24 April 2010

Zaid Ibrahim - The Ultimate Victor?

The huge turn out at PR’s rally in Sg Buaya last night, and with logical arguments of the speakers made my intuition uncontrollably says that Zaid is on the way to Parliament.

It is quite difficult for me to deny the fact that BN’s graph is dipping while Zaid’s is rocketing. BUT that was last night’s situation. We have another day to see which way the plotting of the graph is going to be like.

Obviously the alcohol issue against Zaid is dying very fast when Najib, Muhyiddin, Nazri and Khairy Jamaludin dared not deny that they also went through drinking habits when they were asked by Lim Kit Siang in Paliament to deny that they are also habitual ‘drinkers’.

The opposition went further by disclosing that one of Dr Mahathir’s sons who is a muslim like Zaid owns a big beer and alcoholic manufacturing company, San Muguel ltd in Phillipines which is currently the biggest manufacturer of the ‘hard drink’ in that Republic.

In one of my recent posting I wrote it very clear that the drinking issue thrown against Zaid would be backfired to BN and would lead to eventual debacle to the coalition but I was stormed to the wall by the BN supporters in my blog.

Now the BN foot soldiers have to bear the embarrassments for their mentor’s involvement in drinking habits. They were not in the knowledge their mentors are all consuming alcoholic drinks in their daily lives.

They not only drink but manufacture and sell alcohol drinks to make money and wealth.

One of my friends joked, "Now if Zaid is picking up drinking habit again then we shall buy from Mahathir's son. He manufactures 'hot stuff' in Philippines"

So the issue on drinking is now over with Zaid coming out the victor to the hard fought issue since the nomination day.

Today all the big names with gigantic decorations like Dr Mahathir, PM Najib and Muhyiddin will be in full swing to regain the graph plotted curving upwards but it is quite too late as the issue on the Sg Buaya land scam by the developer which promised a handsome sum of 1.5 million for each land owner has not been resolved.

Yesterday PM Najib gave them tit bits of RM50000 part of the 1.5 million and promised to settle it after BN takes over the state administration. This arm twisting again is a sore point of Sg Buaya settlers and apparently this issue has been prolonged for already 16 years up to this date.

The strong turn out by the Sg Buaya residents last night at the Zaid’s rally gave a Zaid a sharp curve upwards of the graph and Zaid is expected to win handsomely in this area.

Now Zaid is going to take this issue to the MB Tan Sri Khalid and Zaid has impressed that the state government is in charge of land matters and he is going to solve the problems if he takes the win in the PRK.

Former BN Selangor State government had created this problem through UMNO Company to develop the area and the settlers were promised of 1.5 ringgit each.

Now this issue has been hanging for 16 years without any indication of settlement between FELDA and the irresponsible UMNO appointed Company. The settlers are until today have not seen the sight of the money promised.

Now the PKR state government is going to step in. So to these settlers they have Zaid to bring up this serious matter to the PKR State government once he clinches the win.

Thanks…………………………………………….Aspan Alias


Anonymous said...

Just hope for the best bro. I am keeping my finger crossed now. I know Zaid is leading at the moment.


Anonymous said...

For those who is still blinking, can google the San Muguel Ltd.

Zain Ibrahim

Anonymous said...

Listen to this adage my bro; 'What goes around comes around'.

Let us politely remind the BN blind supporters, 'buy big mirror and look inward'.

Dtg ke Hulu Selangor nak menolong BN, tetapi dilelonnya BN.

I hope they have already learned a lesson.


Anonymous said...

Can we or can we not admit that UMNO is dying off?


Zain Ibrahim said...

Mahathir can be counter productive. He used to say that UMNO was rotten to the core. So why does he come here?

zain Ibrahim

syedhs said...

I seriously hope that Zaid will win tomorrow night. Although I do realize that 'hope' may not equate to 'reality'.

Because if Zaid wins tomorrow, then it means that all kind of strategies that BN throw into us are probably useless, and BN cannot stop thinking of the 'inevitable' which is a defeat in next GE.

And Zaid himself - I think that Zaid is a *noble* politician - he has the gut to step down from ministerial position, probably he is not a yes man person. Just give him a seat, he will fight for us all *better*.

eddy said...

I think BN will win, I only pray that we will win with a big majority.

Zaid is the wrong PKR candidate for a rural constituency like HS, he will win in an urban area in KL I am sure, wonder why Anwar and Azmin decided to put Zaid in HS as candidate instead of a sure win candidate from Selangor, even PAS Selangor machineries are surprised. Seems like sending a lamb for slaughter.

Anonymous said...

Aspan Alias,

Following yr writing can lead me to a stroke.
But after thinking the points that you wrote made me believe you are a hard hearted man.
You have a strong will for anything you want to write.

Ok Aspan, me, my wife, my sister-in-law and my father are going to the voting booth today to vote for Zaid Ibrahim.

Amran, Antara Gapi