived PM Najib politics in this country seems to be in the process of maturity. The different political parties with different ideologies and struggles that have been creating a wide political divide are fast narrowing ever since they realized that they are facing hazardous common enemy, Najib and his cohorts.

After all it now proves that all political parties believe that are obligated to address that nation’s issues have to be addressed first before their individual party struggles. As the nation is facing the most exasperating time and facing the possibility of being devastated by the most irresponsible and undeserving PM that the country has ever come across, all warring political parties are now burying their differences to go for one ultimate motive i.e. to save the nation from continuously being ruled by the hungry plunderers and pillagers who rule the nation. They say, “Let’s save the nation first before our own party struggles” It's an indication of political maturity is in the making.

All parties from both sides of the divide now conclusively believe that the nation and her people are now having one enemy i.e a corrupt leader who has been freely pillaging the country without slightest conscience in him. He was not only giving trouble to the country but many others in the banking sectors worldwide who were involved with the 1MDB transaction issues were facing problems with their jobs. Some were dismissed by their banks and some were resigning once the news of the scandal acts were made public by the international media houses. The only person who refuses to resign is the originator of the scandal, Najib Razak.

In the mean while there are quarters who are taking advantage of the recent citizen declaration headed by Dr Mahathir. Mubarak Selangor headed by Abu Hasan Omar volunteers to plat the mediator between what he perceives to be the standoff between Mahathir and Najib. Abu Hasan and Mubarak Selangor have not understood the real issue. There has been no standoff between Mahathir and Najib. Instead the standoff is between the rakyat and the Prime Minister individually. Through the citizen declaration the rakyat now have the premise to voice their disillusionment towards Najib and they demand for Najib removal instantaneously. Mahathir is just the tools of the bleeding Malaysian who want to see the nation continue to exist without Najib. They want to be free from the politically and economically hemorrhaged Malaysians.

The people have conclusively believed that Najib is too dishonest to lead the nation. A leader who has lost his believability as a leader should quit without delay. He and his line of Cabinet should leave Putrajaya as early and do not loiter around in the government any longer. They are failed leaders.

Everyone should take the citizen declaration as the advent of real political maturity for the country.  

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Anonymous said...

"America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves."
- Abraham Lincoln

President Lincoln could have said it for Malaysia.