11 February 2009

Political hipocrisy harms

The political impasse in Perak has shaped lots of interest from everyone and from every quarter as it was not done in proper and ethical manner.

From what we witnessed, we were taught a lot of lessons on political human behavior which certainly not doing any good to anyone, as it is a total misbehavior of every party and institution related to this uncalled for issues.

The Federal and State constitutions have provided clear and acceptable provisions for arbitration for cases of this nature but some quarters just do not want to follow it through and choose to take the unsettled issues through dubious means for the sake of power and to some public opinion, for the sake of fat money.

Let me sum up the whole issue with the followings:-

1. The stage play by UMNO was really a disgusting act. The same group party leaders and members are now giving submission to the Sultan as the sole person in power to hire and fire the MB, but everyone still vividly remember that the Malay Rulers were put to heinous level by UMNO in the constitutional crisis which UMNO ignited in 1993.

2. UMNO was the party which repealed section 181(2) and 159(5) of the Federal Constitution which washed away the immunity of the Malay Rulers which allows anyone like you and me to sue the Sultan through Special Court and that is just what Karpal Singh is doing. We must admit that Karpal was not the party to diminish the power of the Malay rulers but UMNO was the sole party to it.

3. I am ashamed to read Dr Mahathir’s statement that he is sad to see some groups are showing disrespect to Tuanku Azlan Shah, as he was the one who used to say aloud that the Malay rulers were just an entity to award decorations like Datuks and so forth. He was then the chief of UMNO who walked against then Royal Institution.

4. I am grateful that my long prayers to see Dr Mahathir lives long enough for him to see for himself the damages he created are answered. SO DOC, JUST SEE WITH YOUR NAKED EYES THE consequence OF YOUR DOINGS AND I HOPE YOUR ARE HAPPY TO SEE HOW THIS IMPORTANT INSTITUTION BEING LOOKED DOWN UPON BY THE BENGGALI LIKE KARPAL. Bear in mind Doc, Karpal can sue the Sultan now and that is your clear contributions to affairs in Perak.

5. The whole line-ups of leadership were making statements attacking and smearing the Sultans and the Yang Di Pertuan Besar with mainstream media giving undivided support to Dr Mahathir and UMNO in the smearing campaign.

6. Now UMNO and Najib need the Sultan for their greed and they are drumming slogan in support of the Malay Rulers and this is really the show of hypocrisy of the highest level.

7. In short the incidences of 1993 the Malay Rulers were battered because the Malay Rulers could have sidelined certain top leaders in UMNO while what is currently happening, UMNO needs the support from the Sultan to form a government by dubious means. Until to date there has not been any special sitting in the State Legislative Assembly to move vote of no confidence towards Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin. The cowardice act of BN make the people feel sick and annoyed.

8. To UMNO the Malay Rulers are just the tools for the interest of few individuals in UMNO.

9. God says that ‘Bad is for the bad while the good is for the good’ and what Najib did in Ipoh fits him with the saying flawlessly. The pinching of the 2 PKR Assemblymen who were charged with corruption case add on to the already corrupt laden UMNO.

10. UMNO conclusively is the most conducive sanctuary for all corrupt and mischievous political leaders.

11. As long as there isn’t any vote of no confidence in the State Assembly Mohammad Nizar is still the MB of the state and this is what UMNO is not prepared to do as the law and ethics as well as the constitution might impede their desperate move to control the state government.

12. Please be reminded that Nizar is not the first MB to be thrown out, but all were done in proper manner. We can sight the case of Harun Idris and Rahim Bakar which were all done through the vote of no confidence and people took the cases with reprieve.

13. Somehow we must still respect the Royal Institution even though many may have some apprehension on the person who is in-charge of the institution.

14. Lastly we must remember that Dr Mahathir, Anwar Ibrahim and Najib were the forefront leaders who wanted to see the Malay Rulers to be reduced to rubber stamp in the 1993 constitutional crisis. They are all in one and one in all. All of them had all they wanted but only on our expense.

15. All leaders seem to be adulterous to their role and functions, let us allow nature takes its course as God promises no lie.

Thanks………………………………………………..Aspan Alias


MalayMind said...

I beg to differ.

What Mahathir did was to strip the 'maksum' characteristic of the sultans. That means, the Ruler can now be on trial if they do wrong and that's still in the boundary of justice.

In fact, what he did was to restore justice to both Rakyat and the Ruler by stipping this status.

