17 June 2010

BN may still be elected

BN will still be elected as the Government at the Federal Level. BN has all the means to maintain Federal Government.

BUT that is only conditional guarantee. BN will still be able to hold to the badly needed power if all outstanding issues are attended to and being seen to be seriously addressed.

What are the outstanding issues?

There is numerous numbers of issues which must be resolved satisfactorily before BN can salvage the trust of the watchful voting public.

BN has been the automatic choice for Malaysian as long as history can reminisce since its independence. For more than 5 decades BN has been invincible to the extent that its leaders take thing for granted and manage this nation like managing their own personal belongings.

BUT the coalition does not have the privilege and exclusivity anymore as the people have decided to choose a government more carefully and diligently and BN has to cease taking things for granted. The probability of the Pakatan Rakyat to be chosen in place of BN to rule the Federal Government cannot be ruled out by politically thinking Malaysian.

Democracy has since the late eighties have been compromised and almost non existence in essence. The members of the ruling party in particular UMNO are not having freedom of choosing proper leaders to manage the nations and Malaysian in totality.

Corrupt practices both in the party and the government have put to an end of Democracy and only men and women with money and power rule. They can determine and chart the facet of Malaysian politics at their whim and fancies.

A person with zero leadership capability can be a leader just because he has money and has been empowered by the leadership with huge leadership deficiency in return for blind loyalty and allegiance from all his appointees.

AND this culture has been embedded in great depth in the system and ultimately leaving the actual and ethical norms of a democracy in oblivion. This ungainly culture slowly but very surely became cancerous and dismantle the fabrics of fine political and administrative structure which we had experienced joyously during pre-Mahathir’s era.

Now let us honestly divulge that corruption is the number 1 issue that Pak Najib has to attend seriously. We must see that corruption is the number 1 enemy to the nation in place of drug addictions.

There are other big issues like economic, religious and social issues but the corrupt image of the government for the past 20 years is not an easy matter to unravel.

UMNO and the government are seen to be corrupted to the core. Nobody has given any solution to the problem as the persons or the quarters that are accountable to resolve it are also plagued with similar image.

The government is seen to be the protector to this heinous practice. The 18 high profile cases involving leaders in the government are yet to be address. If cases like this which the government had owned it up is not brought to court, it will sway substantial votes against the BN in the next General Election as they want to know who are the culprits who have squandered their money (tax payers money).

Businessmen and people with big business and other monetary interest are watching whether the independence of the Judiciary is back and in order. The community in this country is becoming more demanding and more serious. It is only the leaders are not able to keep pace with the current demand of lives.

Corruption is not only seen to be glaring in the Public offices and officers but the corruption is also rampant in the conglomerates especially with the Public Companies by Guarantee, now known as GLCs.

Directors and Management teams in these companies are enriching themselves and minority share holders are not given due regards by the managers of these companies.

We should not be looking at Sime Darby alone. There are numerous number of incidences like S Darby. If all the perpetrators are brought to court and convicted than there might be another big project that the corrupt leaders to propose; that is the extension projects on all prisons in the country.

There substantial number of Public Listed Companies are managed by the majority share holders like they own those companies themselves.

Some manage those companies like managing their grand mother’s personal inherited properties.

Once corrupt practices engulf our leaders, they will never be able to make proper and appropriate decisions any longer. Leadership in corrupt system can never claim their legitimacy as leaders.

More often than not, these leaders will be confused and unsecured lots, uncertain whether they are there due to legitimate leadership or because of the money he spends perpetually to maintain the support of the public.

UMNO has been leading the component and by convention an UMNO leader will be the PM of the nation. Weak leadership in the party will affect the effectiveness of the coalition. AND that was the reason why BN lost too many seats in the last GE. MCA and Gerakkan were in the open blaming UMNO for the dismal result.

There are also opinion that MCA and Gerakkan will regain support of the Chinese if these parties are out of BN. The Chinese certainly want to see real changes and they feel that they will never see the changes as long as UMNO leads the coalition.

Realizing that the Chinese are distancing themselves from the coalition, the government is taking steps to take compromising steps with Chinese at the expense of the Malay future hence the Malays are taking the rotary motion to reject UMNO in the ballot boxes in the coming GE.

