07 May 2009

Mahathir the happiest man Final Part

This will be my final part of ‘Mahathir the happiest man’. I chose this as a topic for a very simple reason: Mahathir has fascinating political existence and has always got what he wants until today.

He succeeded exceedingly in fulfilling his quench to be the longest reigning Prime Minister of Malaysia and he served the nation for 22 years, his personal success which will never be a broken record at least for the next 1 or 2 centuries.

His name is on the same and similar line with the longest serving leaders of the world in history.

Among others are Nicolae Ceausescu of Romania, Josip Broz Tito of Yugoslavia, Haile Salassie (pictured) the last Emperor of Ethopia, Fidel Castro of Cuba, Ferdinand Marcos of Phillipines, Suharto of Indonesia and many others which I am not able to list down.

There are a number of negative consequential outcomes to the nation with long reigning leaders like what were experienced by the countries that I have just mentioned.

Romania has almost lost her existence in the global map as a nation with strong consequence as she used to be.

In 1989, Romanian became so divided and the blame went to Ceausescu for overstaying and there were too wide a vacuum in his leadership, and in the same year he died after a military court convicted him and he was shot in front of the naked eyes of the public.

Ten years after the death of President Tito in 1991, Yugoslavia was a dismantled nation geographically and the divide was very clean cut along the ethnic and religious contour.

No leader after Tito was able to contain the country as a united nation because of the vacuum was apparent because of longevity of his cling to power (1939-1980).

Haile Salassie, the self-proclaimed Emperor, who ruled Ethiopia since 1930 until he was arrested in 1974 in a military coup and died while in detention. He died in 1975 and his remains were found 1992 beneath the toilet in the Imperial Palace in Addis Ababa.

Haile Salassie too inherited a very unstable government, also was due to large vacuum in Ethiopia’s political leadership and everyone can see by oneself how Ethiopia is right now.

Indonesia went through rough times when Suharto resigned after 30 years at the helm of power with the flavor of dictatorship and it cost the nation about 15 years to recover its political stability after almost total democracy is practiced at last.

Malaysia had Mahathir who sat on the chair of Premiership for 22 years, far too long for Malaysian.

Mahathir had enjoyed first few years as the PM as he managed to erase the image of his ultra-Malay, the brand that made him well received by the Malays especially the ones in UMNO.

While trying tirelessly to get the support from the non-Malays, there were already a few of the Malay leaders who are not too comfortable with his style of management of politics.

Bear in mind that at that material time the Malays were just about to rise economically and everyone then witnessed the rise in Malay middle class and Malay participation, in the high and middle management of companies as envisaged by New Economic Policy (DEB) by his predecessors.

Mahathir was in a rush to see the nation grow and he had too little patience, to the extent of going against the well thought-of decisions made by the previous cabinet.

For instance, the cabinet before his, in which he was a member, had decided not to allow any state government or any other government agency to launch or set up Unit Trust as all focus should be concentrated on Amanah Saham Nasional in the process of distributing wealth to the Bumiputras.

The only other Manager for Unit Trust for the Bumiputra that was allowed in operation was Amanah Saham MARA Bhd which managed a number of skim called Tabung Kumpulan Modal Bumiputra (TKMB). We must remember that he was the Cabinet Committee for Yayasan Pelaburan Bumiputra.

He did not revere the Cabinet decision which he was a member and he reversed the whole decision when he became the PM.

He allowed States Government like Selangor, Johor, Sarawak, Trengganu as well as Wanita UMNO with the launching of Amanah Saham Wanita (ASNITA) and true enough all went bust and small Malay investors went kaput to total of billions of ringgit.

Mahathir did not respect the decision of the previous cabinet; just like Abdullah did not respect Mahathir’s Cabinet decision on the crooked bridge or the scenic bridge or whatever we call it.

In actuality no one leader wants to be a dictator or to rule with iron fist. Like many others, Mahathir wanted to be a democrat and to go through populist line.

By going through populist line, one has to face the fact that it won’t last long, before normally he or she has to withdraw.

Hussein Onn just did that…he announced that he did not want to preserve his position as President of the party in 1981 General Assembly in 1978 when he was contested by Suleiman Palestin.

Mahathir wanted to wield and stretch his hegemony over the Malay mind in UMNO by introducing unprecedented rules in his party. Quota system in nomination for various positions in the party which he wants to do away with now was introduced by him when he was in power.

To him he is the only one who has the right to be powerful and for that reason I, to some extent agree to the view of many that he has a hardrock migrant mentality. To him he must have the absolute power and with absolute immunity.