Having said that, it is completely different from Perak's case.

Anonymous said...


Terima kasih diatas ulasan bernas diatas. Tulisan saudara mencatat rentetan sebenar yang terjadi as l can remembered. l was a young man of 16 then but was politically alert.

My father is one of the cikgus who had devoted all his life for UMNO lama. When it was deregistered 1987 by the court, my father didnt join up UMNO(Baru) out of frustration that TDM had intentionally let UMNO lama ceased forever.

My father, since then was very critical towards TDM. When TDM successfully took away the immunity of our sultan, he wept. Never saw him being so emotional before.

Dia begitu sedih kekecewan membaca atau menonton siaran tv yang saban memperlekehkan raja-raja dan sultan kita masa itu.

l too share his sorrow. Seeing what TDM had done to our country, l am glad that l never join UMNO(Baru), initially out of respect for my father.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget Musa Hitam. He went around the country to campaign together with TDM.

pakbelalang said...


Why? Najib will be Prime Minister of Malaysia. Yeh, yeh, yeh. He is good man.

He makes Anwar like a stupid fool.
Congrats. Najib. Tak kisah apa cara pun, Anwar dah kena "main bontot". Susah nak dapat "bontot" Anwar lo !! Dia licik !!

Samseng Kg Dusun said...

Pan, Orang yg merosakan sistem dan politik dalam malaysia ni sapo deh kau agak. Sapo lai kalau bukan MAHATHIR KUTTY tu lah. Mulo2 KULI di bunuh eh, lopeh tu MUSA,lopeh tu GHAFFAR, lopeh tu ANWAR, lopeh tu PAK LAH, lopeh tu NAJIB ( Dio ngobaan najib pun tak layak). Den tak nyokong sapo2 doh tp mamak ni handal betul dio monang yo sepanjang maso ontah bilo nak kalah eh dio yo yang betul. Berapo ramai org tak dapek jadi PM dek dio, berapo ramai org mampuih dek dio.kepalo ayah eh tu...LU FIKIR LA SENDIRI.Betul tak cakap aku ni PAN. kau reply yoh...

pakbelalang said...

Sdra Aspan yang di hormati lagi bijaksana.

Saya ada satu kemushkilan. Saya rasa sdra arif tentang perkara "taubat".

Karpal Singh suruh Anwar "bertaubat".

Sdra fikir macam mana agaknya cara orang macam Karpal yang menganut agama Sikh bertaubat.

Dia tidak jelaskan cara mana dia nak suruh Anwar bertaubat. Adakah Anwar kena pergi ke kuil Sikh untuk bertaubat dan diampunkan dosa Anwar?

pakbelalang said...

Jangan lupa mendaftar jadi ahli UMNO melalui pendaftaran online wwww.daftar.umno.org.my

Ada hadiah penghargaan di berikan nanti agaknya.

Saya nak tudung merah nak bagi isteri tercinta.

CINTA suci abadi said...

Ya betullllll tu Pan...Pasal tu lah Aden tak masuk UMNO baru,,,Tunku Abdul Rahman pun macam tu ,Dia 46 sampai akhir hayat dan Almalhum Tunku dah posan (wasihat) kat TR jangan sekali kali masuk UMNO Mahathir, tapi orang macam ekau, Rais dan lain lain lagi pujuk TR masuk UMNO baru...TR sebenarnya dah makan sumpah ..itu yang aden tahu..Tengku kono pose nak tobus sumpah tu...sebab itu TR di kendung terlonggar(jatuh terburai ikat tak ketat) di kejar melopas...
Apo tak buet macam Aden totap dengan 46 yang sama dengan UMNO lama (isinya)...kau pun sebot UMNO baru tu kulit je...
Setuju bonar apo pun yang berlaku hari ini hasil perbuatan mamak berdua tu Mahathir dan Anwar...Bapak mereka berdua tu Keturunan India macam mana boleh claim Melayu...Kalau cek kedua dua DNA profil mereka berdua sudah tentu jauh lari dari profil orang Melayu...
Ini lantik pula mamak lagi untuk MB perak..bukan undang undang Tubuh Negeri Perak kata MB untuk orang Melayu...maknanya sekurang kurangnya sesorang itu nak jadi MB mesti Bapaknya melayu kalau mak dia tak melayu tak apa..bapak mesti Melayu..Entah entah MB baru ini maknya pun bukan Melayu..lagi parah pan

Anonymous said...