Najib is apparently unsuccessful in finding the conciliatory point in satisfying the needs of various races in the country. That makes him very elusive in answering certain pertinent issues and that drives him to be indecisive over almost all issues that need his firm decision and he will always answer, ‘itu belum mutamad’, and that irritates everyone.

As I have said earlier, BN can still win with some serious WILL to improve the party and the leadership dispositions. In any change for the betterment of UMNO and BN there must be elements of sacrifice, or else it won’t be seen as a change.

How do we go about to settle this crisis of confidence towards the leadership and as the leader of the BN components?

In my next posting; there may be some serious suggestions if that will be of any value to the leadership. There may be some contrast of findings with the Merdeka Survey Center which gave Najib a hefty 72% popular votes.

Thanks………………………………….Aspan Alias.


Anonymous said...

Aspan, macam mana Najib nak settlekan issue-issue itu? Sdr tanyalah diri sdr sndiri.

Keadaan sudah terlalu teruk. Dia sendiri tak boleh selesaikan masalah yang dia lakukan.

Jauh panggang dari apilah Aspan!


Quiet Despair said...

As usual I will be the optimistic one.
BN will continue to rule, alleged corruption notwithstanding.
I am confident it can even recapture Selangor, Perak and Kedah.
Dont waste time and energy on Kelantan. No go.
Cultivate the love of the Terengganu people who can anytime swing to the green flag.
But first Najib must decide once and for all who are his target voters.
He must not be a crowd-pleaser, wavering and flip-flopping.
Don't go telling the Chinese one thing and the Malays another thing.
Leave that to Anwar. He can do it better.
Najib must not be announcing one policy after another. Hard for people to digest and swallow.
Just concentrate on NEM and RMK10. Be firm to see it through, no matter the discontent.
If it is successful, people will rally round to him.
Stop trying so hard to get the Chinese votes, to the point of begging.
An example, the Chinese are begging for JPA scholarships. They don't get it, they are shouting to the world with alleged affirmative action for the Malays.
In the first place, they don't work for the government, nor are they interested in working for the government. Of course not even voting for BN.
So leave them be.
Look after the Malays. if not with material things, at least with the heart and compassion for them, who remain BN's fixed deposit.
As I like to say ad nauseum, Jangan yang dikejar tak dapat, yang dikendong berciciran.
PS. I know I am inviting flak. But I am just being honest and it comes from the heart.

schenker78 said...

saudara aspan,

minta maaf. tahap kanser UMNO Najib adalah last stage no. 4. tidak boleh diselamatkan.

BN harus jatuh dahulu sebelum bangun kembali. Hukum dunia - tak boleh kekal no 1 sampai kiamat.

schenker78 said...

najib itu banyak skandal....altantuya, ditangkap bersama penyanyi ZZ di NS, kahwin 2 bini, bini pertama dituduh gila, kapal selam - razak baginda, sukhoi komisyen, skandal balak di Pahang masa jadi MB, bini kedua queen control, kaki perempuan,kes Sodomy 2, dsb....

kalau UMNO mahu naik, Tengku Razaleigh mesti jadi PM baru.... tolak NAJIB...

bat8 said...

Bro Aspan

1. Saya sependapat dengan Quiet Despair yang UBN mampu memenangi PRU 13 nanti.

2. Walaubagaimanapun,saya tidak optimistik sebagaimana QD. UBN akan menang dengan majoriti jauh lebih kecil dari sekarang.

3. Ini kerana kerusi-kerusi safe deposit UBN di sabah dan Sarawak mampu menyumbang kerusi-kerusi tersebut walaupun ada kerusi-kerusi tradisional ini akan jatuh. UBN boleh mengharapkan kerusi-kerusi di johor, melaka, Terengganu dan pockets di negeri-negeri lain.

Ini kerana pengundi-pengundi golongan tua masih lagi penyokong UBN. Golongan ini akan berkurangan dalam PRU 14 nanti.

4. Jika NTR tidak berbuat apa-apa selepas PRU13, masalah-masaalah tersebut akan menjadi barah besar peringkat akhir dan akan menghukum UBN dengan parah dalam PRU14.