Mahathir did not take any pain to assess personalities of whom he was to bring in the Cabinet as his main criteria was a total support: don’t complain or give opinions which were in dissimilarity to his…in other words he just took in the yes man’.

It was his Cabinet that was lined up with half past six personalities without the feel for the people.

He had no qualms to see Malay culture and values swiftly diminishing and he did not care about all Malay institutions are breaking down.

He enjoyed seeing everyone whom he divided to rule is amusing him, hence without realizing that he was treated like an Emperor by the parasites surrounding him.

It was during his time that UMNO starts to become like an exclusive club which was and still is the sanctuary for the rich and the famous.

He himself is the only ex-premier travelling locally and internationally in executive jet, the Global Express and nobody dares to talk about it.

In his final year of his Premiership, Mahathir travelled extensively to the tune almost every month. He throttled the world of which the biggest Kings and Emperors of the world never did, and nice Malaysian was happy to pay the bills.

There were lots of unhappy faces but they were not courageous enough to express as he had the support of benefiting personalities around him.

I should pen off at this point. To write about the tales of Mahathir will take days and weeks to end.

This last series of ‘Mahathir the happiest man’ is just to remind anyone reading it; that Tunku Abdul Rahman was actually not the happiest PM as Mahathir used to brand him; He (Mahathir) is the one who is entitled to the brand.

To be fair to him Mahathir deserved good credits for developing the nation’s modernization programs, but along the process he dismantled people’s unity with his serious divide and rule politics.

We only succeeded in seeing colossal structural development, but along those developments we now inherit divisive Malaysian with total obliteration of Institutions like the Judiciary, the Police, the Royal Institution and all other valuable values of lives.

We are all lost in the woods, without knowing where to find exit flap for a pleasant life which we used to enjoy.

I pray that we can recover politically like Indonesia and many other countries which had the matching experiences like us here in Malaysia.

Even though I have doubts about DS Najib, I pray that he can bring changes for a better Malaysia.

I admit and submit that God always works mysteriously.

Thanks……………………………………………………Aspan Alias


yindanyan said...


Your last line was good.
Yes Allah created Dr M and all his actions and inactions,

and Allah also created you and your actions and inactions.

Alhamdulillah , whatever shortcomings with Dr M, I think by Allah, I have benefited a lot from him even though from a distant. Many are in intangibles form. Alhamdulillah.

If you want a malaikat to be your leader then you yourself must be a malaikat.

You deserve wahtever leader that you got.


Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore

jita said...

After reading your 'Mahathir the happiest man' series, I can't help but come to a conclusion that you sounded bitter. Maybe I am wrong for everyone have different interpretation, but if one read this series back-to-back, one can feel your resentment, displaced anger, annoyance with Tun Mahathir; almost as if both of you were associated at one point of time but part ways in a not-pleasant manner!

Well, Aspan .. Thank You for a good read though.

- jitajamil -

Anonymous said...

Sebebarnya banyak rakyat di luar sana yang sependapat dengan Tuan tapi cuma mereka tak dapat nak lahirkan kata kata...Mak saya yang masih sihat dan sudah berumur 83 nampak pembohongan Mahathir dulu lagi.
Tuhan memanjangkan umur Tun M ada sebab, tak lain tak bukan nak suruh dia minta ampun kepada rakyat jelata lebih lebih lagi dalam soal pengwastaan agensi kerajaan seperti Telikom dan LLN (TNB). Agensi kerajaan adalah hak setiap milik rakyat kecil dan besar.Bila di wastakan setiap rakyat(termasuk diri saya) patut di beri pampasan kerana miliknya telah di ambil orang.Tiada pampas yang setimpal bererti kita telah di rompak.Tidak kah ini satu dosa Mahathir kepada rakyat kerana kerana hak rakyat telah di rampas? Begitu juga dengan UMNO.Saya ahli UMNO lama dan tidak jadi ahli UMNO baru. bagai mana dengan harta UMNO lama yang sudah berpindah ke UMNO baru yang saya dan orang macam saya ini ada haknya ?

