15 April 2010

It's Kamalanathan VS Datuk Zaid Ibrahim ultimately

It is Kamalanathan, for BN and Zaid Ibrahim for PKR. All speculations on whom to be the candidate for both sides of the divide seem to end instantaneously with the announcement.

There may some others who will come up with their nominations as Independent candidates but independent candidates are of no consequence to the voters in this important by election election.

The open pressure mounted by MIC Selangor to put up G Palanivel as candidates until this morning is obviously ignored by the BN leadership.

BN is fielding a new face as they believe G Palanivel is already a spent force to the eyes of Hulu Selangor public.

Kamalanathan is the compromising candidate and he hails from Rawang currently serving as the publicity chief of MIC at national level.

Tan Sri Muhyiddin announced the candidature today and he took opportunity to ungentlemanly swiped and run off Datuk Zahid Ibrahim, and that is an obvious attribute of BN leaders when come to election.

About 2000 party members who came from all over the country to give moral support to the candidate which BN is in dire need as BN is placed as an underdog to the perception of the public.

All leaders from the component parties from all over the country including Sabah and Sarawak were seen to be around at the function and as expected the local icon leader Muhammad Taib was visibly absent.

Muhammad’s absence now becomes the talk of the locals and it is an obvious prove that Hulu selangor’s UMNO leadership is not in good order.

It is indigestible to see the absence of the local icon like Tan Sri Muhammad who has been serving the local with personal touch for past 2 decades was deliberately ignored and whisked off by the national leadership.

BUT the by-election has to go on. From now on busy and noisy environment will be the sight of Hulu Selangor for the next 12 days.

We shall see faces with posh cars from the BN supporters hailing from all parts of the nation patronizing restaurants and food outlets giving brisk businesses for the hawkers and restaurant owners.

I am also told that house and room rentals seem to escalate double and triple the normal rate. It’s business for everyone.

Even the votes this time will be an item good for sale for desperate party which have lost many times in most of the by elections so far.

Okay, I terminate at this point.

Thanks…………………………………………….Aspan Alias


Anonymous said...

Kalau benar umno berkehendakkan kembali kerusi hulu selangor, kamalanathan tak patut disokong.
Kalau dia menang pilihanraya umum nanti kita kena terima mic lagi.

Anonymous said...

You have said it well. MIC will remain in Hulu Selangor if \bn wins.

Whether UMNO will get back the seat depends on the outcome of the by election.


Anonymous said...

You can vote anyone from BN; you may vote for Kamal or you can choose Nathan.Heeeeeeee!

kamal said...

Bro, I am Kamal and my wife's name is Kamala.
I shud name my son Nathan if he is born. Than I can be the calun for hulu selangor in PRU13.


Anonymous said...

Bro, saya pergi melawat peti undi BN dekat rumah saya. Saya tunjuk mukalah, nanti dia org kata saya apa pulak.

Yang jelas ada dikalangan pengundi yg bekerja dibilek gerakkan itu akan mengundi Zaid Ibrahim.

Gila tak?


Aspan Alias said...

SBK, that is why I always remind the BN leaders that we should introspect ourselves rather than faulting others all the way.

We should own up many faults that we commit, that will make BN more reliable.

Anonymous said...

The authoritative message :)

Anonymous said...

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