19 February 2017

Umno is beyond recognition

In my posting three days ago I mentioned that Umno is no more a protector of the Malays and Malaysians as it does nothing other than to ruin the nation to this inconceivable state. Umno had cultivated serious damage to the nation’s political and governmental and human value. Umno has damaged the total rule of law and decadence of all democratic systems that our fore fathers had built.

We used to be the nearest to the level of the first world mentality during the first three PMs but the inheritors after those three PMs were not able to sustain the good governance that the Tunku, Razak and Hussein built and maintained. We have digressed wayward and seems not being able to arrest the situation with the crop of mandated leaders that we have at the moment.

After Tunku, Razak and Hussein era, were no more politics but pure politicking and personal politics that slowly but steadily brings our politics to this current ludicrous and preposterous state. The corrupt culture is now the biggest disorder; however this is just a fractious of the bigger disastrous malady that the nation is facing. Now we have leaders who schmooze and dissertate on issues on moral, religions and governance but sadly none of those who talk about those issues understand the issues they joyously raise.  All leaders from all sides of the multiple divides talking to each other with different languages that results in deeper misunderstand among them by the day.  

Those warring sides have missed all their points as they don’t understand what the real problems facing the nation including those who talk about transformations and reformations they shout about. Rightly or wrongly, nothing can be solved unless one understands what the real problems are up to specific. How are we trying to solve problems if we do not understand what the problems are?

If we try to choose and pick among those law makers who are now enjoying the executive positions in the ministries and government we are going to be disappointed as they are the ones responsible and the agents for the current state of devastating politics. They were the ones who break everything to ashes and it’s suicidal in asking them to fix everything back.

I have lavishly said repeatedly that UMNO and its undeserving leaders are the ones that break all good systems and we can give them the responsibility to fix it back if we have intentions to make things go worse.  I am conclusive with the perception that alternating Najib with among those in the current Law Makers in the ministries is as good as no change as no body among them can get to show the difference.

What make the country turned into corrupt heaven? There is a simple answer i.e. nobody is overseeing that heinous and nauseating acts of corruption in every ministry and department.. The Ministers and the law makers who are in the Ministries who were supposed to oversee that all policies are implemented appropriately by the implementer were not exercising their duties honorably but instead conspire with the implementer to practice corruptions and power abuse.

To the Umno leader’s corrupt practices are already deeply ingrained in them and they take that every project that the government decides the personal interest of the Law Makers and the civil servants will automatically be attested to the projects and usually the project will be given out at inflated prices as kick-backs and commissions for the corrupt decision makers as well as the law makers were factored together in huge percentages that turn every project especially in the infrastructure related projects to inflate copiously.

These systematic corrupt practices were done via direct negotiated tenders and it was very easy to factor in the interests of the corrupt individuals involved in projects. In short all leaders since the mid-eighties the Umno-led government has been forsaking the economic and social engineering policies purely to demonstrate fast physical development as an indicator of leadership successes. We wanted to have the highest building in the world, the longest bridges and the tallest flag-post in the entire world. The media was at one time even taken to pride that we had the biggest ‘gong’ located in Angkasapuri compound.

I remember vividly the then Deputy Prime Minister Tun Dr Ismail said it clearly at the Umno General Assembly a year before he died that “we could have double-digit growth but we choose to slower down the development in order to see that no race(s) would be left behind in the fast development of the country. We want no one to be left out in the development of the country”.

Tun Dr Ismail emphasized that if there were any race being left out economically the country would be unstable and the May 1969 incidence was the real proof that equitable distribution of wealth and opportunities were very vital in achieving the national unity.

Where have been those values gone to? Now the country is not just a corrupt country but the country is looted by the elites in Umno to the extent that were are rated to be the most corrupt nation in the world.The country has been entirely vandalized to ashes by the ruling elites without guilt and qualms.

(Let’s continue in the next posting)

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Anonymous said...

UMNO not only often shift their goal post but now no more goal post. I really do not know where they want to bring us to.