Dan Tuan, jangan habis di sini , tulis kisah kisah yang patut jadi tauladan pada generasi akan datang.
Tokok toko macam Harun Hashim.Orang yang tegas dan bertanggung jawab menjalankan tugasnya, tak pilih bulu lebih lebih lagi semasa dia Pegang BPR.Saya pernah mendengar dia menceritakan kepada saya bila saya bertanya kepada dia pasal Tunku Abd Rahman.Bagi dia Tunku ada pemimpin sejati.Kisah bagai mana orang pergi jumpa Tunku pasal kena siasat oleh Harun Hasim.Terus Tunku beri tahu orang itu kalau kes ini bawah Harun Hashim dia tak mahu campur.Jangan lupa tulis kisah pasal Tunku, sebab saya tahu tuan amat rapat dengan Tunku ,di akhir hayat beliau.Terima kasih dan saya ucap tabik kepada Tuan di atas kerja kerja tuan ini.

Unknown said...

the only unity he dismantled was the unity of cronies and narcissism led by the infamous anwar ibrahim. Malays were at their best and the worst of times when mahathir in power. But with Pak Lah, it was worst all the way and divided we have become...

Aspan Alias said...

Ahaa...at last you found a consolation line for Dr M. I like you that you are quick in grapping opportunity.
I like you argument as it makes me feel cool bro.
I should link with you on other issues and respond me with life like what you just did. Thanks bro

Anonymous said...

Haile Salassie….Dalam bahasa Melayunya berbunyi Heh ! Selaseh. Memang sedap didengar , sesuai jadi Mahraja. Hitler pun ikut dia juga ke En Aspan? Hail(Haile) Hitler! “Mahahthir” pun apa kurang dari segi nama .Maha ! Dia pun jadi Mahraja Cuma dia turun takta lepas naik takta itu. Apa tidak nya.Dia telah berjaya dimana British telah gagal.British gagal melaksanakannya Malayan Union dimana Raja Raja Melayu hanya berkuasa di peringkat Ugama Islam saja , sekadar jadi “kadi”. Lain dengan Mahathir. Dia berjaya membataskan imunity Raja, dan sekarang boleh dakwa Raja Raja yang masih memegang tampuk pemerintahan ke mahkamah ( lebih kurang Malayan Union punya konsep) . PM sendiri tak boleh orang didakwa? British dulu sungguh takut untuk usik Raja Raja Melayu takut orang Melayu mengamuk, tapi bila Mahathir usik tiada siapa pun yang mengamuk.Hebat tak hebatnya Mahathir.Cuma saya terkilan dia tak laksanakan perkara yang semua orang Islam hendak . Meletakkan AlQuran sebagai Perlembagaan Malaysia di mana waktu itu kalau dia buat saya tak nampak akan ada orang yang berani membantah.walaupun bukan Islam. Itulah hakikatnya, very very powerful macam emperor. Ok En Aspan saya tunggu cerita lain

master said...

I have read all the sagas and I would say that your writings and analysis are outstanding.

This will help the future sons to understand better about their inherited country and may Allah reward you justly.

Disillusioned said...

I am impressed reading your well thought opinion on the issue of Dr M.

You put it in such a way that as if I bear witness to all the incidences which you mentioned.

I am printing your writings for my children to read because I want them to get the insight of what happened during this new history of Malaysian politics.


Anonymous said...

Encik Aspan,

What is you next issue encik Aspan.

Pls find a nice issue for our reading!

how said...

En. Aspan,

most m'sian knew whom the real happiest man but the saddest part was we m'sian are so divided along the racial line that make most moderate m'sian almost giving up on this country.

aspan, i still cannot understand why Tengku Razeligh wanted to rejoin UMNO even though he understand him so well. If I am not mistaken, Ku Li said "Untuk Perpaduan Orang Melayu". Is this what he really wanted when the pepaduan is basically about allowing the happiest man to do what he likes.
All of us must remember that not all malays, chinese, indians, iban, kadazan are bad people. In our life in this country, I believe all of us had in one way or another received help from people of other races and we will say thank you.
We need to change the people mindset that voting a new goverment other than BN does not mean we are voting the opposition. We are just voting for alternative.
Malaysia still had hope. March 8, 2008 proven that the majority of m'sian had woke up and what happened in Perak today will even waken up more of us.
I see the lost of PR in perak is a blessing as I hope the rakyat can see how desparate and crazy power of certain quarters. Do we still want them to look after the country in the future.
What do you have to share on The Perak issue?

Good day, aspan

Unknown said...

Mahathir won't be so happy after Nahi and Mungkar finished with him.

God is a workaholic and always gets His way.

Pensioner said...

I promised myself to comment your writing after your final part.

I have to agree that what you wrote were genuine and sincere.

I put my hat off for you and keep up your consciousness over our political issue alive in perpetuity.

Your opinions are serene in nature.