Cuba Sdr Aspan semak semula, ada orang kata masa buat pindaan tersebut Majlis Raja Raja tak bagi persetujuan pun...Cuma Tun Ghafar beritahu di Parliment Raja Raja Dah sign..betul ke Sdr Aspan?

Anonymous said...

Dear Malay mind...
Sedangkan Governor di USA( apa tah lagi Presidentnya)nak di siasat/bicara mesti kena impeached dulu..Ketua Negara ada immunity (maksum)nak dakwa mesti lah di lucutkan jawatannya...kita Di Malaysia untuk Perlucutan Sultan ada mekanismanya ...
Malay Mind is been polluted by mamak mind...
Baca malay dilemma...mamak saja yang suka create dilemma..dalam Islam tak ada dilemma..kita kena buat pilihan A or Bo dah pilih kita tawakal atau buat sembahyang istikarah tunggu arahan dari atas, buat pilihan ...Dalam buku itu Mahathir kata orang Melayu yg bijak ialah yg ada darah campur, macam dia

pakbelalang said...

Tun M telah buat yang terbaik untuk menjaga maruah dan kedudukan Raja-raja Melayu supaya Raja-raja Melayu di letakkan ke tahap yang paling di sanjung tinggi oleh rakyat. Raja-raja Melayu sendiri mesti jaga maruah mereka sebagai Sultan. Sultan tidak boleh lari dari tanggong jawab dan di ibaratkan sebagai payong untuk rakyat berlindung. Sebagai Sultan, baginda tidak boleh berkelakuan yang boleh memudharatkan peribadi mereka. Tun M memang berwawasan untuk menjaga martabat Raja-raja supaya tidak di hina oleh rakyat. Kisah di Perak adalah satu "test case" bagaimana kebalnya kedudukan Raja dalam menyerpunakan tanggong jawabnya. Karpal Singh tidak boleh menggegarkan institusi Raja. Intepretasi Karpal mengatakan Sultan boleh di saman adalah keterlaluan. Karpal tidak bijak. Dia jahil. Dia bodoh dan stupid.

Anonymous said...

Sebenarnya Mathathir telah menyalah gunakan kelebihan 2/3 majority untuk kepentingan dia ..Dia Rasa tak boleh handle Sultan Sultan Dia mahu Sultan ikut telunjuk dia ..Dia saja create "krisis perlembagaan,
dan menghina Raja Raja waktu itu dengan menggunakan apa saja media yang ada,,, Raja Raja tiada defence langsung...Dia dengan Anwar Gafar Najib dan lain lain berterusan mengutuk Raja Raja...Saya percaya kau masih ingat lagi Pan....
Raja Raja tidak Maksum ...mekanisma memang sudah ada untuk menurunkan tata seorang Raja, iaitu badan yang bertanggung jawab Melantik Sultan/ Raja di setiap Negeri...bukan begitu Pan?
Kenapa di Zaman Tunku, Tun Razak dan Hussein Onn tak kedengaran pasal prilaku Raja sehingga perlu di "displin" kan begitu rupa macam Mahathir buat? Pasalnya, baik Tunku ,Tun Razak, Tun Hussein Onn adalah Pemimpin tidak ada kepentingan diri atau cronies dan orang yang cukup firm bila berurusan dengan pihak Istana..Kau lebih maklum tentang ini Pan cubakan kau terangkan kepada Pembaca...Aku ini cuma dengar bila ikut penerangan TR dulu...
Sebenarnya Mahathir tidak menerangkan apa yang tersirat dihatinya..Dia ingin melakukan apa yang British Failed to do iaitu penubuhan Malaya Union di mana peranan Raja Raja hanya terhad sebagai Kadi sahaja ..memang mahathir hampir berjaya dengan pindaan itu...Tapi Pan betul ke Majlis Raja Raja memberi persetujuan...?
Pan saya rasa kalau ada orang yang ingin mengambil tindakan kepada orang yang menderhaka patut benar di masukkan sekali MP MP yang menyokong pindaaan 1993 tersebut...Mereka lah yang Mula menghina Raja Raja Melayu.

pakbelalang said...

