22 March 2009

Ali & the rest should resign

Political situation has become cacar marba and who wants to be accountable for what is happening?

Someone has got to be responsible and take the accountability for the unprecedented problems and surely these problems cannot be solved through conventional traditions.

All these problems were caused by irresponsible, unscrupulous, uninspiring and unmitigated corrupt leaders and these negative traits have been in their bloodstreams.

It is noticeable that selective persecution is much in practice, in fact worst than ever before. Ali was found guilty for corrupt practice in the running of General Assembly but was allowed to stay on as the Malacca Chief Minister.

It is total disrespect of Law and highly dishonorable move by the party, and that was very clear attempt not to allow him to contest for the Deputy President post only.

For all intent and purposes Ali should resign from all government positions without any hesitant.

Khairy Jamaluddin was evidently proven to practice the same offence but he was just given a warning as he is the son-in-law of the president. This is sheer nonsensical disposition of the party’s attitude to their large family of party members.

Everyone wonders why Khir Toyo was found not guilty as he was trading the votes with money in the open and went on unhindered.

What about the other 900 odd complains; why are these complains not being addressed as yet and why General Assembly is going on as scheduled? Why these happenings are are not checkered?

There is no more law; politics undermine legal system and law is only applicable to persons whom the men in authority find objectionable.

While encroaching and battering the instituted laws institutions crash and collisions of their real functions and the political requirement for the material time make the whole nation in grave and weighty disorder.

Why is Najib too showy about his expected weaknesses to the extent that everybody with grey matter does not have self-reliance and believe in this biological son of Tun Abdul Razak? If he can’t handle these issues he should resign instantaneously.

While everybody is in deep trouble, Rosmah shamelessly made open statement that his husband is ordained to be the Prime Minister. Who is she to issue that kind of statement?

This woman is too enthralled and overly impatient to wait for her husband’s ascendance to the premiership. Public hullabaloo over her statement is heard nationwide and it only tops up the feeling of no confidence to Najib.

Everyone feels that in actuality Rosmah will be the de facto Prime Minister and this would send the country into eventual destruction.

History has proven to all that there were many great nations were thrown into total oblivion when the wives of those great leaders were so powerful over their great husbands.

Many great leaders became destitute when they were arm-twisted by unknown powers because of mistakes and ill-imaged wives and in the end the nation and its people suffer unendingly.

In veracity the country needs total cannibalism and reconstruct the nation in the spirit of togetherness and the love for the nation and it has to be managed by somebody outside the current bunch of self-claim leaders.

That was why the idea of having the Unity Government is the best solution to the current state of political affairs and it has to be done fast before UMNO vanished.

The current leaders especially Najib can promise heaven but let us be blunt enough to remind him there is an adage that says ‘a dirty mop can’t clean the dirty floor’.

Najib and the rest should be sitting outside and smoke cigars. If Najib claims that he is a great leader he has also the obligation to prove that he can also be a great follower.

The current manner of handling a nation is too risky to follow through as the people and their generations are the ones are going to suffer.

I advocate that the General Assembly to be set at a new date and in the meantime just amicably settle the numerous issues still unattended by the party.

This is the only manner to solve the overlapping problems and just for the first time set aside personal agendas over the needs of the nation and her good and hard working populations.

I am also advocating those leaders like Najib and the rest to get legitimacy of support from the members rather than hanging on through manipulation of powers which do no good to the country.

Get real support rather than securing it through patronizing of powers and that is not genuine.

In Ali Rustam’s case, it’s clear evident that UMNO allows leaders who committed corrupt practice to be retained as the Chief Minister and this is unbearable for anybody who is serious about achieving prim and proper leadership disposition.

For all that happened we should request for total revamp of UMNO, MACC, disciplinary Committee of UMNO and the whole leadership of the country.

All leaders of UMNO should resign as all of them are accountable for these nauseating circumstances. It looks like we have to start a nation again in order to have a reasonable government that can understand basic do’s and don’ts.

It’s time to pen off.

Thanks………………………………………………………………Aspan Alias


pakbelalang said...

Shahrir said "In the case of Mohd Ali, the reaction to the decision to bar him from contesting the post can't be avoided as he is popular with the grassroots," he said.

I am rather doubtful whether he is really popular with the grassroots. Of course you will be popular if you could afford to "feed them".
Semuanya wangi dan tak ada yang busuk. Kalau Ali kentut pun, mesti bau wangi juga !! kah, kah, kah !!
Serupa juga macam orang bercinta. Semuanya wangi dan harum. Apabila dah kahwin baru tahu tembelang masing-masing !!

Anonymous said...

Sdr Aspan, saya tahu apa yang sdr maksudkan.
Apa yang sadr maksudkan ialah kesahihan seseorang itu sebagai pemimpin yang bersih dan beretika.
Seperti Najib contohnya; jika DS Najib di negara maju, beliau tidak dibolehkan menjadi pemimpin kerana kelalaian beliau sebagao seorang pemimpin.
Apabila isterinya dikaitkan dengan kes pembunuhan maka secara automatic beliau tidak layak menjadi pemimpin.
Itu merupaka etika yang ketat dinegara-negara maju.
Lagi pula imej beliau dimata orang ramai adalah imej rasuah dan adalah merbahaya untuk negara.

Tapi sdr Aspan kena faham, disini etika itu tidak diguna pakai kerana Dr Mahathir sudah ajar UMNO seperti ini.

Zaman Mahathir kes Mustakizah di tutup rapat dan banyak kes rasuah di ketepikan. Rafidah sudah siap dengan ;'charge sheet'nya tetapi Mahathir tutup.