Keep it up!

genesispassion said...

this is great news ..this is visit malaysia year...2009...now perak will be the new destination for tourist,.see the democracy tree..the speaker chair will be for tender..next the campry...lastest will be..?
the ramsultan head gear?

i been wondering...where are the chinese throughout this happy hour? ipoh chicken rice ? stay at home watching andy lau ?

i dont pity the chinese..only the true malays are fighting defending the constitution when the chinese ah pek...air con watching on the side line ...another happy hour !

Unknown said...

Dear Sir,

I am a student. Thank you very much for your sharing of what took place all these years.

Aspan Alias said...

Master, You are always welcome to my blog and if possible give quantifiable comments and share your views.
Thanks for your support.

Aspan Alias said...

I truly appreciate the responds from the readers to my blog.

I am too sorry that few of the comments are not printed as I really feel that I should maintain certain level of civility in our in interactions.

I really hope not to touch on sensitive inter-racial issues as we will be doing disservice to our society.

I am sure we agree among ourselves that we have beautiful nation that everyone should be caring for.


UMNOcentric said...

I am quite envious to know that you used to enjoy life of different environment before.

Ok, please write on the current interracial issue and please offer some solutions for the government's perusal.

Can you do that now? I shall wait for your write ups on this. Please do it.

zulkefli said...

Yes,,agree with u. Mahathir is the happiest man.
Again, the important for him is to survive no matters what happen or what damage will arise.
And Malaysia have a touch from Machieavelli follower. Only different between him and others Machieavelli follower is the Great Mahathir leave the service with honour.
Thanks Saudara Aspan for your explanation.

Aspan Alias said...

I appreciate your appreciation in my writing and thinking.
The subject that you ask me to write is real heavy subject.

Anyway I shall write a bit on the issue as I agree with your opinion that this sensitive issue has to be addressed swiftly.

Thanks sdr, you are among my good and ethical follower to my bog, and once again I express my appreciation for you.

Ex-UMNO said...

Sdr Aspan,

I having reading your pieces and I see souls of politics which of the conventional type.
It was the ideal that surely can make politics be civil.
But that kind of civility is hard to find now as the leaders since Dr M era are just mediocres.
They cant comprehend what you write. Only magnanimous leaders can digest your writing.
There are some brains in PAS and a little bit in Pakatan.
Let the rakyat choose. The y are the supremo.

Aspan Alias said...

Thanks for your response and I would like to emphasize yo you that my writing on the topic was just on academic premise.
It hard for me to write on this issue but it is obligatory on my part to tell that what went wrong now.
There must be a cause for a cause. I believe that the adversities of today has a direct correlation with happenings of the past
Jita, a person who loves his or her nation must not do dubious act that may destroy political civility.
Thanks jita.

Anak Jati Pahang said...

No matter what people say aspan, you are honest in your opinion.

When your opinions become close to the truth it is too painful for Mahathir's supporter to digest it.

The only thing they would say is something to the following,

"You mother fucker!" or "orang tua kutuk!" "Your artcle is rubbish" so on and so forth.

They never argue with substance. You know why? They cant argue. Mahathir is the same. Cannot hear criticism. they have no finesse, thats all

Apek Leman said...

Encik Aspan,

Teruskan! Teruskan! Yeruskan!!!

I like your pemikiran!!!!!

Gua caya luu!!

Ibrahimkoyan said...

Aspan, kejujuran sdr bercerita tentang apa yang sdr nampak sangat memberikan saya peluang untuk mendengar perkara yang umum jarang-jarang tahu.

Saya sangat menggemmari tulisan anda dan saya cadangjan supaya anda menyertai forum-forum yang berkaiyan dengan politic.

Dengan cara itu org ramai akan dapat pandangan dari sudut yang lain yang saya rasa boleh membantu anak-anak muda yang sedang main politic secara hentam kromo saja pada masa ini.

Itu sahaja pandangan saya.

Ibu tunggal said...

Sdr Aspan,
Saya rasa puas dengan apa yang sdr katakan dalam 'Mahathir the happiest man" ini.

Selama ini saya sangka saya seorang sahaja yang berfikir Tun Mahathir tidak jujur kapada perjungan org melayu.

Apabila saudara membuat ulasan yang sedemikian barulah saya sedar bahawa ada lagi manusia yang mempunyai pemikiran seperti saya dan ramai pulak yang menyokongnya.

Terima Kasih sdr.

Ex-UMNO said...

