19 September 2016

Najib will lick his own wound ultimately

Umno is fast devastating and will soon be history if the party is not prepared to go for a change in its culture and attitude towards a proper and clean government and politics. Almost all leaders in Umno in particular the members of the Supreme Council are attacking the oppositions as Umno realizes that the party is expeditiously crumbling and fragmenting to ashes. The undeserving member of the council Ismail Sabri Yaacob and others are blaming the oppositions and Umno dissidents that they are all out to destroy their party, not Dr Mahathir or the oppositions.

All the self-seeking tones of bouts and attacks on the oppositions and towards the forming of the new Mahathir motivated party PPBM clearly reflect the real dreads of the party’s self-assurance in retaining power in coming general elections or even before that.

The Supreme Council members like Adnan Mansor, Nazri, Salleh Keruak and Ismail Sabri are among the leaders of the ailing party who keep on unfailing personal attacks on Dr Mahathir and the oppositions. All these personal assaults on the oppositions and the newly formed party PPBM are the illustrations of dreads of its capacity to retain power and Umno realizes the danger of losing grasp of power.

Umno leaders are blaming everyone other than themselves for their flaws and irretrievable weaknesses. They were the ones who turn Umno into a mediocre party with weak leadership with poor human values that has led the party to be impregnated with colossal corruptions and unrestrained abuse of power. Hence no one believes what Najib says and to the eyes and minds of Malaysians and global observers he has turned himself to be a legendary ‘stand-up’ comedian.  Nothing of his words is consumed and digests by anybody with sanity.

Don’t talk about Dr Mahathir’s sincerity for fighting against graft-laden PM, but the facts remain that Najib has given everyone reasons and causes for him to be removed from his current position just to save the country from further corrosion and desolations.

Najib fails to realize that those who oppose him in the open are not his danger-dagger but those who pretentiously support him are the ones who make him weak and fragile politically. He has his own Cabinet members who are in the talk with the oppositions to topple him systematically. Some of his Cabinet members are feeling the pulse that he is not anymore a viable leader for them to defend.

There is noticeable whispering among his Cabinet members admitting that Najib is too feeble for them to lean on. They believe that Najib’s days are numbered and these Cabinet members are not anymore interested to defend the PM but to defend what they had secured and accumulated from Najib all these years. They are more interested in keeping their personal interest than defending Najib whom they think is sinking politically.

This pretentious and superficial support for Najib is really hurtful for him. The silent insubordinations will eventually make Najib truly an orphanage leader in his own party and Cabinet a little while more and from then on nobody will pay any attention to him any longer.

Nobody can guess how is he going to end his life and by the way it goes Najib will never be able to retrieve his image as a respected leader and he will be morally in perpetual destitute.  We feel sorry for him but that was his own choice that nobody should be blamed for that state he will be in.

He will be alone like a dog licking his own wound ultimately.


Anonymous said...

You forgot that UMNO and Najib have lots of money. Malays only obey money ... just look at the cabinet and people like Ali Tinju. So long as they have money to give to the Malays, UMNO will be fine.

dt rahman pekan said...

urban support is almost non existent.
once d rural folks realise that najib is really a common thief, then UMNO is seriously in danger of disintergration.

4 PRU 14 d battle royale is definitely in d rural seats.

Mali Bin Muyung said...

With TM on the opposition side, at the moment, the chances of toppling Najib and his cohorts is bright.
The major obstacle is the attitude of the Malay voters.
Not 4 getting the locals of East Msia.
As 4 me, I just cant wait to be part of history making.
Insha Allah.

Anonymous said...

najib's stink has reached far and beyond even to my mum's sekolah pondok.
dont worry it will be sooner than later for najib to fall on his face.
thx to unrelentless effort put up by most of bloggers

Anonymous said...

Najib and his Cronies are living in Denial....
Their Days in Power are Numbered.

Anonymous said...

Only TDM talks sense and fearlessly. No other Malay leader talks direct like him. No beating around the bush.He is the last of the Malay leader. Hope he achieves glory for the Malays before he passed us.

Anonymous said...

When UMNO falls somebody have to watch out all UMNO assets are in the right hands. They are all wringing their hands as to how to divide the loot if it has not been done so!

Anonymous said...

menyingkirkan Najib dan mengalahkan UMNO skrg ni seolah-olah mcm satu tuntutan fardhu kifayah. mudah2an hajat anda semua tercapai.

Unknown said...

Criticisms may be unpleasant. But sigh, there is no injury or open wound to lick, be it in a destructive or constructive criticism. Nevertheless, destructive criticisms are actually therapeutic that will re-energise Najib and UMNO to regain strength and confidence and will make him and UMNO stronger to fight and to continue to administer this country..Allah willing.

Anonymous said...

The whole world is watching especially SEA nations and the Muslim world. Just like Marcos, when he falls due to his corruptions and devilish governance policies, these nations will take notice and would want to follow suit. Najib cannot be allowed to succeed and get away with it.

Anonymous said...

Permainan politik Akta355 sudah lama digunakan UMNO untuk memancing undi orang orang islam/melayu sejak tahun 1986 lagi....
Permainan politik ini diteruskan dengan memperbodohkan PAS sebagai macai baru. Sudah berbelas kali Jawatankuasa Teknikal ditubuhkan, pi mai pi mai tang tuuu jugak.

Umno memerlukan macai baru untuk "re-fresh" permainan isu ini. Kesian ahli ahli PAS berketuakan macai UMNO.