Saya rasa dalam hal ini saya masih berpegang teguh bahawa Mahathir tak ada niat jahat. Tujuan dia supaya Sultan mesti jaga maruah mereka dan berkelakuan seperti Raja yang "berdaulat" mengikut "adat dan tradisi orang Melayu" dan di sanjung dan di hormati rakyat dulu, kini dan selamanya. Walau apa pun, ini adalah pendapat saya dan mungkin tidak se haluan dengan pendapat orang lain. Itu hak masing-masing.

Aspan Alias said...

Dear Samseng Kg Dusun,

I am delighted that you know the basic stories about what happened to every victims of Dr Mahathir who were unceremoniously ostracized.

To me the primary problems of UMNO was initiated by Dr Mahathir the man who talks so loudly about the leadership after him.

My gut feelings say that this so called leader will be paying for all his retributions and he himself will feel it.

I think just leave this man alone.

Aspan Alias said...

Dear Pak Belalang,
Why do you have to take too much efforts and go at length to display your ill political views and can I suggest that the current hiccups in UMNO is because of believes that you have.

But anyhow you are free to voice your opinion as this is a democratic nation.

I am not surprise with this kind of believe as we are living in the 'Akhir Zaman, yang benar nampak salah dan yang salah nampak benar.
Manusia akhir zaman akan beriya iya untuk menegakkan yang bathil...itulah salah satu dari dalil jelas dunia yang hendak kiamat ini.'

Anonymous said...

Dan sokong kau Pan kita dalam akhir Zaman .Banyak gambaran yang telah di ceritakan dalam hadith tentang akhir Zaman semua berlaku sebab Allah Taala kata begitu...orang yang tak mahu memahami ilmu hakikat tak akan mengerti...
Ah apa yang kau sebut pasal pindahan pelembagaan TR ada ulasannya dalam blognya razaleigh.com .ado utube dia berucap di parliment pada tahun 1993..itulah dia macam mana kita tentang mereka ini dulu ..apo yang kita predict telah berlaku...kalau tidak ada tentangan langsung dari pihak 46 dulu sudah tentu dah jadi Malayan Union macam orang putih nak buat Raja hanya jadi kadi je...pada 14 Feb lepas macam di lapurkan dalam berita harian ,Sanusi Jonet kata sebab mereka (UMNO Baru) buat pindaan pasal nak sekat Raja buat bisness... sebenarnya zaman Tunku, Zaman Razak zaman Hussein tak kedengaran Raja buat business...pasal apa pasal Tunku. Razak Hussein tak buat bisines atau cronies mereka..bila mahathir mula mengalakkan cronies dan anaknya buat bisnes tentu Raja pun nak syer juga bukan begitu Pan?Ini pun ada orang kata niat mahathir baik ,setahu Aden Hanya Tuhan saja yg tahu niat sesorang, kita tenguk perbuatan nya, baik perbuatannya baik lah niatnya kita kato.
Macam TR kata dalam parlimen waktu itu, nak dikirakan membentang usul buat pindaan bab Raja Raja itu pun sudah melanggar akta hasutan dan kira Derhaka.patut mereka semuanya di dakwa..Tak salah pihak kita dulu ado buat lapuran polis kenapa polis tak bertindak? Ada tak orang buat lapuran polis pasal ini? Kau tahukan cerita pasal orang Kelinga naik pokok kelapa tiba tiba datang ribut taufan dan dia bernazar kalau dia tak jatuh kebumi nak sebolih lombu,lepas tu dia tukar nazar kepada kambing dan kemudian ayam bila kedaan dah reda;tapi bila nak sekaki sampai bawah dia pura pura jatuh kebumi..dah jatuh dia kata "ayo ayo...saya jatuh juga oh tak payah bayar nazar sebab saya jatuh" ..orang macam ini Tuhan pun dia nak tipu..betul tak Pan?

pakbelalang said...

To me the primary problems of UMNO was initiated by Dr Mahathir the man who talks so loudly about the leadership after him.


I beg to differ, Sdra Aspan.Yes, I agree with you he speaks very loudly. You know why? Because a few of UMNO members are " haprak and HP6". They are still in a state of denial.Don't you agree with me? Kalau tak setuju pun tak apa. Kita tetap minum teh tarik bersama, OK !!I am not a fan of Tun M but I like his strong leadership quality. That's what leadership is all about. He maybe wrong on certain issues but generally he had done something great for the Malays. Make no mistake about it.

Unknown said...

saudara aspan...

thnks for the writting, been reading yr blog .....mcm TDM cakap..."DA LAMA DA"
knapa sekarang saudara jarang menulis sekerap dahulu.....

joe carcoon

Aspan Alias said...

