21 July 2008

Najib/Pak Lah intact

Najib is keeping to his current stand not to contest against his boss as yet and his commitment to the ‘treaty’ is intact.

Apparently, Kg Ubai branch was the first branch in Pekan to meet yesterday, and nominated him as the party president in place of Abdullah.

That made Najib and his close lieutenants instantly instructed the branch to retract the decision so as not to let his boss feel embarrassed, just like Balasubramaniam did by retracting from his original statutory declaration.

Najib is too focused in getting his boss ‘Badawi’ impressed by him as the only way for him to move up is through the so called ‘treaty’ that he penned with him (Badawi).

This is obviously marriage of ‘tangkap basah’ between Najib and Pak Lah that binds them temporarily while Pak Lah finds his way to take apart the marriage within this two long years.

Najib is clearly caught in a web and that is normal for any misbehaving leader to face.

I just can’t imagine how Najib can be a good Prime Minister as he can be arm-twisted by dangerous and dubious foreign elements which in the end will cost the nation its sovereignty and cease to be fully independent state.

With the latest development it should be conclusive that Najib is a tame tiger for lame duck Abdullah and this is obvious.

Abdullah has a lot of unsettled issues against him personally and he has to find every bit of chance available to extend his premiership.

Muhyiddin, on the other hand is now trapped as his secret pack with Najib may earn him a nasty consequence of the latest Abdullah/Najib ‘treaty’.

His chance to maintain his VP post is clearly at stake as new set of nominations will set in for that position in the coming party election.

Hishamuddin, Isa Samad, Khaled Nordin, Shafie Afdal, Mustapha Mohammad, Zahid Hamidi, Ali Rustam and many more are in the list.

Everybody is now focusing on Muhyiddin, eagerly wanting to witness his stand in the current situation.

He is quite vocal in his views and statements so far which do not impress the lame duck President.

The question is can Muhyiddin have the ‘balls’ to be side by side with anyone going against Abdullah?

Can he believe to some view that this time around, only the person with courage will ultimately survive? Does he believe this theory? Or he still wants to play the same political game of destitute politicians like the rest?

Does he view this situation as a blessing for him?

Let him do the answering part, but the clue to the answer is very clear and latent: He has to be in line with anyone confronting Pak Lah if he wants his aspiration to be the PM becomes reality. Before that he needs to be the DPM for couple of years.

What he needs is just a bit more courage. That’s it.

Thanks………………………….Aspan Alias


pakbelalang said...

Kau jangan cabar orang Muar oii !! Kawan orang Muar satu kampong dengan Mahyuddin, ada prinsip punyalah, Pan! Kita bukan cabuk punya orang. Orang Muar very humble people and open minded. Kita gaduh pasal politik tapi masih tetap makan mee bandung sama meja dan marhaban bersama. Mahyuddin mesti cabar Pak Lah or Najib. Make no mistake about it. Trust me OK !! kah,kah,kah

Kalau Mahyuddin masuk gelanggang kau kena belanja kawan teh tarik sampai kembong perut!
kah,kah,kah !!

Orang Muar dah calonkan TR. So you must be a very happy man !! Betul tak? Apa nak lagi. Kita tunggu je le !!!

pakbelalang said...

The statement below is all about my respect and love for Tun M, short of being too taksub which of course I am very conscious it is very wrong indeed to go to that extent.

Dear Tun M,

Those people who mention that you are playing racial card are those people who themselves are playing the same game. They are the greatest hypocrite people of the first order. Nothing much can be said about them except to let them continue ranting,ranting and ranting until doomsday! No big deal!! They will never ever achieve their dreams to discredit you.
Your wisdom is totally at different level, Tun. Your credentials are impeccable and nobody could challenge that. There is no comparison between these people and you. Seperti langit dengan bumi. I am sure you will never stoop that low to even bother to give answers to their rants. They are frustrated lot.Yes Sir,you are a great Malay leader championing for the Malays. Make no mistake about it. That is the reality! There is nothing to hide. Let them hear you loud and clear !! No apology whatsoever ! It is your right and your prerogative, Tun!!

Unknown said...

Salam Datuk,

apa pendapat datuk tentang Isu muzakarah umno-pas

adakah ia sememangnya untuk bangsa dan agama atau sekadar untuk meyelamatkan sesetengah pemimpin yang tengah nazak...


pakbelalang said...

Umno information chief Tan Sri Muhammad Muhammad Taib said, Tuesday, that he will contest for the vice-president's post in the coming party polls in December.

kah,kah,kah !! Pemimpin yang dah "expired" tarikh luput kegunaannya masih berhajat nak jadi naib-president. Tak malu ke !! Cerminlah diri.

Tapi tidak mengapalah. Kita tengok macam mana dia berkempen dan juga macam mana ahli-ahli UMNO menilai pemimpin mereka.