16 February 2017

Umno, don't rest your laurels on the past successes, you are now a corrupt addiction party, worse than drug addiction

Umno has lost all attributes and characteristic of a nationalist party. The slogan ‘Umno itu Melayu, Melayu itu Umno’ is now an ancient history. Umno has also lost the credibility as the leader of other parties within Perikatan and subsequently Barisan Nasional (BN) is already in oblivion. In actual fact MCA and MIC, the two major component of BN in the Peninsula Malaysia were the victims of Umno’s mischief-maker image and perception.

Now MCA has lost all moral to represent the Chinese community after the party has performed well to build up Malaysia and succeeded in building up the Chinese community to greater height. In fact the structural successes we now see in Penang, Kuala Lumpur and all major towns in the peninsula were contributed by MCA together with Gerakan by working together with UMNO the lead party for Barisan Nasional.

MCA was very successful in providing high standard of education to Malaysians and the Chinese. I must commend and acclaim MCA leaders like Lee San Choon and his entire previous MCA presidents for the obvious and testimonial successes in building the Tunku Abdul Rahman College and other educational institutions that has contributed enormously to the development of Malaysia specifically for the Chinese community at large. Those good times we saw how Umno and the rest of the parties in BN were focusing every effort for nation building without much news of waywardness of the parties within the coalition. 

The last respectful leader for Gerakan was the late Lim Keng Yaik. After him Gerakan was lost in the woods as the party like UMNO did not have any more quantifiable leaders to inherit the party leadership with high ethics and moral to lead. MCA and Gerakan wouldn’t have been sidelined by the Chinese had Umno was able to maintain the credibility as the component leader like it used to be.

When Umno deviates from its struggles it brings the components to deviate too. Umno was in command and the component parties had to chart their activities in tandem with the political culture of Umno which has deviated wayward and grotesque of their struggles and moralities. Hence it was Umno that brings MCA and other component parties to this current inconceivable state.

It’s not inaccurate to say that Umno has ceased to be an effective leader to the BN components but more apparent to be more of a pest instead to the BN. Umno, as I have been saying repeatedly has failed to choose and front trustworthy and inheriting the leadership to Najib and gang was extremely a severe and grave error and that costs the nation dearly. As Umno leadership has all the way been decided by the party elites and warlords the persons accountable for placing Najib to the helm of power were all the few warlords in particular our great Mahathir who at one time could walk on water.

Now Mahathir is the most enraged and disillusioned leader watching all the pranks and the shenanigans committed by his used to be most lovable protégé Najib. Najib is more absorbed to care for what he gains from Mahathir and he now takes Dr Mahathir as his number one enemy when his former mentor wants him to resign. Najib wants everyone in Umno hierarchy and in the government to lend him undivided support and allow him to take everything by his whim and fancies.  

Najib and his Cabinet take their public offices as their business premises and in every decision by the government they usually attest their personal interests in huge and momentous projects especially in the infrastructure related undertakings. In each and every project announced there is corruption and corrupt practices are already an addiction to almost every law maker who holds executive positions in the public offices. They usually conspire with the civil service and that’s how government servants at all levels succumb to corrupt addiction. Bear in mind that corrupt addiction is more devastating than drug addiction as it brings the government and the country to unadulterated sufferings.

Umno should stop resting its laurels on the old successes of the party. However the current Umno and its leadership fail to maintain the successes of the previous leadership but instead have become synonymous to corruptions and power abuse. Current Umno is saddled by plunderers, thieves and unbearable corrupt leaders and compulsive liars. 

(To be continued)


Anonymous said...

It has been a long time since your last posting, Saudara Aspan. Welcome back and Syabas!

Anonymous said...

Mr Aspan.

In short, UMNO will become the rubbish of our nation history for the future generation undoubtedly.

Mali Bin Muyung said...

Yes anoy, v welcome him back.
Missed his writing.