17 March 2009

UMNO on Life-Support

UMNO is at the terminal state and the recent happenings in the leadership level are beyond comprehension of any sensible mind.

Everybody including those who contribute to disunity is talking about unity and can we imagine Mohd Najib himself is talking about unity?....it's a real joke isn’t it?

The fact remains a fact; if there is no Malay unity, there is no National Unity even if the Indians and the Chinese are fully united.

Only strong and united Malays can ensure united Malaysians. This remains the real and the true actuality of Malaysian politics. Anything less than that would cost the whole Nation’s peace and harmonious living.

UMNO has failed miserably to unite the Malays as the consequence of having ‘bad hats’ to be leaders hence there wouldn’t be any National Unity at any time soon if UMNO is still having the current line of leadership.

The latest happening in UMNO is on the issue of Ali Rustam, a Deputy President candidate, who is rumored to be disqualified on money politics issue.

All of us were made to believe that Ali threatened to uncover the other candidates’ money politics activities and Najib Najib’s dubious money politics is also not spared for the exposure.

I was also told that Najib was forced to called Tengku Ahmad Rithauddin the Disciplinary Board Chairman to spare Ali a lease of his political life by not taking actions against Ali and this made Tengku Rithauddin lost his equanimity by returning threatens to resign from the hot seat immediately.

In actual fact Ali has been tipped to win the Deputy President position and this is nerve racking news for Muhyiddin Yassin hence he was all behind the plot to disqualify Ali as he cannot stand witnessing Ali, whom he looks down upon winning the no 2 slot.

A source close to Ali told me that they are not against the disciplinary board decision but the committee is evidently going for selective harrying and makes Ali the victim like what happened to Isa Samad 4 years ago.

Ali was questioning why Muhammad Taib, Muhyiddin,and Najib himself through his close confidante, Jamaluddin Jarjis who dishes out cash in hundreds of million are spared from any action.

Let us all admit that Ali has the entire support from Malacca state UMNO and their shift to the opposition or to the least leaving UMNO for the independent can cause UMNO and BN losing one State Assembly and this is not impossible to happen in today’s political circumstances.

At this very moment, while I am writing this article I am told that there loads of Federal Reserve Unit (FRU) stationed at PWTC where Tengku Rithauddin is supposed to hold Press Conference on few the Disciplinary Board decision on Ali and many others.

FRU was called as Ali’s supporters were trying to hook and eye Tengku Rithauddin’s decision and this may cause turbulence among his supporters and ultimately injure the already fractious UMNO.

So, where are we now? Are we still in the position to address these animosities surrounding us? Why are we thrown to this depth of tribulations? Who among the top leadership is having the aptitude of offering solutions to these fix?

Abdullah Badawi is certainly not the material to solve the harms. His brain is so lazy to work and too afraid to face problems and has always stay distance from every political difficulty.

Najib does not have clue as how to even things out as he is the main contributor to this disorders. Najib has never been through mitigating national crisis as he is has always ‘play saves’ player in politics. To some, they feel that Rosmah has extra capacity than Najib.

(Oh let’s have a break…….there is a call coming in..maybe there is news about Tengku Rithauddin’s press conference).

Yes!! As expected Ali Rustam has been disqualified to contest for Deputy President’s post and that position is now left with Muhammad Taib and Muhyiddin to contest.

If this is the situation than I am surprised that Muhammad Taib will be the Deputy President and that would put UMNO to fractions.

Ali Rustam has all the reasons to react as he know Muhammad Taib is the bigger vote trader and is not put to the counter to answer questions on money politics.

To Ali Rustam, if I may say something; you have the right to react for the upsetting incident that happened to you. You are actually ostracized by a wife fearing man called Najib.

Ultimately the money politics by Najib and Muhyiddin is the most effective mode to sideline Ali for money politics committed by him (Ali Rustam).

It is so filthy, and politics of today is not the game for gentlemen….its a game for twisted and deceitful human being.