Sdr Aspan,
Melayu perlu bersatu! Jangan gaduh-gaduh! Jangan berpecah! Hentikan kata mengata.
Nak bersatu dalam UMNO tak boleh! Bila kita bersatu dirosakkannya negara kerana pemimpin bebas buat apa-apa kehendak mereka.
Kalau kita bersatu dalam UMNO pemimpinnya akan jual maruah kita!
Oleh itu Encik Aspan, berenti bercakap! Mari kita bersatu diLUAR UMNO! Paham???
Get out of that party brader! Do it quick! Bila keluar UMNO kepala kita akan kurang runsing!
Aspan! sejak saya keluar UMNO ni kepala saya rasa rengan banyak...tak payah bersungut lagi!!

Anonymous said...

Aspan, why are you not commenting on Perak isuue?
BN is doing the campaign against themselves in Perak isn't it?
In Perak BN is finished.
Please comment.

Pensioner said...

Congrats Aspan,
The essence of your writing is excellent. You sound very magnanimous and if that is the real you, please put up some effort to be back active in politics.
For a 57 year old veteran you are still young.
Why not give a try?

Aspan Alias said...

Thanks for accessing my blog and please accept my gratitude for that.
Interacting in political topics can make you grow wise if you take it as genuine premise for self confidence.

Your focus should be on your studies and dont forget to take politic as a topic to enhance your reasoning capacity.

Toke pasar malam said...

Relax bro, we cant change them especially Mahathir.
Since he is back in UMNO, let us be out of the party.
Jadi ahli UMNO hanya untuk diperbudakkan oleh pemimpin macam sitongkang ini dan diperbodohkan oleh pemimpin2 rasuah.
Kita kerja macam lembu dia orang muntahkedarah hasil kita.
Corruption and personal greed of these leaders make us feel lousy being an UMNO member.
Saya terasa sangat dan sebagai rakyat perak saya sudah putus harapan dengan UMNO

Anonymous said...

It would be nicer by just keeping quiet and just decide on their fate in the next G Election.
I am taking a firm stand that if Mahathir is seen to interfere in UMNO, i wont regret leaving this party.
I agree with many people that Mahathir is already a liability to the country...titik!!!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the inside stories that you shared with us. I valued all articles be it from opposition or from the government.. It helped me to shape my opinions of the poltical situation in this country.

Most people write with a blinkered eyes and to you Aspan, I can sense that you are against everything about Mahathir as if this old man had not done anything positive to the country.Your writings are skewed to be against Mahathir. I think this obsession of yours are destroying you.

I think people will remembered you as the one of prime-movers in bringing UMNO to court and then declared illegal. I will remember you as "Aspan - the anti Mahathir man".

After reading all your articles, you have not able to change my thinking about Mahathir. To me, he is still the best Prime Minister that Malaysia had produced, in spite of his so-called "short-comings". Quite a pity, the Malays are playing petty politics... gaduh sama sendiri.. lambat laun tanah tergadai dan Malaysia akan jauh ketinggalan..

Can't you see it.It is very obvious. Give a chance to a Team B leader to lead the country claimed to be Mr Clean. Within 6 years we are moving no where and possibility in the next General Elections we are going to lose it big... if the so-called Mr Clean are still leading the nation.

I am not a politician. I am just an ordinary rakyat that had benefitted with some of the policies initiated by UMNO e.g scholarship. Unlike some other people who may had benefitted through their political connections.

Anonymous said...

The reality of history is hard to swallow,to some of us whose mind has been totally captured by the built-up public opinion propagandas by the mainstream medias of the Mahathir's regime. But, the facts of events cannot be changed,as history itself is a mirror reflecting the truth that cannot be changed.

Mahathir chosed Abdullah, a weakling of Team B as his deputy, as he had no intention of relinquishing the post of Prime Minister. However, Dollah's ascension to the throne was by default, as Mahathir
HAD to resign for some obvious reasons. Abdullah Bedawi was definately NOT PM material. Another Mahathir blunder.

The articles by Aspan merely reflects truism that many of us from that era shares.

It is not about being Anti or Pro Mahathir.

Gov. Retiree said...

