29 November 2016

Najib will only destroy the nation, he is hopeless and should leave

I have not touched this writing machine for 2 months. I thought it would be good for me to recluse myself from commenting on political issues in this blog. However it is good to come back and just write some comments, not to get out of the updates far too long.

The situation now is very fluid in all turfs. We have all the reasons to get worried especially on the fall of the ringgit against most major and regional currencies. Ringgit seems to be the worst hit currency and if not accurately mitigated by the government it will bring serious and tectonic consequences to the nation and the people.

The self-consoling statements by Bank Negara and our half-baked leaders claiming that we have all the fundamentals strong and intact seem not to hold water. If it’s all strong and intact why is the ringgit disorderly falling? It has to have a cause for that. There must be a cause for a cause.

If all the economic fundamentals are strong but paralleled with the fall of the ringgit, can we suggest any other reason other than deficit in confidence towards our leadership of the day as the main cause?

The corruption issues that engulf our leaders especially on PM and the whole bunch of the legislatives and the civil service inevitably are the main contributing factors to the plunge of confidence towards this country especially from the foreign as well as the local investors.

The latest revelation of more than RM 800 billion debts is truly frightening and gruesome news for thinking Malaysians. This was the results of massive corruptions that prevail in all kinds of stripes and forms in the country. No investors and no business activities can be sustainable in this corruption infested country.

We are now stuffed with USD 128.2 billion in short-term external debts against the dwindling national reserves to USD 100 billion has a direct parallels to the fall of ringgit. The ringgit spot price closed at 4.47 yesterday and there is no indication that it will improve in the near foreseeable future.

With this environment it’s hard to believe the PM and the Finance Minister can address and mitigate this huge problem facing the nation. He can only help to destroy the nation. He should leave. The longer he stays on the deeper we are in trouble.

No one is going to pay any attention to his rhetorics in the upcoming Umno General Assembly.  


Anonymous said...

Bubarkan parlimen dan adakan PRU. Dunia nak lihat samada Najib masih kuat lagi.

Mali Bin Muyung said...

Running a Government is NO small matter. Its extremely unfortunate that our country is being run by hopelessly incompetent politicians who in my humble opinion are more interested in enrichong themselves above anything else. V hv minister who hv tome to make fun of someone surname. Hard to believe.
Hopefully, aith all the hardship most Msians r going thro, will open mosy eyes n considet alternafive party to govern come next election.

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum Mr Aspan

Nice to know you're here after almost two months not sending any post via this blog.

Corruption??? No no no, the fact is, to fulfil their mean of the transformation effort...so to them(only to them) corruption must be transformed as donation.

Kah kah kah...That is one of the attribute of UMNO