Dear carcoon,
Nice to hear that you are following my writing. Of late I am not being able to write as often as I am spending much time with domestic commitments which I cant avoid.

God willing I shall be back to regular writing once that commitments are over.

shahbandarmalakat said...

Sdr Aspan, dua hari lepas khamis,Datuk Ibrahim Ali bercakap di dewan rakyat, dia mencabar Anwar supaya bawa usul kembalikan imunity Raja Raja seperti sebelum di pinda pada tahun 1993...
Cerita ini tak di muatkan dalam berita( suruh bawa usul) tapi yang keluar bab pertengkaran ahli pembangkang dengan Datuk Ibrahim pasal perkataan bangsa asing...
Itu pun jadi gaduh...dari sudut bahasa Datuk Ibrahim tak salah, Dia Mula bercakap pasal Melayu dan bila Datuk ibrahim nak buat perbandingan dari sudut kacamata Melayu sudah tentu bangsa yang bukan Melayu boleh juga di panggil bangsa asing ..salah ke Sdr Aspan?
Pokok yang mereka semua (orang dewan rakyat) nak tunjukkan mereka taat setia pada Raja, tapi bila Dtk Ibrahim suruh kembalikan status asal Raja Raja mereka mencemuk pula...tak ada response dari ahli dewan ..apa ini ..betul lah kau kata Hypocrite semuanya.

Aspan Alias said...


Kesemua Ahli Parlimen kecuali seorang dua dalam Dewan itu adalah orang orang yang pandir.

BN Nad UMNO MP's must prove to the people that they mean what they say by reinstating the Rulers immunity through the 181(2)(3) and 159(5) as well as few other clauses that put the Malay Rulers back to their original status.

Our agreements with thw Malay rulers in 1957 and 1948 should be respected as the Malay rulers have sacrificed to their maximum for the sake of us all.

Bro, I really cannot forgive Dr Mahathir for this despicable act which were supported by Dunggu headed Malay MP's in the BN in 1993.

These group os so called Law Makers were pests. That is about all.

Anonymous said...

sdra arpan dan pembahas

Kalau kita masih ingat semasa pindaan immuniti raja-raja dibuat tahun 1993, keadaan TDM dan UMNO(Baru) masa itu agak tidak stabill. Ini adalah ekoran dari keputusan PRU1990.

Kalau tak kena silap mata TDM pasal TR pakai tengkolok salib, ramai dok kata maybe TDM boleh hilang 2/3 majority.

Apa yang saya boleh ingat masa itu, ketika saban hari raja dan sultan kita diaibkan dalam setiap ruang media dll - saya berpendapat tujuan utama pindaan tersebut bukanlah untuk menarik immuniti itu.Tetapi untuk subdue kedudukan raja-raja yang sememangnya menjadi payung org melayu.

Melayu pasca pru 1990 dah berpecah. Dalam budaya melayu, kalau kena tekan teramat, orang melayu akan menngadap sultan untuk mendapat perlindung. Ini yang tdm takut pada pendapat saya.

Kalau tak silap saya, selepas pindaan menghadkan immuniti raja-raja, TDM telah membuat pindaan terhadap kuasa mengisytiharkan darurat.

To me, this ammendment is the final and a last jigsaw puzzzle dalam memastikan dia tidak boleh dicabar oleh sesiapa. Dia cabut safety net terakhir rakyat apabila ditindas.

Pindaan itu memindahkan kuasa mengisytihar darurat dari majlis raja-raja kepada perdana menteri.

Kalau kita ikut cara pemerintahan TDM selepas pindaan ini, kita fahamlah kata setengah orang dia bersikap seperti diktator. tak ada lagi norang yang lebih berkuasa darinya, walaupun raja-raja melayu dan majlis raja-raja


azlishukri said...

tulisan yang bernas.

Anonymous said...


pasal kes imuniti rajo elok tak usahlah spin, kito ni dah tuo, tak lamo lai mengadap ilahi,

hanya sorang hambo Allah namo Mahathir yang berani untuk menghapuskan imuniti rajo, yang lain tu cakap ajo kek belakang..

kalau bondo itu dibuat dengan ikhlas, hasilnya akan jadi baik.. den tengok rajo rajo sekarang bukan main baik lai.. lainlah sebolom 1993..