Semua perasuah dikalangan kabinet beliau ditutup dengan rapi. Sekarang beliau mengaku Muhyiddin adalah perasuah semasa beliau menjadi MB Johor, tetapi orang Johor simpan dia lagi dan Mahathir langsung tidak ambil apa=apa tindakkan.
Sifat ini disambung oleh Abdullah dan akan diteruskan di zaman Najib.
Bapak kencing berdiri anak kencin berlari.
Jadi jangan marah kalau orang ramai nak buang UMNO dalam sungai.
Yang lebih bahaya Rosmah akan bermaharajalela. Sedangkan semasa DS najib belum jadi pemimpin no 1 pun kita dah tengok sikap ranjang terhadap projek-projek besar apa lagi kalau dah jadi isteri orang no 1 nanti?
DS Najib akan membawa nwgara ke penghujung tamaddunnya. Percayalah!

Anonymous said...

Bro Aspan,
Hakikatnya UMNO sudah tiada lagi. Mereka tidak tahu apa-apa yang saudara tulis itu. Mereka tu pekak dan tuli. Jangan harap mereka akan berubah. Perubahan hanya akan berlaku dlm PU13 nanti.
Lupakan UMNO bro...lupakan!!
Kita fikirka perkara yang lain yang memberi faedah kepada kita.

Ramli Mohd Yunus said...

Dear Aspan,

I could not agree more sir. Time is running out for these leaders.

The verdict will be announced officially 2013. The three Bukit by elections will lead us some signs.

Car for a cup of tea at Riverside sir..soon before all our friends disappear from there.

Aspan Alias said...

Dear Ramli Mohd Yunus,
I am eager to have a cup of tea wth you at your convenient time. Just let me know.

Anonymous said...

UMNO is no more struggling for the Malays.
The Malays are instead made used by UMNO and those up there for their selfish personal interest.
They scoop and milk our nation and wealth until nothing is left for us.
Hell with you UMNO leaders. They just have to wait a little while more they will doomed.

Anonymous said...

I don't have any more respect for that Najib who fears only his wife.
He does not even know to manage a wife. How is he going to manage a country?

Anonymous said...

Bro, jgn salahkan DS Najib,
Dah bini dia garang bro nak buat macam mana?

Anonymous said...

Sdr Aspan,
Dulu saudara pernah berkata "jika darah seseprang itu darah Raja dia tetap Raja walaupun dia seorang penyapu sampah. Jika darah seseorang itu darah sengkek dia tetap sengkek walaupun diletakkan takhta dikepalanya"
Bukankah itu yang berlaku dan yang ada sekarang?
Jangan susah hati sdr, yang benar tetap akan timbul.

pakbelalang said...

Last call untuk perwakilan UMNO sama ada mereka akan ke syurga atau neraka.

Pilihlah pemimpin yang bijak dan amanah menjalankan tanggong jawab untuk memperjuangkan maruah dan martabat bangsa, agama dan negara.

Perwakilan yang dah terima wang "pengeras" dari pemimpin perasuah masih ada lagi peluang untuk ke syurga. BERTAUBAT LAH !!!

Sebelum mengundi dan untuk mententeramkan jiwa supaya dapat memilih pemimpin yang tepat saya ingin sarankan supaya perwakilan membaca surah al-baqarah ayat 18.

Shummun bukmun 'umyun fahum laa yar ji'uun !

Mereka tuli, bisu, buta, maka mereka tidak dapat kembali (ke jalan yang benar).

Anonymous said...

Dua tiga kucing berlari
Mana nak sama cantiknya Aishah,
Dua tiga boleh dicari.
Mana nak sama Najib yang rasuah.

Mana nak sama Najib yang rasuah,
Rsuah lagi isterinya Rosmah,
Tak lama lagi rakyat kan susah
Kerana Nijib pemimpin yang tidak amanah.


Anonymous said...

Besok hari pengundian untuk memilih Timbalan Presiden UMNO.
Presidennya sudah tetaplah Najib dan akan menjadi penyebab UMNO akan mati.
Dikalanagan perwakilan akan memilih Mat Tyson atau Muhyiddin dan kedua-duanya ada rekod buruk semasa menjadi MB negeri masing-masing.
Sekarang ahli UMNO sedang memilih diantara penyangak dengan penyamun.
Walhasil balik asal. Maka hancurlah UMNO.

Anonymous said...

Bermula hari Khamis ini negara akan memasukki garisan dalam mana UMNO akan dipimpin oleh 2 orang yang tersangatlah rasuah dan berani membuat jenayah besar.

pakbelalang said...

A leopard will never change its spots. I am very disappointed with the results. I don't think UMNO will ever change. It is all just gimmick.

I feel sorry for UMNO. Now I am not bothered what is going to happen to UMNO, as I feel that by getting concern in the affairs of UMNO, it makes my intelligence very low indeed. I don't want to be associated with a party whose members are so deeply corrupted and whose thinking faculty is too shallow.What a pity.

I think it is enough for me to express my opinion about UMNO affairs. Not worth contributing anything at all.Respect is to be earned and UMNO has lost my respect.

Anonymous said...

The Council of Elders will be headed by Mahathir. Najib shall be anointed PM, if everything is still Not Well.The battle of proxies between Mahathir-Abdullah is still ongoing with Abdullah now scoring 2 points ie KJ and Sharizat and now awaiting for the third point in the Timbalan post.Where will all these lead to? Inevitable catastrophe perhaps.

Anonymous said...

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