So to people like us, we just do what we ought to do…ie go for the unity government and let us do our last service to our beautiful nation.

Let us all leave these problems behind as we know neither Najib, Muhyiddin, Mat Taib or anyone else in the line up can solve the deep seated hitches within the leadership.

Thanks………………………………………………………… Aspan Alias


Anonymous said...

Kenapalah kenakan Ali Rustam sedangkan Muhammad Taik lagi banyak main duit.
TS Muhyiddin pun main duit.
Pantatlah Najib ni.

pakbelalang said...

UMNO sudah nampak angin perubahan. Adalah diharapkan segala-galanya akan berubah untuk mengembalikan martabat parti UMNO sebagai sebuah parti yang dihormati dan disegani oleh semua lapisan rakyat. Ini adalah satu petunjuk yang sihat dan amalan rasuah mesti dibenteras hingga ke lubang cacing.

Sungguhpun KJ terlepas dari dilarang bertanding tapi credibilitynya sudah cacat kerana dia juga didapati bersalah melanggar tata etika pemilihan parti.

Kalau dia "gentleman" dan mempunyai maruah seharusnya dia patut menarik diri dari bertanding kerana rakyat sudah pun membuat persepsi negatif bahawa KJ tidak boleh di anggap sebagai pemimpin yang berseh untuk menerajui kepimpinan Pemuda UMNO.

Orang seperti KJ yang mempunyai kelulusan dari Oxford seharusnya paham tentang implikasi dari keputusan Lembaga Displin dan dengan rasa bertanggong jawab patut menarik diri supaya rakyat tidak beranggapan bahawa UMNO tidak serious dengan gejala rasuah.

Jadi saya sarankan supaya KJ fikir-fikirkan sama ada dia benar benar layak untuk memimpin Pemuda UMNO.

pakbelalang said...

I think Najib can be a good Prime Minister. We must give him a chance. Anyway,how I wish Tengku Razaleigh to be the Prime Minister but we have got to accept the fact that he failed to be nominated as candidate for President's post except a single nomination from his own division. Why? What does that reflect? Maybe orang UMNO dari angkatan baru dah lupakan Tengku Razaleigh.

Melayu memang mudah lupa! Apa nak buat.Kita mesti terima hakikat ini and move on .....Lets be practical and accept that Najib is the better choice. A choice which had been endorsed by almost all Divisions of UMNO except one.We cannot be in a state of denial to console ourselves. That is tantamount to being irrational of the first order. Kena terimalah qada' dan qadar Allah.

Anonymous said...

The only way to teach UMNO leaders lessons from now on lets renounce the party forever.

Anonymous said...

Pak Belalang,

KJ yang tidak diambil tindakkan kau suruh berhenti kononnya dia patut jaga moral

Si Najib yang isterinya dikaitkan dengan pembunuhan tidak ada apa=apa kesalahan kepada sdr.

Sdr ada mental blok yang serius dan saya cadangkan saudara pergilah sekolah balek.

Sdr tak tau apa dia atika kepimpinan san elemen-elemen penting dalan kepimpinan.

Elok belajar sedikit roh politik dan moral kepimpinan.

Apa yg jurublog tulis itu bukan siapa yang diterima UMNO sebagai pemimpin. Yang disebut beliau ialah siapa yang boleh dipercayai rakyat.

Najib sudah kebas berbilion wang rakyat sejak dia jadi MB sampai sekarang.

Pak Belalang, kalau kita tidak faham apa yang dikatakan orang, sdr Pak Belalang eloklah jangan menyibuk. Paha?

Anonymous said...

Pak Belalang ini sudah confuse.
Orang panjat tiang, dia panjat bendul
He he he. Ada juga orang macam pak belalang ini ye?
Kononnya nak jadi pengkritik tapi tak ada cut.

pakbelalang said...


It is interesting to have contrasting views in your blog.I like it.

Anonymous said...

Apsal KJ bleh lepas, nie dah kira tak adil(terang2 plak tu..

Anonymous said...

