06 December 2016

Najib should also blame Mahathir for placing him as the PM

Najib is incessantly claiming that BN and UMNO will still win the next general election and in his desperate effort to rally the Malays he now plays a racial card and intimidates the Malays that DAP will take the leadership of the government after the coming general elections. He shamelessly threatens the Muslim that Islam will be finished in this country if UMNO fails to hang on power. I feel sorry for him as he has turned himself to be a mediocre in front of the delegates and the ordinary people during his party’s general assembly.

He is now electrifying the war drum against the opposition especially DAP and the newly formed BERSATU led by Dr Mahathir as well as PKR and PAN. Najib in his lengthy, hollow and unexciting speeches all along the almost one week long assembly cautioned the Malays will ‘merempat’ if UMNO loses power. Who wants to believe him because this has been the same old issue every time the country faces general election since we achieved independence six decades ago.  

On the other hand the Malays are actually in the fast lane of ‘merempat’ of late, due to the lackluster and undependable leadership of UMNO. The issue he raised reminds me of the usual BTN (Biro Tata Negara) motivated issue which is already out-of-date and the public at large don’t buy that any longer. If at all UMNO has been focused on developing the Malays and this multi-racial country in good manner we wouldn’t have been facing issues of corruptions and daylight robberies at this current scale on our nation’s wealth. We have been plundered and pillaged to the scale beyond any reasonable mind can comprehend.

Nobody among those who left UMNO initially wanted UMNO to be done with but they have to dump UMNO because the party still maintains the crumbs and the scraps to lead the oldest party. So the party has got to go in order to do away with the leaders that hang on to the party. Had the members do away with these crumbs and scrap leaders BERSATU wouldn’t have existed in the first place. Now the truth has prevailed more clearly with the imminent collaboration of UMNO with PAS and it truly proves that the good is for the good and the bad is for the bad.

The bad and the scraped UMNO goes with the crumbed leadership of PAS while the relatively more responsible leaders in UMNO left the party and join the oppositions to ensure that the remaining winning candidates from UMNO and BN to sit at the opposition bench after the coming general election in all legislative assemblies, states and the federal. If the oppositions succeeded in going one to one contest with the BN UMNO is certainly having good chance of changing the government. The people are not going to tolerate UMNO for allowing the party to be dwelled by devils and evil leaders anymore. Enough is enough.

Changing the bench we sit on is very common in a democratic nation. For two hundred years the Democrat and the Republican have been taking turns to rule the US. The Conservative and the Labor party have been alternating power of Britain and so do any other democratic nations that practices true and actual democracy. Most of Umno leaders especially Najib don’t care the direction of the party goes as long as power is maintained in perpetuity.

He has been strongly attacking the oppositions especially DAP and the former PM Dr Mahathir as responsible for the split among the Malays and Malaysian. We must not deny that Malaysians want unity among races but they do not want to unite under irresponsible and corrupt leaders we currently have. They want to be united under more civil government with high governance and free from corruption at this scale.

UMNO leaders are unfailingly criticizing Dr Mahathir for working hand-in-glove with DAP and Lim Kit Siang by electrifying the issue of old enemies getting together to kill the democratically elected PM. However we want to ask back Najib in the open and we hope to get answers from him as immediately. We are supposed to work against all kinds of evil deeds motivated by the devils but that is just what Najib does ever since he ascended to power. If Najib is that responsible why is he involved in huge corruption scandals centering on 1MDB? The scandals of this scale can only be committed only by great devils which exist solely to create calamities to the world.

Najib is blaming everything on Dr Mahathir for the split in UMNO and the Malays. If at all Mahathir was at fault here, Najib must admit that it was also the faulty decision of Dr Mahathir to promote and made him to be the Prime Minister of this country isn’t it? Hence he is the PM that was wrongly picked by Dr Mahathir and therefore he must resign instantaneously. Why is he not blaming Dr Mahathir for choosing him to alternate Abdullah Badawi who was another careless choice of Dr Mahathir that has eventually creates scary situation that we are in now?  

Najib is stopping at nothing to defend his position and to cover all his evil deeds to the people. He wants everybody especially the Malays to be united under him to continue what he has been addicted to, that is misuse of power….and he blames everybody, DAP, Mahathir and the rakyat at large for all the pranks and his shenanigans he commits without qualms.

Najib can’t take refuge from all his evil deeds by being a compulsive liar.  The last bastion of defense for Najib now is playing GOD and religions to retrieve his waning support from the people especially the Malays.

However everything he does is all acts that are against GOD and his religion. His deputy says Najib is sent by God to us, so just support him unequivocally. Zahid was trying to tell us that God permits Najib’s acts of plundering the country to ashes. Do we buy that??

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