04 April 2010

New Economic Model - 'Modal' for Opposition

The New Economic Model (NEM) which was unveiled by the Prime Minister last Tuesday apparently was not even brought to UMNO, I mean to UMNO Supreme Council, let alone to be tabled at BN supreme Council.

I was told that it will only be tabled to the UMNO supreme Council in the next Council meeting and is not known the date when it will be tabled to the Supreme Council of BN.

It means that the rakyat, so far has not at all been consulted before assenting decision was made on the New Economic Model, with grand branding as it sounds.

That was also the main reason why this important issue was not taken seriously by the public as they totally cloaked away by the decision makers, in particular the PM.

I don’t have the clue why this undemanding undertaking was not done and it does not cost the PM ten cents if the people were to be consulted through their respected parties and other administrative channels in order to reach the opinion leaders at all levels.

The cabinet is accountable for not advising our PM not to take this ‘people unfriendly’ like decision, and this is an insupportable judgment made by the Premier over this remarkably important subject.

A Prime Minister is elected to administer on behalf of the people and he is indebted and beholden to act after consultation with them. A Prime Minister is not appointed to act unilaterally and subsequently feels agitated when the people go frontally head-on with any of his many flawed decisions.

All Prime Ministers of pre-Mahathir consulted UMNO, Parliament and the component political parties representing all races in order to come up with decision readily agreeable by the rakyat and that was why every decision made was very approving with diminutive and negligible resistance from the people.

The ruling party was informed and was given the legroom to give input for excellent and well thought-of outcome and decision respected and rejoiced by the people on the street, the actual point of the government strength and durability.

Whether we like it or not the government in the end of the 5-year term has to face the ordinary citizens who are free to decide the fate of the ruling government.

Those days every PM was felt to be very near to the rakyat, and there were no SEMARAK neither did there was JUARA RAKYAT or any kind of sort to insulate the divisiveness in perception towards the government among the voting public.

Without much uncertainties the rakyat rallied sturdily behind leadership and every citizen felt they were part of all major government decisions made for them; government by the people and for the people.

The government worked hand-in glove with ordinary public and the rakyat took accountability together with the government on any unexpected mistakes or misdemeanor which subsequently surfaced in the implementations of the policies.

The JKKK heads and committee members, Penghulus, government servants and all were together in implementing all what have been decided.

It was only when the yearn and desire for material gains crept in to become the culture in all administrative system of nation, that diverts the spirit of love for the nation to the love for personal and material advantages; no monetary rewards nothing is done and fulfilled.

The rakyat are not involved in any major decisions made by the government. All are done from top-bottom without getting feedbacks direct from the people through civic courses which is now extraterrestrial and unfamiliar to political culture of the day.

Some say it is out-of-date affair to go down to he ground to explain since internet is available for everyone but the fact remains that even urban public are not all accessible to the net.

If this NEM is at all too important as being portrayed, it definitely warranted a special committee in the UMNO and BN Supreme Council for detailed briefs to be made for comments and diligent preview by the committee comprising of learned members of the Council if there is anyone left.

By doing so the PM is taking steps for the new model of economic makeup together with the voices of UMNO and other ruling parties and not unilateral script-writings of the PM personally.

BUT if Najib’s intention is to take NEM for his personal glorious accomplishment to rest his laurels on, than he should take the culpability alone if there are unexpected failures and hiccups in the plan which jeopardizes the ruling government he leads.

Don’t blame the anyone if the Model fails to be actualized as any wrong in motion would only give ‘modal’ for the oppositions to strengthen themselves.

As it is now the opposition has expediently claims that NEM was all extracted from their General Election manifesto; it is PR 2008 Election Manifesto in different name, so they say.

Bulks of the claims seem to be true. Just read PR manifesto of the last General Election before agreeing with me.

Thanks………………………………………..Aspan Alias


Anonymous said...

Orang muda-muda sekarang ingat dia orang pandai dan kita semua bodoh belaka.

