16 April 2017

Malaysia Chronicle, Please stop uploading my articles!

This is a special article and message just for Malaysia Chronicle. I am deadly sick and fed-up with the conduct of Malaysia chronicle for diverting my real attention of writing. While uploading word by word of my articles Malaysia chronicle have been changing the titles of my articles it uploads, don’t know with what intention and motive stored in their mind.

I have been unable to get reached to Malaysia chronicle as such I have to resort writing it openly through this blog that you are fond of manipulating.

Malaysia chronicle…please stop uploading my articles from now on as you are very mischievous with depraved intentions.  What I have been writing were on my own views not the opinions of any other than me, let alone the opinion of any other leader or camps in the country's political fraternity. I don't represent any camp or any organisation. I am on my own.

If you want to have your opinion read by the public write your own articles and create your own editorial column but not to divert and ride on other people’s writing by toying around with the titles and headings of anyone's writeups. You may do it to the rest but not to me please.

I am exceedingly displeased with the unjust and unbecoming conduct of Malaysia chronicle by taking my softness and friendliness as weaknesses.

So Malaysia chronicle…..just stop uploading my articles from now onwards. I am just sick of your unethical disposition. I am not a hired killer (paid blogger) like few others that I know. Just leave me alone.


KTWong87 said...

Malaysia Chronicle is notorious for lifting articles from various sources, with or more likely without permission, and then republishing it on their site. Worse, they use their own titles which often are exaggerated or even spin-doctored. In that I share your disgust at their unethical tactic.

While it would be unusual if malaysia Chronicle has not pickjed up your "stop uploading" posting, you may want to consider contacting them via the "Message Now" link on their Facebook:
https://www.facebook.com/MalaysiaChronicle/ . Or posting "stop uploading" on their Facebook.

They may also respond to one of these addresses:
postmaster@malaysia-chronicle.com, contact@malaysia-chronicle.com,

Anonymous said...

That methods is known as plagiarism which is a very very bad ethics.

I have read your articles in various blogs publishing exactly as what you had written, without any change or edit at all and they also put your name as the writer they referred to. To me, these bloggers have good manner to use your writing in their publishes.

ryaimy said...

Cheers Mr Aspan...you are spot on with the Malaysia Chronicle.