Sdr Aspan, siapa dia budak Pak Belalang ni?
He must be a vegabond frm Johore.
This man is a 'pening'guy.

Anonymous said...

Yang disekat dari bertanding itu adalah perasuah politik dan yang mempengaruhi keputusan untuk sekat Ali itu juga perasuah politik.
Saya sudah muktamad untuk meninggalkan UMNO, hanya untuk berunding dengan keluarga untuk kita sepakat menyokong parti lain dikalangan ahli keluarga kami.
UMNO sudah tidak boleh diperbaikki lagi. lama sangat menunggu untuk melihat perubahan.
Takkan lah nak harapkan Najib untuk memlakukan perubahan, kerana dia sendiri tidak mampu berubah.

Anonymous said...

Kalau dilihat secara rapat, pemimpin pemimpin UMNO mainkan kawan-kawan sangat jelas.
UMNO sudah hampir putus haluan dan saya cadang keluar saja dari UMNO kerana UMNO sudah tidak ada prospek lagi lebih-lebih lagi bila Najib jadi PM.
Saya terbayangkan rosmah akan bermaharajalela dan yang akan naik balik ialah JJ, seorang lagi kaki sapu dan zahid hamidi kaki tipu orang dengan menggunakan ugama sebagai perlindungan untuk buat kerja yang salah...mashaalah!

pakbelalang said...

On a question related to Umno, Najib, who is Umno deputy president, said he had a plan to bring reform to the principal party of the government and that he would make an announcement on that soon.

"The perception of Umno is that many people see the party as being arrogant and having unhealthy practices. We have to clean up Umno," he said.


Yes, Najib. You are in the right direction. The Malays are very angry with UMNO leadership for being arrogant, dishonest, no integrity and corrupted. You have to clean up UMNO and make it as if it is like a newly born baby.

It is time to look at the microscope and detect all kinds of diseases that are causing UMNO being seriously sick. You have no other options but to act fast and take drastic actions without fear and favour.

But most importantly, you have to clean up yourself too because there is still strong perception that you are not as clean as what the rakyat expect you to be.

Make sure your priority is right and no more FLIP FLOP decisions, the trademark of Pak Lah's administration.

Aspan Alias said...

Pak Belalang,
Once one's name is bad and holds negative stigma, the ethical rule that applies is that he or she cannot be a Leader any longer.
To clean up Najib's image would take decades as this current generation have to die first.
He will be worst than Pak Lah who is already unbearable.
Pak Lah didn'thave this stigma before he accended the leadership in the party and the government, but Najib has too heavy a baggage to carry.
I hope you are thinking about the people first than thinking about Najib's fate because by having a leader like Najib, we don't have to have strong opposition any more.
You are certainly better than Najib, except that you have never been in politics before to make you up into budding politician... to set aside Najib can be a great favor for the nation...do you understand that Pak Belalang?

pakbelalang said...

I hear you loud and clear.

Jom kita pergi Muar ambik breakfast satay, lunch mee bandung and dinner nasi beryani gam sirab bandung. Aku belanja kau. Aku dah lama tak balik Muar nak menziarah kaum kerabat aku.

I am aware your firm political inclination is very solid and strong but I beg to differ.Yes, aku bukan orang politik tapi suka acah-acah. You know me well kan. Tak ada apa pun.

Sometimes I like to participate in this intellectual discourse but of course with no malice against anybody.

O K lah, aku tengah cari minyak kapak Che Gu Kahar !!

Anonymous said...

Dont take seriously whatever comments
pakbelalang posts in your blog, as I observed, all his previous comments till present,does not measure up to the minimum level of relevance to your postings at all,and also an insult to our intelligence, reading his comments. He is merely sticking to your blog as a mindless robot because he is instructed to do so.His replacement would be greatly appreciated towards a more meaningful intellectual discourse.

Anonymous said...

apo la kau ni pan, asyik asyik razaleigh .. asyik asyik razaleigh..
dia telahpun terlopeh bot..