Tetapi jika betul dio orang pandai kenapa keadaan jadi ribut macam sekarang ini?


Anonymous said...

Najib is performing his showmanship...there is nothing inside

Anonymous said...

NEM is NOT static. As in business any company's business plan implemented there is a monitoring system to ensure that the plan is in the right direction. If its performance deviates from the original plan then it has to be reviewed accordingly and adjusted. So no big deal. That is a normal management process which also applies to NEM.

The oppositions can claim everything in the world but who cares. After all their leaders' credibility are all hopeless !! I don't have any respect for them. They can fly kite particular their de facto leader.!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 21.07,

You have yr preference and I have mine. PR is my preference and many others feel the same.

Part of the content have been unveiled by PR in last GE>


Anonymous said...


Your choice. Best of luck to you.

Anonymous said...

Anon 21.24,

BN covers all crimes. 18 high profile cases are not brought to justice.

Selective persecutions. Law only applies to oppositions. What kind of leadership is this.

Me and many others are going for opposition for the first time.


Anonymous said...

"Modal" opposition tak ada "Modal" !!


Anonymous said...

It resembles sheer stupidity if one does not have an issue against BN.


Anonymous said...

Encik Aspan,

Sebagai seorang pegawai pertengah dalam kerajaan Negeri Selangor saya amat merasakan perbezaan dengan pentadbiran BN dengan Pakatan.

Dibawah pakatan segala-galanya terpaksa kami berhemah dan mengilut undang-undang. Susah sikit.

Semasa BN dulu kami boleh kerja cincai-cincai saja.

Sekarang tak boleh.


Anonymous said...

BN akan menjadi sejarahlah! Apa yg you all nak bising-bising!

Tak payah nak memandai-mandai cerita tentang BN yg rasuah ini.

Anonymous said...

Saya mengundi BN selama ini di Petaling Jaya. Saya terasa sedikit sedih diatas kekalahan BN di Selangor sdr.

Tetapi saya dapati diSelangor kerajaan lebih menumpukan kepada pembangunan. Usaha TS Khalid pun nampak berkesan walaupun dikatakan bermacam-macam oleh pihak UMNO.

Saya kecewa tentang isu Khir Toyo yang tidak diselesaikan sehingga kini oleh pihak berkuasa Persekutuan, tetapi lebih mencari-mencari kesalahan kerajaan Selangor.

Isu yang sudah nyata bersalahan dengan etika dan rasuah BN dulu ditutup, dan tidak selesai sehingga hari ini.

Sebagai pemimpin NGO yg kecil, berurusan dgn kerajaan PR Selangor amat mudah berbanding dgn BN dulu.

Kalau sebegini telus dan mudah pentadbirannya saya akui saya ada kecenderungan untuk membantu kerajaan PR Selangor...mudah dan telus.

Bekas ahli majlisMPPJ

idham said...

Saya tertarik dengan coretan pendek 'mansur'.

Bukan senang nak berpindah untuk mengundi pembangkang, tetapi keadaan memaksa.

Janji-janji untuk membersihkan negara dari rasuah hanya tinggal janji.

Rami perasuah dinegara ini masih tidak dibawa kemuka pengadilan semata-mata mereka itu berkuasa dan berpengaruh.

Saya sudah jemu sdr. Saya sedang berbincang dgn isteri dan anak-anak saya yg mengundi di Ulu Selangor nanti dan saya tidak terkilan lagi jika mereka mengundi PR.

Jemulah! jemu!. Sekarang org Melayu dan bukan Melayu sudah disamaratakan, maka tidaklah UMNO itu menjadi relevan lagi.

Kalau perjuangan UMNO serupa dengan PR maka orang ramai lebih baik menyokong PR.


ibnu kaldai said...

I am doing small business and deals a lot with state governments.

I see that the Pakatan ruled states are easier to deal as costs of business is low.

I don't remember paying kick back or any form of cash payment under counter....serious!