'Gaduh sesama sendiri' dan yang lain lain yang disebut oleh anonymous yang marah sdr Aspan tadi merupakan saorang yang 'typical' mempunyai mentaliti yang dibentuk oleh Mahathir.
Anonymous tadi mempunyai mentaliti kampong yang pekat. Dia masih bercerita tentang 'sholarship' yang dia dapat bawah Mahathir saolah olah PM sebelum ini tidak ada memberi scholaship kepada orang ramai.
Sebenarnya negara kominis Cina pun dari dulu memberkan scholaship kepada rakyatnya yang belajar diUK.
Jumlah scholaship mereka dari cina adalag 2 kali ganda dari jumlah pelajar kita dari Malaysia.
The amount of scholarship individual from Cina in 1968 in UK was the same to the amount our Malaysian Students recieve in 1995.
I bear witness as I was studying in UK under MARA sponsorship.
SO Mr Anonymous, I believe Aspan is writing a fairly truthful thinking that he has.
Conversely it was under Dr Mahathir that no of scholarship was reduced and replace by loan, like PTPTN.
Under Mahathir, each student will be indebted once a student enters university.
I hope whoever that person with Anonymous identity to stay outside and smoke cigars if you dont have feel of what my children and my grandchildren now experiencing. Thank you.

Unknown said...

Melayu bodoh. Melayu pendek akal. Melayu tak tahu yang mana baik untuk bangsanya. Melayu memang bodoh. Politik Melayu politik menghancurkan bangsanya sendiri.
Bodoh ! Bodoh ! Bodoh !

how said...


sir, you are a person with knowledge of what those in power tend to do and the reason of it. In other "BETTER MANAGED COUNTRY" the government of the day will implement programs that will benefit the country and the people. In M'sia whatever the goverment of BN do and will do is seen as a way to enrich themselves and the benefir to the people is minimum. So many examples and there is no need to mentioned here.

With your knowledge, I do hope to be able to read more writing from you on current issue on your view of what they are trying to do. It sure will open up a lot of your readers mind.

Once again thank you and happy writing and good day.


Unknown said...

Pasal apa Melayu bodoh?
Pasal akalnya tidak "world". Benda yang salah dia kata betul dan benda yang betul dia kata salah. Akhirnya Melayu punya otak jadi mereng tonggang terbalik. Melayu bodoh sombang tak makan ajar. Sungguh malang nasib Melayu. Kesian !! Fikir-fikirkan wahai umat Melayu. Jangan sombong dan bongkak kononnya UMNO dah tak releven lagi. Podaaah! Cakap sombong. Bila kena "main bontot" baru tahu. Tapi dah terlambat "nasi dah jadi bubur". Melayu pandai cakap je tapi hipokrit besar. Cakap tak serupa bikin. Dia ingat dia terer, orang lain semua tak betul.

Anonymous said...

Tuan Govt. Retiree,

Sir, I admitted that I came from a rural area (typical kampung mentality as you said), Kuala Pilah to be exact.I am proud to be associated with this town that had produced many illustrious sons such as the late Tan Sri Naza and Aspan Alias..

In the late 70s, I was offered to study in England (same as you, sir) on Government’s scholarship.I recalled the day my late old grandfather had to seek other people help to act as my guarantor as none of my very close relatives were qualified to be one.

Prior to 1970s only the elite Malays had accessed to advanced education while the Malay masses due to poverty had means to access basic education only.One man changed that.. He authored The Malay Dilemma and in the 1970s when he was appointed as Education Minister he created many programmes to address the gaps faced by the Malay masses. MRSM and many boarding schools were set-up and many bright Malay students were given the privileges to study abroad

Like you, I was one of the lucky few. Until today, I believed many Malays are indebted to this programme as this programme had successful created many middle class Malays. If you said ‘ I am one of those typical Kampung Malay and feel indebted (rasa terhutang budi), so be it and I am proud of it. If you does not feel indebted at all and pooh-pooh this programme by comparing similar programme with the communist China, so be it. I am not going to lose any sleep over this petty issue.

‘A Typical Kampung Malay and proud of it’

Unknown said...

Sedar tak bahawa semua parti yang mana pemimpinnya Melayu telah "main bontot" (maksud kena tipu) bangsanya sendiri, baik UMNO, PAS atau pun PKR. Semua bodoh. Tak pandai. Mereka pandai memecah-belahkan bangsanya sahaja dan akhirnya Melayu kena "main bontot" juga dengan orang lain. Itulah MELAYU termasuk saya !! Melayu memang "expert" kutuk orang lain tapi dirinya pun 2 X 5. Hipokrit nombor satu!!

Aspan Alias said...

Don't over estimate me as I only know the little that I know.
Somehow as an ordinary citizen who want to see civility in politics and government, I shall try to give my opinion, however humble it can be.
Who knows, among the jumbling opinions of mine, there may be some or a tiny bit that can be taken to the perusal of our leaders.
How, thanks a lot for your undrstanding.

