02 September 2016

We need the change, if possible instantaneously

Politically Najib is already suffering from ‘brain death’.  He’s not able to function meritoriously as a party leader and as the head of government. He splits his party and weakens the government he heads. Even his Cabinet colleagues are visually bushed in defense of his incorrigible and irredeemable image as the head of a government. He fails the people and government and he flops in all turfs and arenas. Hence he is now heading the weakest government that history can recall which is beyond comprehension.

Let’s us put in our mind that he is already politically kaput. I am with the ordinary Malaysians who are now poised to have a new leadership and to restart and remodel the nation anew as this blog has been emphasizing for a long while. Najib has to go together with all his appointees in the Cabinet and government and that is a natural practice that is going to take place in any democratic country. When a Prime Minister resigns or ousted the whole Cabinet will go with him.

It will be an obligatory on the part of the new leader to reform the legislatives especially at the federal level and to redefine their functions and responsibilities of all the legislative members once and for all. There should be a stop to the current practice where the federal legislative members were busy politicking and the state level in the quest to hold party positions at the divisional level. The federal legislative members should be focusing on their legislative functions and let the state legislative members to deal and handle politic at their respective divisions or districts. The federal leadership chooses the candidates for the General Elections and the state leadership must accept the choices of the federal leadership.

In essence the concept federalism must be enhanced and respect the sovereignty of all the states and must accept that the sovereignty of the federal government derives from the sovereignty of each individual state that makes up the federation.  It’s too demoralizing that the federal government’s mistreatment of the states that are under the administration of the oppositions and disrespect the choice of the rakyat of the respective states. The issue of the oil royalty shouldn’t have surfaced as the agreement of the federal (Petronas) was the agreement between the federal government and the people of the states through their mandated government.

The federal government refuses to honor the vestine deeds agreement just because the people of the states did not mandate the ruling federal government party (BN) in their states. This ‘arm-twisting’ and dictatorial-like rule should not happen anymore in the new administration. We must have a truly democratic government that respects the wishes of the people.

That is the main reason why the leadership of the federal government must be one with high magnanimity, well respected by both local and international community and have high ethics of administration and compounded with personal high integrity with superb human value. There have been very large and deep leadership problems for the past three decades as personal politics of the leaders who were impregnated with ‘greed, anger and foolishness’ in them were their culture. They leave the basic doctrines of nation building far behind their personal self-satisfactions, ego and individuality.

While we admit that we are miles behind the nations once behind us, it is still not too late to catch up with them provided we have a real, prim and proper leader to alternate the current ailing Cabinet and administrators.

We truly need that change if possible instantaneously. Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah must be prepared to take up the mantle. He is the only one left in the legislative who is  fit to remodel this beautiful nation to a greater height. 


Anonymous said...

Salam tuan
just want to add a few words..
"Najib has to go together with all his appointees in the Cabinet and government and ... all BN + PAS MPs that have no teluq to vote of no confidence on him or rather to boot the thief leader out of his premiership just like the brave Brazilian MPs did to their corrupt President."

dt rahman pekan said...

najib wil not surrender wthout fighting 2 d end. this is d wish of rosmah. both know very well that both their asses hv been xposed.

najib is cooked. however rosmah's wealth is still being searched. once d money trail is discovered, she 2 will b cooked. i believe Doj n FBI hv d details n will reveal at d right moment.

tun m's position is very clear. he wants najib n UMNO 2 b buried soonest. however TR n Paak Lah has not made their position very clear.

Musa is a hypocrite n lacks credidility. he is only interested in ensuring his legacy will b positive.

d moment TR n Pak Lah opine that najib shld go, d rest will increase d pressure. however I still maintain my stand that '2 get rid of rosmah's influence in gonernment najib has 2 b sacrificed'.

Anonymous said...

Abu Mas'ud 'Uqbah bin 'Amr al-Ansari al-Badri(r.a.) reported that the Messenger of Allah(s.a.w.) said:
"The Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, said: ‘Among the earlier prophetic teachings that have come down to people is this:- If you do not feel shame, do what you wish.’ "

(Related by Bukhari)

Mr. Aspan, Ah Jib Gor has renounced his good conscience. Shameless, Najib Razak will now descend into injustice and tyranny to secure his personal interests even as he fears the retribution of justice for his crimes.

Ryahaya said...

Ah Jib brings shame to his respected father and and his siblings. His aged mother is suffering for what he has seemed done. I believe Ah Jib's has tarnished Tun Razak and all those connected to him. Ah Jib and the entire cabinet must take responsibility and call for a General Election NOW.

Anonymous said...

Malays are a corrupted lot and now accepts thievery by its leaders as a norm.only way to get Najib, is to bring down UMNO. TDM Najib is praying to a different Allah when he said he is only afraid of Allah.

Anonymous said...

May God (Allah) protect Malaysia and save her from the hands of Irresponsible Leader.