28 July 2016

Malaysians are sick of perpetual betrayal by Najib and his Cabinet, please leave

The US Justice Department’s move to seize the over USD 1 billion assets of the cronies and proxies of the PM that was believed to derive from the illicitly solicited money from 1MDB has compelled PM Najib to act with poker face and disposes himself as not answerable to the most gigantic financial scandal that the world historians have ever recalled. Najib has been disclaiming the public conclusive perceptions and believes that he was involved in the scandals all along but the public and the world community are just unable to digest the notion that he is innocent.

How to believe that Najib is innocent? 1MDB was his brainchild and the persons involved and mentioned in the civil law-suits by the US Attorney General are all within his family and friends. The amount involved in the purchases of expensive properties in the US by his step-son Riza and Jho Lo are beyond comprehension. So it is not by coincidence that the RM2.6 billion of funds finally landed in Najib’s personal account in Kuala Lumpur. No one believes that the RM2.6 billion was a donation. He can tell that cock-and bull stories to his foot soldiers like Salleh Keruak, Anuar Musa, Rahman Dahalan, Ismail Sabri and Mr Azalina and please Mr Najib, don’t insult other thinking Malaysians with that blatant bluffs.

Najib should surrender to the people of Malaysia and the world and just own up all his liabilities and his misdeeds and transgressions on the sovereignty of the country. He should resign together with his Cabinet for collectively responsible and accountable for this massive misappropriation of hard earned public funds to the magnitude which is beyond comprehensions. The entire cabinet has got to go for retirement and live in repentance and practise some human and self-spiritual cleansing before you ultimately face the creator.  

The legal papers that the US Justice Department produced for the seizure of assets and monies from Jho Lo and Reza Aziz are already a public documents and everyone can read and digests all its contents. It’s shocking to know how the money moved from 1MDB to the accounts of Riza and Jho Lo companies and to the personal account to the Malaysian Official 1.

We will know how the US 200 million was spent on paintings and other luxury items and how the money was spent in the Casino burrows in Las Vegas. The investigations went deep and it goes as far as the taping of Jho Lo’s conversations by FBI in his dubious dealings with the money of 1MDB. The papers also show us that the criminal charges will soon follow the civil suits on the names mentioned in the documents and of course it will also charge the Malaysian Official 1 as mentioned in it.

The situation is so grave that Najib and the entire Cabinet should be answerable to the people and the first step for Najib and the Cabinet to do is to resign en block and let the people find another clean and magnanimous leader to lead and exercise total revamp for the rotten government. I am sure there are still relevant instruments available to have the government changed apart from General Elections.

The people can’t accept insults and invectives from the lies and deceptions in perpetuity from Najib and his gangs. Najib really thinks that all Malaysians are like Salleh Keruak and Rahman Dahalan. It’s insulting for the PM to think that we are just another Annuar Musa and Ismail Sabri or Fuad Zakarshi. AND of course we are far from Adnan Mansur.


Anonymous said...

Kurang ajar kerajaan malaysia membiarkan rakyat nya curi duitnya sendiri dan guna negera luar untuk menghalalkannya. Tak malu ka? Just quit Najib. You have no integrity and credibility to run Malaysia for us. Yes BN may have been democratically elected. But we don't need you to lead this country. You are shameless and gut less and there is not a single moral fibre that runs in your vein. What a pity. A son of one of the most respected national fighter reduced to become the pariah of the world

Anonymous said...

Wahid ganti Sarji kat pnb.
harap dia tak disuruh guna $$$ wang pnb utk tutup lobang imdb.

Anonymous said...

couldn't agree more when you point up salleh keruak and rahman dahlan.these two lousy fellow are shameless kissing his boss`s ass and no dignity at all.

Anonymous said...

RASUAH RASUAH RASUAH. Thats what we will greet these buggers instead of the usual salam

Anonymous said...

Najib how dare you make this country like your own shit bucket? What is wrong with you and members of your family? Do you have genetic defect?

Anonymous said...

Najib anda layak digelar bapa pembohongan malaysia.