Disillusioned said...

Pakpong, What is wrong with you? Are you ok?
Sure you tak demam? Kalau tak boleh nak berbahas secara bertemaddun, boleh tak you diam?

Aspan Alias said...

Government Retiree and Anonymous,
I appreciate Anonymous for being thankful for the government help in his education and as a person who hail from humble town of Kuala Pilah he was happy with what he got and that is find.
But government Retiree is saying things from other angles as he wants proper management of politics as well as the government as he believes that we are ignoring important and pertinent ingredients in taking custody of the nation's future.
I appreciate that both of you are in love with our nation.
Don't you all worry, both of you are tangibly the true sons of the soil.

Gov. Retiree said...

Dear Anonymous brother,
So sorry that i had pricked your feeling in my comment yesterday.
Saya tidak berniat nak kata you org kg kerana saya pun org kg.
Saya begitu pedih perasaan kerana tidak ada pembelaan yang secukupnya terhadap rakyat ramai tetapi Mahathir hanya tumpukan kepada projek mega yang hanya dikuasai oleh mereka yang kecil jumlahnya.
Sebagai bekas pegawai kerajaan saya tahu sikit=sikit tentang perkara ini, hanya saya tidak suka nak tulis.
Sebenarnya saya sperti sdr juga, sayangkan bangsa saya.
Itulah sebabnya saya terpanggil untuk memberi komen apabila Aspan menulis issue ini yang saya mudah faham,
Kepada sdr Aspan saya cadangkan tulis perkara-perkara seperti ini setidak-tidaknya menjadi pelajaran.
Saya tengok Aspan adalah serious orangnya bila berbincang tentang isuue kenegaraan.
T kasih dan minta maaf kepada Anonymous.

fauzi said...

Saya dah baca dan mengerti perasaan mereka terhadap Mahathir mahupun pemimpin yang lain melalui artikel Encik Aspan dan juga komentar komentar yang ada. Tapi, apakah jalan keluar dan solusi yang ingin dibentangkan adalah agak kabur. Tiada satu pun yang menyalurkan cadangan mahupun solusi untuk kita memajukan dan menjayakan arah tuju negara untuk generasi yang akan datang.

Puas sudah kita menghentak dan menghentam yang salah dan terlalu banyak kita beri puji pujian kepada yang benar dan berjaya. Namun, apakah yang kita lihat sekarang. Negara masih tiada arah tuju yang kita benar benar yakin dapat membawa kepada kebaikan generasi kita yang akan datang. Malahan pemimpin pemimpin yang di barisan atas sekarang juga tidak menampak kan kesungguhan dan keihklasan mereka untuk menerajui kita ke arah kebaikan. Malahan, apa yang saya dengar dan lihat, makin parah dan padah rupa nya. Saya secara peribadi tiada keyakinan pada pemimpin yang ada sekarang. Itu "strictly my personal opinion".

Mana pergi nya cerdik pandai kita dan pemikir pemikir kita. Apakah kita dah ketandusan golongan golongan ini? Atau adakah mereka ini disekat dan dihad kan pergerakan oleh kerajaan masa kini?

Saya pasti, rakyat mahu kan keyakinan seperti yang saya kata kan baru lah kita boleh menerima kembali BN mahupun PR sekali pun.

Jadi..... Apakah solusi dan cadangan yang tuan tuan dan puan puan ada?????

Cukup lah sudah kita berasak dan beradu tentang perkara yang sudah. Mari lah kita fikir kan masa hadapan generasi yang akan datang. Sesungguh nya keadaan mereka pasti akan lebih teruh, haru dan sedih jika kita biar kan keadaan sekarang berlanjutan..

Terimakasih lah kepada mereka yang prihatin tentang apa yang saya kata kan ini.

Anonymous said...

En Fauzi,
Solusinya, cari pemimpin baru...umur lingkungan 45 tahun. Berdarah Melayu, mak Melayu dan Bapak mesti Melayu. Berkhalak baik, pegangan ugamanya kuat, sentiasa bertawakal beserah diri pada Allah.Jiwanya mantap mahu berjuang untuk Allah dan . seorang yang mencintai keadilan sejagat.Walaupun setiap detik hatinya ingat akan mati namun meneruskan kehidupan ada lah satu jihat dan amanah. Sanggup menempuk segala macam dugaan..Dapat calun ini kita semua sokong dia, bagi dia masa 5 ke 10 tahun untuk kita naikkan dia jadi pemimipin dan kita satukan semua hati hati Melayu dibawa kepimpinannya.Insyaallah

Anonymous said...

