08 April 2017

Listen to the plea, Malaysians want a clean government with spotless leader

Umno is going through rough and slippery political terrain as if that there was no other course but to knock into an inevitable fall. As this blog has mentioned quite regularly Najib is riding compactly on the back of a tiger that he is not able to dismount safely.  He is going to plunge together with his party vindicated by the open public court during the forthcoming General Election if he still leads the mother of all elections. We have to admit the fact that Umno's success is conditional. The party has to go for the GE without Najib if the party was still desirous to be re-mandated as the ruling party.

The ‘cash-politics’ is not helping the party he leads any longer as the cash that he splashes through the divisional heads is not going to reach the ground. In the coming GE the cash allotted to the division’s heads will stop flowing to the ground and it will stay put in the accounts of the division heads or their safe deposit saves. I have bumped into many Umno divisions’ leaders lately and they admit that no amount of money can save the party from falling apart and the insecure feelings of the Umno leaders at the divisional level are very prevalent. “The divisional heads might as well keep the money for themselves as their chances to win are much reduced. So why must waste that money?” says one divisional leader to me.

However some of these leaders were still hopeful that Umno could still survive if they destroy the bad cancer cells in Umno and of course the mother of these cancer cells is Najib. There were some evident revolting feelings but some of the party leaders, some in the cabinet while some others in the Supreme Council of the party. They claim that there were still good cells in the cancerous Umno and these good cells are revolting to fight against the bad cells in Umno.

God knows what the consequences would be after these revolts come to the surface. There exists combustible issues that are not sustainable for Umno and the split within it is perceptibly noticeable. Najib is obviously unable to focus on his duties as the chief administrator for the nation as he was so captivated in trying to circumvent the unremitting explosive issues that surface against him every week and month since 2014.

For the oppositions, we are yet to be convinced that they have workable solutions to address the mess that Najib and company have built up for almost a decade. They have to come up with the alternative leader who is magnanimous enough to lead as the leader that alternates Najib has to show his technocratic knowledge intertwined with wide national political familiarity and acceptable by all Malaysian from every race and religious proclivity and faith.

The leader that they need to support should not necessarily from their party echelon as every party has its own idiosyncrasies. It has to be an individual who can understand problems the country is facing up to specific. As long as the reliable elected Member of Parliament he may even come from Umno or any other party in BN or the oppositions. The leader has to be an individual elected Member of Parliament who wins the confidence of the House of Parliament.

For all intent and purposes we must now acknowledge that politics of this country is not entirely dependent on the rakyat across the board. Politics have been seen to be played by few influential individuals in the country. Most of the ordinary leaders from every party at all levels were pure cheer leaders for their leaders and their parties; hence they were not the ones with huge consequences in coming up with the decision as to who should lead and who should not.  

In this situation the most important prerequisite for the settlement of the afflictions and despair of the country is the wisdom word i.e. sacrifice. It means that the sacrifice must also come from Najib and all the individuals that play the politics of the country. Najib should sacrifice if he has the intention of being held as responsible leader which he is yet to bargain. His contribution is by withdrawing from politics as he won’t be able to find the novelty in his life as a leader. He may have his preferences of whom to replace him when he retires.

He can find his replacement with other individuals or leaders have after his much needed retirement. All leaders who play the Malaysian politics need to have wealth of soul and pride. The extent of sacrifice should also come from the current sitting leaders who aspire to be the PM. If it needs be leaders like Zahid Hamidi and others should also come out with pride to withdraw any kind of contesting efforts to be the Prime Minister for the sake of rebuilding the already devastated government of the country. The leaders must come to term that the problems faced by the country is created by the leaders and nothing from the people. The ordinary people were preys of the deceitful and roguish leaders since at least two decades ago who came and go without deterrent.

I have been mentioning the issue of power inheritance at length many times before this was with one reason; alternating the current 'satanic' leadership with a person with questionable moral and values will be a disaster. Changing with immoral and hopeless leader is no change. We are going to be certain that the people are going for another long haul of struggle and it will be going to be facing endless national issues. It is insufficient to put up great efforts and courage but more important is the ultimate purpose of the struggle. 

Let a dignified leader leads and please answer the plea and the entreaty of the desperate Malaysians who are in dire need for a clean and unsoiled government ruling the land. 


Hj Mat said...


I share your worries about the alternative to Najib. Those with Bersatu were all from the same culture of politics.

It is a bit apprehensive to me tuan to get one that has different mind-set and culture from the Najib group.

So confused tuan...

Anonymous said...

Mahathir says that he wants to be the adviser to the gov if PH wins in the election. I think the role of an adviser has got to be defined in detail with him.

I shit scared if his advices are not received well by the PM he will go around again to topple the PM. He did it to Abdullah and now to Najib. There are good reasons for him to dipose Najib as Najib was too corrupt and arrogant.

The fact remains he wants his advice to be listened absolutely. I smell danger here...

Mali Bin Muyung said...

I beg to differ. I think TM has learnt valuable lessons already. He has go accept the fact that he was wrong in choosing his replacement.
Psrhaps it is wise for him to stay put and not to rock the boat.

Adam from kl said...

May God bless everyone's thinking ...for nation's sake