Hopefully by then, negara kita tidak menjadi lebih teruk dari zimbabwe.


Anonymous said...

I'm not involved in partisan politic bro.
But everywhere I hear TR can be the only savior for UMNO.

I do hope that this prince to come out in the open and be the head for this ailing UMNO.

Is that true Encik Aspan? Please say that's true. It will be enlightening for me.

ibrahim daud, BPahat.

schenker78 said...


tengku razaleigh x boleh naik, pasal orang baik2 tidak dibenarkan duduk dalam MT dan kabinet.

0 pencalonan...

Anonymous said...

Nak jaga keselamatan diri sendiri duli kena naikkan gaji Polis... Macam Polis seorang je yang bekerja . Macam mana dengan Agensi Penguasa yang lain dan kakitangan kerajaan yang lain .... Ramai kengkawan yang cakap jangan harap BN dapat undi dari kakitangan kerajaan PRU 13 nanti.... Cuepac minta bonos tahun lepas Najib kata TAK ADA MORAL... Macam Najib tu MORALnya tinggi...

saad said...

Tak taulah aku. Apa asasnya untuk UMNO disokong pun aku tak nampak.

Yang aku tahu, UMNO tidak akan mendapat sokongan lagi. Tak tahu dak bagi alasan, tapi itulah yg aku rasa. Tengoklah nanti.


Quiet Despair said...

Anon 01.01
Anon 07.44

Ku Li has missed the boat many times.
He tried and failed. Tun M dah matikan dia.
Susah for him to bangkit lagi.
Orang dalam uMNO masih orang sama semasa Ku li berperang dengan Tun M.
Musang Hitam yang turut mematikanya pun dah berkubur.

Anonymous said...

Macam mana nak tulis masej supaya GLC senaraikan NKRA(National Key Result Area) dan KPI(Key Performence Index) supaya diWAJIBkan kepada sektor ini buat macam mana Pejabat Kerajaan buat. Saya nak tahu berapa penyertaan bumiputera dalam vendor atau pembekal barangan dan perkhidmatan kepada sektor GLC dari segi kuantiti dan kualitinya dan proksi. Hal ini penting supaya rakyat tahu mana GLC yang mendukung Perlembagaan Negara(Undang2 tertinggi Negara)dan mana pula GLC yang khianat kepada Perlembagaan Negara ini dari segi Hak Keistemewaan Bumiputera.

Anonymous said...

Cakap besar dan muka sombong ramai dikalangan orang keliling Menteri dan Timbalan Menteri UMNO buatkan aku meluat betul dengan UMNO rasa tu bukan saya cemburu atau buat2 tetapi berlaku secara dalaman jiwa dan perasaan saya tapi bila urusan kerja rasmi saya terpaksa buat- buat hormat kepada mereka saya rasa inilah antara penyakit yang membuatkan rakyat larikan diri dari komuniti UMNO.

Anonymous said...

kalu nak menamg hanya ku li bolih tolong kalu tidak kira sussh nak manang beast dalam pru13, nak lantik ku li jadi pm bukan susah , buat egm umno and undi saja lah buat lah nampak demokratik sikit , baru nampak ada kelas.......

Anonymous said...

tun m beredar bagi pak lah naik bn menang besar, jadi kalu beri kuli naik jadi pm , munkin bn bolih menang besar juga......

Anonymous said...

umno/bn kalau nak menang kena tukar driver lah, orang lain jadi pm, ku li ke ada sikit chance untok menang besar, macam pak lah time selepas ambil alih dari mahathir........

schenker78 said...

survey merdeka center tipu....

kalau nak kata india 80%,melayu 77%, cina 58% lebih suka Najib....apasal x bole menang besar kat Hulu Slg dan Sibu.....

survey yang betul mungkin max. cina 35% , india 60% dan melayu 55%....

minimum najib score cina 25%, india 55% dan melayu 50%....

kebanyakan orang2 muda tak suka BN....parti penuh dgn orang2 tua yang angkuh. kedekut dan rasuah.

Tahun demi tahun, bila yang tua meninggal dan yg muda menjadi pengundi, BN akan berkubur dalam banyak tempat.....