En Fauzi;

Kalau kita sakit tenat , kita tak pergi ke doktor biasa tapi akan berjumpa dengan doktor yang pakar dalam penyakit kita.

Dalam hal penyakit politik Melayu, hanya ada sorang doktor pakar di Malaysia ni, "proven, tested and respected world-wide", Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Masalahnya terlampau ramai cerdik pandai Melayu yang mempunyai ego masing-masing, memandang rendah pemimpin agung ini.

Nasihat saya yang cetek ilmu dan pekat dengan mentaliti kampungan (pinjam kata-kata Tuan Govt. Retiree!), eloklah cerdik-pandai Melayu berjumpa denga TDM dan mohon sedikit buah nasihat untuk mengatasi kemelut menghadapi Melayu ketika ini.

Orang Kampung

Ibrahimkoyan said...

Adr kata Mahathir dihormati diseluruh dunia.
Sdr patut faham seorang dukun selalunya tidak laku dikampung sendiri tapi orang luar rami dtg berubat.

Unknown said...

Tak payah nak cerita panjang-panjang. Melayu dah semput dah.Pandanglah diri Melayu sendiri. Dah terombang ambing. Dah tak ada pedoman.Dah tak ada maruah. Baik Melayu UMNO atau Melayu PKR atau Melayu PAS.Sama je. Pi mai pi mai tang tu je !! Dah kena "main bontot". Sebab apa? Pasal Melayu tak pandai. Dah pun kena tipu "bulat-bulat". Maaflah saya pun Melayu. Pun kena juga tipu. Wal hasil, lagi banyak cakap mengarut-ngarut, apa hasilnya? Cuma kononnya orang lain semua tak betul "AKU" saja yang betul. Podaaah! Sedarlah diri oh Melayu.

Unknown said...


Ya, saya sakit demam.Sakit hati dengan perangai orang Melayu yang pandai je cakap tapi sebenarnya hipokrit dan menipu dirinya sendiri. Itulah perangai orang Melayu sampai saya jadi sakit hati. Nak berbahas pun tak guna. Semua perbahasan tak ada substance, hanya setakat untuk menunjukkan ego masing-masing kononnya dialah yang lebeh arif lagi tentang politik. Podaaah !!
Melayu mesti betulkan diri sendiri masing-masing sebelum nak tegur bahawa orang lain semuanya tak betul. Akulah intellectual. Akulah tahu serba-serbi. Tapi NOTHING !! Habuh je !!

Melayu UMNO akan tombang! Melayu PKR akan tombang! Melayu PAS pun akan tombang !!

Melayu bodoh main politik. Tak cerdek. Akal pendek! Yang untung sapa?

Tak payah jawablah !! Pasal Melayu tak tahu pun jawapannya. Pasal Melayu terlalu NAIVE !! Sorry le mengata orang Melayu. Saya pun Melayu. Itu lah hakikatnya. Inilah yang saya dapat luahkan betapa "goblok"nya orang Melayu.Kesian, kesian, kesian. Melayu takkan hilang didunia !! he,he,he

Keep on having Malay intellectual discourse sampai ayam berkokok. Tak kemana pun !! Syok sendiri je supaya orang lain puji.

Disillusioned said...

mana you punya cadangan. You are a miss fit.
You said Melayu tidak akan hilang didunia, tetapi melayu akan hilang dunianya.

Toke pasar malam said...

Pakpung! pergi main jauh jauh. Memekak aje. Bercakap tak tentu ujung pangkalnya.

Unknown said...

Sdra Aspan,

I have said what I want to say. Puas hati saya dapat komen tentang bangsa saya Melayu. Memang benar ada yang tak senang dengan apa yang saya komen.

Thank you, Sdra Aspan for releasing my comments. I have no malice against you at all or any of the rest of the commenters.

I just want to express my frustration about how disunited the Malays are.

I love my race and I sincerely want the Malays to be united. Nothing more nothing less even though my message is very crude and "unintellectual".

Bye bye to all the Malays. Best of luck !!!

Anonymous said...

Pakpong's frustrations is understandable. The Malays in general are too focused on the material world, and very individualistic in their nature. To be exact, it is always "AKU" and not "KITA" anymore. The Malays have lost their identity and their souls, and they are not even bothered.

Their only hope of survival as a race
is their common faith, ISLAM.

They have to re-embrace their faith,
as a trigger point towards unity. Try Muslim first then Melayu.


Anonymous said...

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